School Board Campaign Website Templates

School Board Campaign Website Templates

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OUR INVOLVEMENT MATTERS!arents, students, and community membersyou can help make schools stronger.Join your local PTSA today.ontact your local unit / /7,/=23: += % #' /7,/=23: 9822/+8?+C / NOW!onth.TAeptembers123) 555-1234 eptemberembershipembership ! #' /7,/=23: 982+8.2/+8?+C // /7,/=23: #' /7,/=23: PTA!(123) NOW!123) 555-1234 You can help make schools stronger.oin your local PTSA today.YOUR INVOLVEMENT MATTERS!
.)-/./ / your local PTA today.HEN YOU GET INVOLVED, YOUR KID DOES / #$###\b\t\f! &#%"" "$$" "!!"#"!#!!!$"""%& !% "#"&"! "% "" !$"""!!\t\f\f\f"\b"\t "\b"\t ..#' /7,/=23: / involvement increases studentsuccess.One of the best ways to bean involved parent is to participate inTA.For more information about yourlocal PTA,or to join,please contact:Roundtree Elementary PTAJane Doe123) 555-1234 Ext.123ample A.Sample123 Sample StreetnyCity, AnyState 12345-6789Join PTA now!Youllgetwill benefit.$!\f\t\t\t\b\f\t\b""$%! !


$ $$\b\t\f "! "!$" $" "!!## "!$"!! "!\t" ""\b\f##\f ! PTA Membership MonthRoundtree Elementary PTAhas a long tradition of seeking the highest possi-ble educational advantages for all children and youth so they can realize their full poten-Roundtree Elementary PTA ssists parents in developing the skills they needto raise and protect their children, encourages parent and public involvement in publicchools in our community, and speaks on behalf of children and schools in the communi-y, in organizations, and before public governing bodies; andduring the month of September, special activities will be held to promoteparent involvement, expand the membership of Roundtree Elementary PTA, and broadenhe PTAs base of support so it becomes a stronger and more effective voice for childrenit is the role of Roundtree Elementary PTAo encourage parent involvementby promoting an environment in which parents are valued as primary influences in theirhildrens lives and essential partners in their childrens education and development;Jack Smith do hereby proclaim September 2008 PTA MEMBERSHIPMONTH in AnyTownand encourage our citizens to expand their involvement in issuesffecting the education, health, and safety of our "#! $%"$# $\t#$" % %$$ %$"(' $$!"$##

# %$#$ $$ %$$$# !"$& &$ "" \t# # "#\f#( %$

#"( %"#%!! "$$ \t(!" !$"\t"#! $%#$' " "$!" $ #$$ %"&## ' #%!! "$'!%####$ ##

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#' !"$##$"%!"$"#$""#%$ "(*+#',(-',*%&',*#' (*(-',*),(*!.-! 8, 20om Storeownerest Ice Cream Store234 First Streetnytown, AnyState 12345-6789ear Mr.Storeowner:eptember is PTA Membership Month, and Roundtree Elementary PTA is planning to recruit members at Roundtreelementary.e will be hosting a family carnival night on Thursday, September 1, and we hope we can count on Best Ice Cream Store,s a caring member of our community, for a donation of 50 ice cream bars.Well be using the ice cream bars as incentivesn our carnival games, to be played by children and adults.our donation will be used for the sole purpose of benefiting the students and parents of our community.

Our goal is to pro-vide an exciting event where the school community can get together and where parents can learn how PTA membership benefits their children.or the donation, Best Ice Cream Store will be recognized in our event program, from the podium when we make announce-ents at the event, and in our newsletter articles describing the event.In addition, we would encourage you to place a flierr coupon for your store in the bags handed out to all participants.We expect more than 200 students and parents to partic-pate and see what a fine supporter of the local community Best Ice Cream Store is.f you are amenable to the donation, a PTA volunteer would be happy to pick the bars up on Thursday, September 1 between:00 p.m.and 4:00 p.m.

I will contact you by August 31 to see if you would like to donate to the family carnival.f you have any questions, please contact Terrie Scott, the lead volunteer for the family carnival, at (123) 555-9876

Thank you in advance for your consideration and support.egards,oward Roarkvents Chair, Roundtree Elementary PTAoundtree Elementary PTA, 1000 Main Street, Anytown, State 12345; (123) 555-1234; #' /7,/=23: .
A Self Study forSt.Bernadette Parish School1028 SW 128StreetSeattle, Washington

98146Continuous school improvement focused on high achievement of all students2010 2011 School YearWCEA ISL 2010St.Bernadette Parish SchoolPage Improving Student Learning For Catholic SchoolsTable of ContentsCHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTIONA.

How the Self Study Was and Collaboration of Shareholders in Completing the Self StudyCHAPTER 2 CONTEXT OF THE SCHOOL.

School of Prior Accreditation findings to Support High Achievement of All Students.CHAPTER 3 QUALITY OF THE SCHOOL PROGRAMA.

Assessment of the School’s Catholic the School’s for Student Learningto Support High Achievement of All Students.D
school board campaign website templates

Data Analysis and Action to Support High Achievement of All and StandardsBased Curriculum to Support High Achievement of All Methodology to Support High Achievement of All for Student Spiritual, Personal, and Academic Management and Development to Support High Achievement of All 4ACTION PLANA.

Design andAlignment of the Action Planwith the Self Study to Implement and Monitor the Action ISL 2010St.Bernadette Parish SchoolPage APPENDICESA.

Organization Analysis Study ISL 2010St.Bernadette Parish SchoolPage ST.BERNADETTE SCHOOL STAFFPrincipalMr.Bob RutledgeAdministrative AssistantMrs.Pamela ArmstrongBookkeeperMrs.Teresa Mansanarez PreKindergartenMrs.

Eve RuizKindergartenMrs.Monica BondKindergarten Aide/PlaygroundMrs.Diana MorenoPrimary AideMrs.Melanie ZottmanGrade 1Mrs.Marian QuitiquitGrade 2s.Sarah BurkeGrade 3Mrs.Patricia CoronadoGrade 4Ms.

Angie HendersonGrade 5Ms.Megan ArpinGrade 6Ms.Katelin CannonGrade 7Mrs.Diane Hoffman Grade 8Miss Cathy GrimesComputer SupportMr.

Maury HoffmanMusic/LibraryMs.Khalila Marie PeilaPhysical EducationMrs.Debbie PowellBand Miss Frances McKameyMaintenance EngineerMr.Mike JensenExtended Day DirectorMrs.

Stephenie LashExtended Day AideMs.Deanna FennerPlaygroundMrs.Diane ColladoMrs.Leann ThomsonHot Lunch SupervisorMrs.Maureen HumphreyHot Lunch AideMrs.Lenore LeeMrs.

Marnie McCabeWCEA ISL 2010St.Bernadette Parish SchoolPage ST.BERNADETTE SCHOOL COMMISSIONCommission MembersFranco BeciaHarvinder BualFred CoggeshellForrest HillyardTeddy JimenoBeth RamseyMengstab TeklehaimanotGiao TranParents’ ClubCarrie NelsonPrincipalBob RutledgePastorFr.

Mike WrightST.BERNADETTE PARENTS’ CLUB OFFICERSPresidentCarrie NelsonVice PresidentDavid KetchersideSecretaryLisa HillyardTreasurerSophal HamakerParents' Club Board Representatives

Jennifer Hiner Kelly EtzkornParents’ Club NewsletterStacey BrownParent CommitmentRepresentativeDonna GallagherSCRIPShelly Coggeshell Angelina JimenoTeresa MansanarezST.

BERNADETTE PARISH STAFFPastorFr.Mike WrightParish AdministratorDiana MastandreaSecretaryKalisa HourieBookkeeperCeleste HallPastoral Assistants for:MusicBrian KoreskiReligious EducationAngela CropleyYouth/Young AdultsDavid MorrisSocial OutreachLisa RuizGrounds KeeperLarry ResponteAccompanistRoger BergerWCEA ISL 2010St.Bernadette Parish SchoolPage CHAPTER 1 INTRODUCTIONHOW THE SELF STUDY WAS CONDUCTEDThe selfstudy process began in August 2009 with the staff collaborating to make committee assignments and map out a general timeline and plan for completion of the ISL document.

Throughout the 20092010 school year, the staff devoted each Thursday’s staff meeting to accreditation activities, either planning and writing or staff development that was geared toward the ISL process.In October 2009, Kay Purcell, Assistant Superintendent for Accreditation, met with the staff for the purpose of orienting them to the new ISL process.

She confirmed that the committee structure and work process were adequate for the task, and she was able to answer questions about the changes involved inthe new form.That fall the staff began the process of reviewing and updating St.Bernadette School’s mission, philosophy and Schoolwide Learning Expectations (SLEs).

They concluded that only small changes would need to be made.

The whole staff, through a collaborative process, agreed on recommended changes in preparation for the shareholders’ meeting.That meeting was held on January 28, 2010, facilitated by Susan Burdett, principal of Our Lady of Fatima School.

That meeting, with excellent parent and parishioner turnout, was an opportunity to affirm staffproposed changes to the school’s mission, philosophy and SLEs.

It was also an opportunity to gain valuable input from the shareholders in developing updated SLE indicators.

Input from that meetingwas carefully considered by the staff before finalizing the new SLE indicators.Surveys were adapted by the school profile committee from templates provided by a company called CTN in the fall of 2009 and then presented to students, staff, parents and pastor in January Beginning in January and then continuing through the fall of 2010 the entire staff met weekly to draft and revise each section of the ISL document in preparation for its presentation to the visiting team on March 1, 2011.WCEA ISL 2010St.Bernadette Parish SchoolPage INVOLVEMENT AND COLLABORATION OF SHAREHOLDERS IN COMPLETING THE SELF STUDYThe school involves all shareholders in data review, analysis and dialogue about perceived accomplishments in the area of student learning, and in developing, implementing and monitoring als for improvements in student learning.By means of weekly school letters, the website, and weekly notices in the parish bulletin, all shareholders were invited to the shareholders’ meeting on January 28,2010.

About 20 tables in the parish hall were filled with teachers and staff, student leaders, school parents, parishioners, the pastor and the parish assistant for administration.

The meeting was facilitated by Susan Burdett, Our Lady of Fatima principal, to guide participants through the process
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