Roman Catholic Church Hierarchy Structure

Roman Catholic Church Hierarchy Structure

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Amdg imesch
Page 1 Imesch, Dearden & GumbletonAll of them lied under oath.

Dearden and Gumbleton were professional & respectful;

Imesch was sarcastic and nasty.

Attorney Mark BelloRoman Catholic Faithful Spring/Summer 2001 Photo Courtesy

of / Kankakee, IL Roman Catholic Faithful, Inc.(RCF) is a lay organization, with many religious members, dedicated to promoting orthodox Catholic teaching and fighting heterodoxy and corruption within the Catholic hierarchy.

While we accept the authority of the Holy Father and all bishops in union with him, we will not sit idly by, nor blindly follow, while many in the hierarchy allow the Holy Catholic Church to be torn apart and assaulted by the forces of Modernism, Syncretism, Heresy, and the gross immorality of some of its clergy.As parents and teachers, we will not allow our Catholic youth to be robbed of their faith or have their innocence destroyed in the name of tolerance, ecumenism, diversity or any other politically correct ideology of the day.

We object to individuals or groups of individuals being given access to Catholic schools, churches, and Church property to promote any belief, teaching, or idea contrary to Catholic teaching as defined by two thousand years of Tradition and Church teaching.We expect every Catholic priest to follow the disciplines of the Catholic Church as he promised.We expect every bishop to do all he can to safeguard the souls of our children by exercising his authority to ensure proper teaching within Catholic schools and parish religion programs.We insist that Catholic colleges and universities either teach the True Faith or cease calling themselves Catholic.

We object to any priest treating the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass as his personal possession by adding, changing, or removing any part of the Mass on his own authority.Furthermore, we assert that the right of every Catholic priest to celebrate the Traditional Latin Mass must be recognized, and we consider it a grave scandal that such a right is not recognized while at the same time countless liturgical and theological novelties are promoted by many in the hierarchy.

We will do everything within our power to undo the last thirty-plus years of watered-down Catholicism that has been foisted upon us.We will not separate ourselves from the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic we will stand and fight and demand what is rightfully ours.

In that regard, we insist at this time in history that those in positions of authority in the Church proclaim loudly the infallibly defined dogma that outside the Church there is no salvation, as that dogma has been taught and explained by the Church for centuries.We insist that the Catholic media, especially diocesan newspapers, present authentically Catholic perspectives on social issues and current events and cease being used as forums for heresy and blasphemy
roman catholic church hierarchy structure

We express our love for the clergy, and refuse to be silent while holy priests and nuns are persecuted by the modernist establishment holding power within the layers of bureaucracy existing in chancery offices throughout much of the world.At the same time, we refuse to be blind to the fact that a pattern of gross immorality exists among many religious, and that among their victims have been children, and that the hierarchy has for years covered up and enabled these predators to attack Gods children.For this we cry out to heaven for justice, and pledge to our last We acknowledge Jesus Christ as our Lord and King, and will fight for His social reign in society.We adopt as our slogan the words of Blessed Miguel Pro just before his murder by the Masonic revolutionaries of his VIVA CRISTO REY! Page 3 AMDG is the newsletter of

Roman Catholic Faithful and is sent out

to our supporters free of charge.

Your contributions make RCFs work possible.Roman Catholic Faithful, Inc.

P.O.Box 109 Petersburg, IL 62675-0109 Phone: (217) 632-5920 / Fax: (217) 632-7054

Web site: Board Members Stephen Brady, President James Bendell, Esq.J.



M.McGrath We need your financial help to continue our work.Please send a generous contribution.Please send your tax-exempt donation today.False Charity and

Phony Shepherds An Introduction into the Sexual Underworld within the Church.

Bishop Joseph Imesch Entangled On The Web by James HitchcockAbuse, Rape, Abortion by By Michael ChapmanArchbishop of Chicago,

claims RCF has no evidenceInside this issue: It is better that

truth be suppressed.Pope St.Gregory the Great
The argument concerned whether it was proper to heal on the Sabbath.Jesus had a man with a withered hand stand up in front of the synagogue and he asked the Pharisees a terrible question.

"Is it right to do good on the Sabbath, or evil?".I say it was a terrible question because it did not allow them the comfort of hiding behind a third and preferred choice - to do NOTHING.

Christ made it clear that day and for all time that if we can do good, then we must do good and to chose to do "nothing", if "something" is possible, is to participate in the evil and to encourage it.In other words, the followers of Christ are not allowed to be spectators.

This certainly applies to those who have accepted the office of "shepherd" in the Church.I have certain knowledge about a number of priests and bishops who are aware of terrible sins and scandalous abuses in the Church.They do not come forward, choosing instead to do nothing in the misguided belief that they will not be held responsible for their grave sins of omission.
Many times they are silent because they are participants in the evil itself and so cannot reveal it without incriminating themselves.

Other times they claim they are protecting the "good name" of Holy Mother Church.

They also hide the scandal because they claim "charity" d
Organizations as religion
Organizations as Religion/Brewer 1 Organization as Religion by: C.A.Brewer Organizations as Religion/Brewer 2 Abstract Discussion of organizational structure falls under many forms.Popular thought assigns metaphors to describe the different organizational realities inherent in many businesses and in use by various managers; organizations as machines, organisms, brains, cultures, political systems, psychic prisons, and as instruments of domination.

Another metaphor has been overlooked, one that addresses the underlying reason for the hierarchical structure that supports and encourages organizational metaphors, and explains the fascination with organizational theory prevalent in American society.

An examination of organizations as religion and the structure of religious organization uncovers many parallels with other organizational metaphors, and brings to light the reasoning behind the metaphors.Organizations as Religion/Brewer 3 Introduction It may be that our role on this planet is not to worship God, but to create him.-- Arthur C.ClarkeIt is not accidental that the organizational structure of most businesses falls under the classical bureaucratic model.Organizations from military, to government, to schools, to Fortune 500 companies all follow a traditional pyramidal structure where ultimate control and authority rest at the apex, with the general, mayor, or chief executive of the organization.

This structure is familiar, comfortable, and deeply engrained in the unconscious of traditionally monotheistic societies.It is a cause of resistance to fundamental change in organizations, because people, for one reason or another, wish to cling to a hierarchical model (Morgan, 1989).

Why are hierarchies so prevalent?

Mainly because they facilitate both monitoring and control, and firmly establish the relationship between superior and subordinate (Casson, 1994).This is not unlike the organizational structure of the traditional Judeo-Christian religions, which emphasize mans place in the world in terms of his relationship with God and the church, synagogue, or mosque to which he belongs.Religious organizations, in one form or another, have been present much longer than organizational analyses.

Issues that scholars now define as organizational have been present in religious settings since their beginnings.A bureaucratic organizational structure was described in the book of Exodus.(Bartunek, 1999).

Organizations as Religion/Brewer 4 Organizations as Religion Religion has been around as long as human beings have been around, indeed, the origins of religion and the worship of gods is so far back in human consciousness that a start point cannot be precisely identified.

It is known that human beings have been worshiping gods prior to recorded history.Religion has been an attempt to find meaning and value in life, and it also seems to have been something that we have always done (Armstrong, 1993).

Mythology and ritual helped to evoke a sense of significance to members of monotheistic faiths.When science and rationalism took over at the end of the nineteenth century as the means to provide an explanation of the world and its mysteries, Christian theology also began to emphasize rational discourse and attempted to replace mysticism, intuition, and liturgy with reason (Armstrong, 2000).

Christian religions, particularly the Roman Catholic Church, follow a certain structure in the manner in which they set up their organization.The pyramidal structure inherent in the organization was well suited to rational discourse.

The pyramid has three main properties: Unity of Command Span of Responsibility Stacking In unity of command, there is one person at the top, God, or in the case of the Roman Catholic Church, his representative, the Pope.This is the single person ultimately responsible for the performance of the organization.

The span of responsibility encompasses the monitors, those who observe the people under them and report to the Organizations as Religion/Brewer 5 unity of command.In the Roman Catholic Church, there are several layers of monitors.Directly under the Pope are the Cardinals; under the Cardinals are the Archbishops, then the Bishops, and finally the Priests.Even in the span of responsibility there is a hierarchy of subordinates and superiors and a definite structure to their relationship.

At the bottom of the pyramid is the stacking.

These are the individuals that are controlled by the hierarchy in the pyramid above them (Casson, 1994).They represent the lay people and worshipers in the Catholic religion.

In order to reach the apex of the pyramid, the members of the bottom layer must travel up the hierarchical chain in a structured fashion.Conversely, the flow of information down the pyramid is not subject to the same delays and interpretations, since the information to be disseminated is not subject to question as is the information originating at the bottom of the pyramid.

This is reminiscent of the structure of many organizations in Western society and the cause of conflict when eastern organizations, such as Japanese manufacturing with their more organic structure, attempt to work within Western hierarchical standards.

The Industrial Revolution and the rise of manufacturing in the late eighteenth century called for a new method of management in order to keep control over the vast quantities of people and materials now available.The style that evolved from this complexity was scientific management, the proponent of which, Frederic Winslow Taylor attempted to create a form of cheap, passive, interchangeable people that mirrored the cheap, passive, interchangeable machine parts readily available in this new era.

(Wertheim, 1998).

Factory efficiency had been enhanced by standardization of product design, component parts, and tools, and by the wide
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