Reloading Information For 308 Winchester

Reloading Information For 308 Winchester

Shooting Times Magazine, May 2006 issue, article by D.FortierCartridge Name.458 SOCOMBrass SourceStarline, MidwayShell Holder.45ACP/.308 WinPrimer SizeWLP, CCI350Max Pressure35,000 psiTrim Length1.570-1.575Bullet Wt300 gr JHP300 gr X S300 gr JHP405 gr JFP500 gr RNItem # GunLil GunLil GunIMR4198Charge (gr) ( Times Magazine, January 2008 issue, article by D.MetcalfBullet NameBarnesBarnesBarnesBullet Wt250 TSX250 TSX250 TSXItem #PowderReloder 7Norma N200H4198Charge (gr) (in)2.0832.0832.083Bullet NameHornadyHornadyHornadyBullet Wt300 gr JHP300 gr JHP300 gr JHPItem #PowderIMR4198Norma N200H110Charge (gr)41.044.535.0COL (in)2.0332.0332.033Bullet NameSwiftSwiftSwiftBullet Wt350 gr A-f350 gr A-f350 gr A-fItem #PowderNorma N200IMR 4227Reloder 7Charge (gr) (in)2.0302.0302.030Bullet NameBarnesBarnesBarnesBullet Wt450 gr TSX450 gr TSX450 gr TSXItem #PowderReloder 7H4198AA 2015Charge (gr) (in)2.2502.2502.250Bullet NameHornadyHornadyHornadyBullet Wt500 gr RN IL500 gr RN IL500 gr RN ILItem #PowderIMR4198H4198Reloder 7Charge (gr)26.532.026.3COL (in)2.2402.2402.240NRMA/SAAMI Safety FoldersOne Centerpointe DriveSuite 300Lake Oswego, Oregon 97035CAUTIONThe load data contained in this document is intended for use with specific components.Other manufacturers components may not produce equivalent pressure or velocities; therefore, it is recommended that the user be familiar with the basic rules of reloading safety.

Safety folders are available from the National Re-loading Manufacturers Association (NRMA) and the Sporting Arms and Ammunition Manufacturers Institute (SAAMI)
reloading information for 308 winchester

All can be obtained free by writing:Data contained herein is intended for use by individuals who are familiar with correct and safe handloading practices and procedures.We strongly urge beginning handloaders to research and study as much information as possible prior to handlloading.If you are unfamiliar with any reloading operation or procedure we strongly recommend you become familiar with the operation of your equipment through the manufacturer's operator's manual and seek technical assistance.Because Teppo Jutsu LLC and its affiliates have no control over the individual loading practices and/or components used, no responsibility is assumed by Teppo Jutsu LLC or its affiliates in the use of this data.

The information is to be used at the sole discretion of the user and the user assumes all risk.Teppo Jutsu LLC has not independently verified the accuracy of all of the data contained in this Email.

Failure to follow safe loading practices could result in severe personal injury (including death) or gun damage to the user or bystanders.Technical data and information contained herein are intended to provide information based upon the limited experience of individuals under specific conditions and circumstances.They do not detail the comprehensive training, procedures, techniques and safety precautions that are absolutely necessary to properly carry on similar activity.

Always consult comprehensive reference manuals and bulletins for details of proper training requirements, procedures, techniques and safety precautions before attempting any similar activity.Be alert- publisher cannot be responsible for errors in published load data..
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