Reading First Lesson Plan Template

Reading First Lesson Plan Template

Lesson plan detailed back to school template 21
Lesson Plan Template Kristin Whiting, MD Teacher, Room 207 Assistants

Day of Week Wednesday , Thursday, and Friday -
Theme Back to School Schedule pictures Sign-in/Cubbies, Breakfast, wash up, Centers, Meeting Time, Exercise, Reading, Centers, Recess, Lunch, Meeting, Rest, Math, Recess,Snack, Art, Meeting

8:15 Staff Arrive

- set up classroom Check mailboxes and daily bulletin.Check lesson plans.Set up daily schedule, daily sign-in, and materials for the day.Check e-mail.8:30 Busses begin to arrive I.A.s will pick up the students.

Place nametags on children

(yellow butter lids) as they arrive.Greet parents/caregivers.Activity during arrival

Transition to classroom all students sit down at big table and play with motivator boxes Miss Whiting One at a time students hang up bookbags with Mrs.xxxxx assistance and sign in on schedule board.Quick restroom and handwashing break with Mrs.yyyyy After first day Place Eagle books in basket by cubbies for data collection/anecdotal notes. 9:00 Wash hands, Breakfast in the classroom, Bathroom if emergency.

During breakfast, Miss Whiting will take attendance/lunch count and student pictures.9:30 Whole Group Hygiene lesson Wash hands/face (Will not do This week Mrs.yyyyyy will deliver lunch count and attendance.

9:35 Gather group to carpet and explain center expectations


TEACH/PRACTICE CENTERS Aim for 5 minutes then rotate *During Centers Ms.Whiting will print pictures and post on attendance, red/green chart, calendar area and sit-upon mats.After first day, Miss Whiting will work individually with students.All students will work with assistants to learn morning centers.LEADER Mrs.Powell


yyyyyyy Blocks/Manipulatives/Puzzles Wednesday - Big Foam Blocks

Thursday Legos Friday both mixed same Housekeeping/ Dramatic Morning Meeting Sing song to gather on carpet. Everywhere. Ring chime practice going to carpet Find mat

Good Morning and Introduction activity.Attendance/Name Song Here I am, Here I am How are you today?

Very good thank you.

Now sit down.Now sit down.Calendar Date and weather keep simple at first



- Wednesday is the name of today.Today is Wednesday.Today is Wednesday.Wednesday is the name of today.

S, M, T, W, Th, F, Sa.Seven days, seven days, In a week
reading first lesson plan template
.Color Bears today, tomorrow, yesterday Weather People Daily Schedule Review pictures Read-aloud Back to School Book pictures of people Shared Reading


Shared Writing Activity

Daily Sign-in

Lesson Sign Language one per day.W toilet

Th eat

F - Drink Social Skill How to sit in Circle time Flannel Board/Puppet Activity

Group Activity
10:00 Morning Exercise Stretching/Yoga Basic stretches Aerobic Ring around the rosie Dancing to Music Sensory Heavy Work Push-ups and Lunges.

10:30 IAs will take students out to review and practice expectations for playground equipment while Miss Whiting does a sensory evaluation with Joseph.10:40 Reading Same all week will not rotate.Read Aloud W


Fr -

Literacy Board Language Cards school Work


sensory evaluation Small Group 1 Tristan, Jacob School word Bingo Color ID Small Group 2 Robert, Sammy School Word Bingo Color and shape flash cards and manipulatives

Restroom Break Prior to small groups, adult will take their small group to the restroom.

11:00 Independent Work Spread out students at different stations Work in work notebooks


xxxxx goes on break and picks up lunches on her way back in.11:15 Centers -Students will do centers for 10 minutes with teacher and each center.

Miss Whiting Mrs. Legos

Housekeeping/ Dramatic Table

Beans and toys Restroom 11:50

Recess 12:00 Lunch 12:30 restroom break Ms.

Whiting sits out sit upons and blankets 12:35 Read Aloud - ___________________- Mrs.yyyyyy 12:45 1:15 Quiet

Time Ring chimes Students find blanket.12:45 1:30 Mrs.yyyyyyy takes break.Play relaxing video.

1:30 2:00 Math Whole Group Lesson Read Aloud

-5 Blast-off Individual Work Miss Whiting Samuel

- language evaluation Terry

language evaluation Group A -

Sharissa, Robert, Sammy Sorting shapes Color a bus Group B Tristan, Jacob Sorting shapes Color a bus

Following small group instruction, each adult will take their group to the restroom.

2:00 2:10 Recess 2:10

2:20 Snack 2:15 2:30 Mrs.xxxxx 2:30 2:45

Whole group

Social Studies


Art Bus - paint

2:45 Clean up, restroom, and pack up 3:00 Wrap-up Group Review day/behavior/Eagle notebooks/etc.Put beige nametags on children with name, address, parent name, and phone number on backs.

3:20 Busses

Sensory Diet

Visual Picture schedules, painting, sign language Auditory Music, chimes Tactile Hand washing, foam blocks, hand print painting Proprioceptive Hand print painting, exercise, playground equipment, stairs Heavy Work Exercise, push-ups, Shake your sillies out, hugs, weighted vests Vestibular Ring around the Rosie.
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