Si Te Mesojme Anglisht

Si Te Mesojme Anglisht

Mesojme anglisht sipas metodes bbc
Lesson 1

My name is Donna Presley Earley and I'm first cousin to Elvis Presley."Can't Help Falling in Love" is my favourite song
si te mesojme anglisht
.That's because it was one of Elvis's favourites and he always ended his concerts
Vocabulary / first cousin - kushri i par

favourite - i preferuar, i paraplqyer

– kng

- prfundoj, mbaroj

human being - qenie njerzore, njeri

- post elektronike

– telefonata

to appreciate

Explanations / shpjegime

Msojm anglisht sipas metods s BBC-s

Explanations / Shpjegime:

and it was in black and white - dhe ishte (film) bardh e zi

there was no doubt about it - nuk kishte pik dyshimi

the way he made people move - mnyra si i bnte njerzit t lviznin/vallzonin

to make noise - bj zhurm

it takes a couple of hearings before you actually get into it - duhet ta dgjosh nja dy her prpara se t t plqej and with Elvis Presley it was a matter of doing the same - dhe me Elvis Prisleyn duhet t bje t the moment you put that on - sapo e vije at

Elvis had not only arrived, but had arrived to stay - Elvisi jo vetm q kishte ardhur, por kishte ardhur pr t ndenjur pr gjithmon.
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