Sample Church Anniversary Invitation Letters

Sample Church Anniversary Invitation Letters

Guidelines anniversary planning
Formulate an anniversary committee, establish meeting dates, and determine assignments for each committee member.

Allow at least six months to a year for planning the program.annual church meeting.

Coordinate with the administrative staff if the date must be changed.Approval from the Pastor is nDecide on a theme or a subtheme.Usually the church theme for the year is used for the theme of the anniversary.

If using a subtheme, select a scripture for that subtheme.

Decide on the color scheme.The preferred dress code for the committee members during the program is suits that match the color scheme.

Select at least two or three speakers for the morning and evening services.

Get an event form from the administrative staff (usually the church secretary) and return the completed form with the speakers ranked in preference/choice order.The administrative staff will get speaker approval from the Pastor and will contact the speakers for their availability.Select choirs for the evening service and coordinate music/choimusic ministry for the morning service.The administrative staff will contact the choirs for their availability.Conformation letters should be sent to the mileast two months before the program.Decide which churches, ministries, friends and family should receive invitation letters.

weeks before the program.See administrative staff for sample invitation letters or request administrative staff to mailed out
sample church anniversary invitation letters
.Coordinate with the church clerk and assistanSunday bulletins and announcements; also, Decide on the anniversary program booklet (administrative staff will be available to Letters: from the Pastor to the church, from First Lady to church, and from Church History (update with current years major events) Congratulation and/or Thank You Notes Meet with the Pastor, Chairman of Deacon Boamount to be paid to speakers.Complete an Expenditure Authorization form with estimates of all expense costs.

This form must be approved by the Pastor beSubmit a Reimbursement form (along with receipHave meetings with the church body to decide Determine menu items.Coordinate with the culinary and hospitality ministries regarding food, refreshments, setup, clean up, decorations, flowers, etc.Decide who will do prayers, scriptures, welcome (participates to be approved by Select master/mistress of ceremonies or former member or minister, deacon, deaconess from another church) Select an opening hymn Decide when and who will do the presentations.Chairman of Deacon Board om the church to the Pastor.Day of program, ensure parking space has been reserved for the speakers.the anniversary program/bulletin toto speakers and ministers).

Also, ensure a cy program/bulletin is given to administrative staff tove at location selected Decide date and time Decide menu items Decide speaker and musical group(s) Decide master/mistress of ceremony Develop banquet program/booklet, flyer, Incorporate color scheme Decide who will be greeters/hostesses/hosts Decide who will be responsible for distributing and collecting tickets Discuss with the Pastor, Chairman of.
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