Uil Number Sense Practice Tests

Uil Number Sense Practice Tests

Pine Tree Junior High Electives 2011-2012 Elective Grade Available Course Length Description Annual Staff 7th


Full Year This elective is designed for students who want to learn and practice the principles of yearbook and production.Students will be given the opportunity to use the various skills learned in the actual production of the Jr.High Yearbook.This class requires an application process for approval.

Art 7th


Semester Students may choose this course for one semester or full year.This class will help develop skills in drawing, painting, and handcrafted art works.

Projects will include design concepts working with colored pencils and markers.

Painting will deal with mixing and applying colors as well as learning how color affects daily lives and influences attitudes and Handcrafted projects will include weaving, macram, papier-mch, mosaics, paper mask constructions, silk-screen and decorating objects.*Art I 7th 8thFull Year This course introduces the basic principles of art (line, value, texture, color, forms, and space).Students will explore techniques, media, and tools in designing, drawing, painting, printmaking, sculpture, and some crafts.

Emphasis is placed on creativity, expression, originality and development of an aesthetic judgment of art appreciation through art history.

Athletics 7th


Full Year Boys: The boys' athletic program is designed to offer the competitive sports of football, basketball and track.Participants must have a physical examination.Participation in seventh grade athletics is recommended.Girls: Athletics for girls provides competitive sports in cross-country, volleyball, basketball, and track.Participants must have a physical examination.

Participation in seventh grade athletics is recommended.

** 8th Grade Students may try out for Tennis, Golf, and Soccer in the spring.Selected Students will participate in that sport during the 9th grade on High School teams.You do not need to be in 8th grade Athletics to try out for these sports in the spring.Band 7th


Full Year Prerequisite: At least 1 year of Beginner Band.The students involved in band are highly motivated and talented individuals.

Both bands perform 2 to 3 concerts per year and will have a Spring Trip toward the end of the year.The 8th grade band performs at Jr.High football pep rallies, home football games, and 2 - 3 parades during the year.

As individual players, they may choose to participate in U.I.L.All Region Band and U.I.L.Solo-Ensemble competition.

Cheer Training 7th


Semester 1 Cheerleader tryouts are held during the spring of the 7th grade year.Cheer training meets as an elective during the first semester of the year only.Choir -

Boys and Girls 7th


Full Year Fundamental four-part choral techniques are taught through a variety of choral literature.Four-part sight reading skills are also developed.Several concerts are presented throughout the year in addition to participation in All-Region choir auditions, Solo-Ensemble Competition, and U.I.L.

concert and Sight Reading Contests.A spring trip is always planned.*Health 7th


Semester Health is a required course for all high school students, and can be taken at the junior High in the 7th or 8th grade to earn credit.The student will study both good physical and mental health under the following topics: parts and functions of body systems, senses of the body, physical fitness needs, body hygiene, foods and nutrition, mental health, drugs and alcohol, communicable and non-communicable diseases, malfunctions of the body, the immune system, pollution, cancer, CPR, first aid, and current health issues.

Drama 7th


Semester Drama is a one semester elective providing a variety of theatre experiences: pantomime participation class.

Drama - Advanced 7th


Full Year This full year elective prepares students to compete in the UIL One Act Play, Oral Reading, Impromptu Speaking, and Modern Oratory.In addition to the UIL events, the students will do many performances in all other aspects of theatre.Live audiences will be invited to all presentations
uil number sense practice tests
.This class requires a recommendation from the 7th grade drama teacher.

Exploring Careers 7th


Semester This course will allow students to explore current educational and career opportunities.Through project management and cooperative learning, the student will gain a better understanding of themselves, their interests, and their abilities.Students will incorporate decision-making tools and problem-solving skills for college and career planning.In addition, students will explore a variety of career options within 11 of the g software, students will also begin to design a four-year educational plan.

Math/Science U.I.L.Team 7th


Full Year The U.I.L.Math/Science Team prepares for competition in U.I.L.number sense, calculator applications, general mathematics, and science.

Students on the U.I.L.Team are expected to compete at invitational meets held on Saturdays during the months of October through March.This class requires an application process.

Physical Education 7th


Full Year Pine Tree ISD furnishes a shirt and a pair of shorts to each student enrolled in physical education.Physical education teachesports and activities.

Conditioning is an integral part of physical education as cardiovascular and respiratory strength is stressed.The American Association of Health, Physical Education, Recreation, and Dance physical fitness test is given to each student at the beginning and end of each semester.*Touch Systems Data Entry 7th


Semester This course provides students the opportunity to develop touch system data entry (keyboarding) skills for the production of business and personal documents.

With daily practice, students will achieve acceptable speed and accuracy and will learn to format basic documents for business and personal use.Basic skills in Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint will also be introduced.Students will also begin creating a career interest portfolio with Career Cruising software.This course is recommended for all students and is a prerequisite for Business Information Management I.*Principles of Human Services 7th


Semester Principles of Human Services is designed for students who are interested in careers that deal with counseling, social work, mental health, early childhood development, family issues and cosmetology.

This course enables students to investigate careers related to these areas.Students will focus on interpersonal skills, decision-making, developing positive relationships and child care and development.Students are encouraged to participate in the FCCLA leadership organizations.*Principles of Hospitality and Tourism 7th


Semester More jobs exist in the hospitality and tourism industry than any other industry.This course introduces students to hospitality and tourism, recreation, travel and tourism, lodging, restaurants and food and beverage services.This lab-based course allows students to experience the restaurant and food service industry through basic food preparation techniques and dining room service through hands-on activities.

Students are encouraged to participate in the FCCLA leadership organization.*Spanish I 7th


Full Year Spanish I teaches basic grammar, verb conjugation (present tense) and basic vocabulary.Students will learn to read, write, speak and understand basic sentences and conversations.Also, students will become familiar with the culture of Spanish-speaking nations.This course earns 1 High School foreign language credit, and is designed for students with a "B" or better average in 7th grade English, or for native Spanish speakers.Student Council 7th


Full Year Student Council representatives are elected during the spring semester.

Student Council meets as an elective period in 8th grade.Study Skills 7th


Semester This elective provides instruction in time management, memory, note taking, test taking, communication and organizational skill.A portion of each class is spent on a study skill lesson and the remainder of the class is guided practice, providing students the opportunity to practice learned skills and complete assignments from other courses.

* Indicates High School Credit Courses.
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