Romeo And Juliet Essay Examples

Romeo And Juliet Essay Examples

Edutopia stw yesprep rubric and descrip literary analysis romeo and juliet

2009 YES Prep Public Schools

Romeo and Juliet

Literary Analysis Paper

For the Romeo and Juliet essay, you have a choice of six different topicsyou need to choose one.

A good essay will have an introduction paragraph with a strong, clear thesis, several wellorganized body paragraphs with evidence that supports your point of view, and a concluding paragraph with the thesis restated.

Your essay should be two to three pages, typed and double-spaced in 12-point font.

This essay assignment will require you to plan and organize your essay carefully.

I will provide time for you to work in class and will also help you organize your ideas and gather evidence.

Choose a topic about which you have a strong personal opinion

but your thesis must be supported by evidence in the play.

Here is the timeline of due dates for your paper
romeo and juliet essay examples

Add these dates to your calendar:

Due DateAssignment Monday, April 27th

12 Dialectical Journal entries for your topic

Declare project extension(s) Monday, May 4th

Full-sentence outline

Project Extension: Check-in 1 Monday, May 11th

Rough Draft

Project Extension: Check-in 2 Monday, May 18th

Final Draft and Project Extensions Monday, May 18th- Thursday, May 21st Project Presentations

Paper topics:

I.Romeo and Juliet tells the story of two young lovers who fall deeply in love and do everything they can to be together.

Compare and contrast the actions of this couple with those of typical teenagers we see today in America.

What factors play a role in this love story that create similarities and differences to todays love stories?

a.Possible topics to consider in your analysis (feel free to add your own):


What are the common dating practices of each time period? ii.How do the different cultures affect dating norms? iii.

How does age play a role in decision-making? iv.How much parental involvement is expected in a dating relationship? What is acceptable behavior if parents and children do not see eye to eye? v.Besides family grudges, what are other reasons two young lovers would be forbidden from being together?

II.William Shakespeare is very intentional about how he shapes each character in the play so that each plays an integral role in the tragedy that ensues.

Analyze the personality traits of 2-4 characters in Romeo and Juliet.
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