Sample Of Anecdotal Observation Notes

Sample Of Anecdotal Observation Notes

Sample eval
This sample is provided by Gratiot-Isabella RESD Other ideas are available from Sun Associates > http://www.sun


Introduction Evaluation is a data-driven process.

Our school district has instituted a process by which staff collect and analyze data that will help in making decisions about which elements of our program are working and which need to be improved.

Data in this process is both quantitative (counts of things) and qualitative (narration of things).

Our quantitative data comes from professional development evaluations, surveys, needs assessments and network monitoring analyses.

Our qualitative data comes from informal conversations, meeting discussions, and observations.

There are times where focus groups or special meetings are called in order to obtain opinions, feedback and suggestions.

Process Evaluating technology initiatives in our school district is an ongoing process that involves some basic steps that are taken by members of the technology planning team, and external evaluators as needed for certain projects.

External evaluators may be contracted from the university, as in the case of professional development, or they may be vendor-related if we are evaluating the performance of network equipment.The technology planning team is responsible for monitoring implementation of the overall goals of the plan, as well as the implementation of each strategy and action step.

The team meets regularly to chart progress, identify next steps, and adjust the course of action if needed.

There are various ways to measure success and completion of each component of a technology plan.

Appropriate measures are used for each component.

Summary results from each yearly evaluation will be provided to the Board of Education, Strategic Planning Team at the Annual Review meeting and also through newsletters.

Summary Matrix Because there is not one instrument or one process that is used for evaluating a complex activity like implementation of a technology plan, a summary matrix is a useful way of representing the final data gathered each year.

In June of each school year, the technology planning team will submit data to the chair (or her designee) for compilation and analysis.

The organization will use this data to make adjustments in the plan, outline activities for the coming year, and acquire resources to accomplish the activities
sample of anecdotal observation notes

The format for the summary matrix sets up the various parts of the technology plan to be examined.

Guiding questions assist us in evaluating the overall goals of the plan.

All together, the matrix is useful in helping us obtain a “snapshot” of progress on our technology planning initiatives.

Tools A variety of “tools” or resources are used to evaluate the progress and implementation of the various components of our technology plan.

These are listed in the right hand column of our Summary Matrix format on the next page.

This sample is provided by Gratiot-Isabella RESD Other ideas are available from Sun Associates > http://www.sun

Component of tech plan being evaluated

Helpful tools/resources Overall progress Framework and technology goals
design of

evaluation plan

Planning for D3T
project reports
Network monitoring data

Curriculum integration
NETS standards for students
Mich Curriculum Framework
Curriculum reviews
Gap analysis reports
TTI Self-assessment results
Workshop evaluations
NETS Standards for teachers

Technical Support
Technician logs
Anecdotal notes
Staff survey
Tech Staffing Guidelines

Supporting Resources
Inventory record
REMC plan review by team
Progress reviews

Coordination of funding resources

Budget review & analysis

Acceptable Use Policy
Continuous evaluation and
comparison with model AUPs

Informal feedback
Review of newspaper stories
Review of newsletters and other
Informational pieces
Staff/community surveys

Impact on student achievement
Evaluation of student

performance on surveys.

Dissemination of evaluation results

Board of Education

Strategic Planning Annual Mtg.This sample is provided by Gratiot-Isabella RESD Other ideas are available from Sun Associates > http://www.sun

Technology Plan Evaluation Format ___________________ School District

District Mission Statement:

Technology Vision Statement:

Specific Technology Goals:

Overall comments on progress made toward the implementation of Technology Plan goals during the _____________ school year:

Required Components Indicators of Success Progress Toward Goals Focus Areas for Improvement Data is gathered by: Infrastructure
Curriculum Development
Technical Support
Supporting of Funding Resources
Acceptable Use on Student Achievement.

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