Reading Comprehension Worksheets High School

Reading Comprehension Worksheets High School

Reading comprehension practice test questions
Reading Comprehension Practice Questions - Help your Reading Comprehension Exam Score with free Practice Test 6C.multiplied D.discarded E.

not used45.The Wrights designed and built their own source of ____.A.force for moving forward B.

force for turning around C.turning D.

force to going backward E.none of the aboveAnswer Key 1.B 2.A 3.A 4.C 5.C 6.

B 7.

A 8.A 9.

B 10.B 11.A 12.A 13.C 14.C 15.B 16.A 17.B 18.B 19.C 20.A 21.

B 22.B 23.

C 24.

A 25.B 26.

C 27.

B 28.B 29.B 30.B 31.

A 32.A 33.B 34.A 35.

A 36.C 37.B 38.B 39.

B 40.B 41.

A 42.C 43.

C 44.B 45.A

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Questions 1-7.In the sixteenth century, an age of great marine and terrestrial exploration,Ferdinand Magellan led the first expedition to sail around the world.As ayoung Portuguese noble, he served the king of Portugal, but he becameinvolved in the quagmire of political intrigue at court and lost the king's favor.After he was dismissed from service to the king of Portugal, he offered toserve the future Emperor Charles V of Spain.A papal decree of 1493 had assigned all land in the New World west of 50degrees W longitude to Spain and all the land east of that line to Portugal.Magellan offered to prove that the East Indies fell under Spanish authority.OnSeptember 20, 1519, Magellan set sail from Spain with five ships.More thana year later, one of these ships was exploring the topography of SouthAmerica in search of a water route across the continent.This ship sank, butthe remaining four ships searched along the southern peninsula of SouthAmerica.

Finally they found the passage they sought near a latitude of 50degrees S.

Magellan named this passage the Strait of All Saints, but today weknow it as the Strait of Magellan.One ship deserted while in this passage and returned to Spain, so fewersailors were privileged to gaze at that first panorama of the Pacific Ocean.Those who remained crossed the meridian we now call the International DateLine in the early spring of 1521 after ninety-eight days on the Pacific Ocean.During those long days at sea, many of Magellan's men died of starvation andLater Magellan became involved in an insular conflict in the Philippines andwas killed in a tribal battle.Only one ship and seventeen sailors under thecommand of the Basque navigator Elcano survived to complete the westwardjourney to Spain and thus prove once and for all that the world is round, withno precipice at the edge.The sixteenth century was an age of great ___exploration.A.cosmic B.

land C.mental D.common man E.

none of the above2.Magellan lost the favor of the king of Portugal when he became involved ina political ___.A.entanglement B.

discussion C.negotiation D.problems E.

none of the above3.The Pope divided New World lands between Spain and Portugal accordingto their location on one side or the other of an imaginary geographical line 50degrees west of Greenwich that extends in a ___ direction.A.north and south B
reading comprehension worksheets high school
Reading comprehension handout
Within this page,the complex processes involved in reading comprehension are divided like the National Reading Panel Report).The categories include vocabulary instruction, text comprehension instruction, and teacher preparation and comprehension strategies instruction.You'll also find useful websites that students can visit to practice their use of comprehension strategies with fiction and non-fiction texts at a variety of reading levels.

Helping Children at Home with Vocabulary Building is an entire website devoted to types of homonyms with an ever growing list of homonyms to learn about.

How to Really Teach Vocabulary: The Clarifying Routine written by Edwin Ellis and Theresa Farmer

from Middlesmoor Teachers in Yorkshire, England includes over 50 instructional strategies for teaching vocabulary sets to students and two categories of vocabulary setsStrategies for Teaching VocabularyDetectives in The Reading Teacher.

is an opinion piece on using Two Dozen Tips for

provides links to 15 resources, most of which can be used by students.Vocabulary Cartoons offers items to purchase as well as vocabulary lists for students at various levels and a free chapter to use.

Vocabulary Acquisition Synthesis of Research was prepared by the National Center to Improve the Tools of Educators.Ways to Teach Vocabulary from the Resource Room includes multisensory activity ideas, a word parts exercise, and suggestions for

highlights atleast 100 online resources to learn more about words, their origins, their meanings, their spellings and lots more.Writing Den includes audio clips and great content for enhancing comprehension at the word, sentence and paragraph level.Vocabulary Learning and Speaking Activities from Angelo Jo for Forum.

Vocabulary Instructional TipsExcellent Vocabulary Resource List from includes some websites that use literature and others that encourage play with words and language.For Student UseWord CentralInstructionComprehension InstructionComprehension Strategies Websites for Literacy TopicsAssessment of LiteracyAuthors & LiteratureContent Area Literacy Comprehensive LiteracyConnecting to Writing

Early Literacy Effective Teaching

Literacy StandardsLiteracy & Technology Media Literacy Multicultural LiteracyTopics HomepageTEACHERSGrades K-Grades 3-Grades 5-Grades 7--Special NeedsESL/EFLAdult Education

What's New Literacy Research The Literacy Web Homee 1of 3 on WordsWord Explorations helps students enhance their English vocabulary skills by focusing on the Latin and Greek elements used in English.

provides many, many vocabulary activities that help prepare students for standardized testing.

for Smart Surfers provides a daily thought-provoking quotation, vocabulary word, educational trivia and a "this-day-in-history-type" digest.For English Language LearnersVocabulary Exercises for English learners from English Multilingual Dictionaries and Vocabulary Quizzes from English OnlineText Comprehension Instruction12 Tips on how to improve reading comprehension (part of Donald Martin's booklet on How to Be A Successful Student) Comprehension Instruction: What Make Sense Now, What Might Make Sense Soon, by Michael Pressley as a summary for Reading Online.Reading Comprehension: What Works, by P.David Pearson.

Feb.1994 issue of Improving the reading comprehension of high school students includes a list of online resources compiled by Antonio D'Onofrio from New Jersey ping Reading Comprehension by Nell Duke and P.David Pearson; also Developing Comprehension in the Primary Grades (.pdf) as presented by Duke & Pearson to the Michigan Reading Association P.David Pearson's Balancing Authenticity and Strategy Awareness in Comprehension InstructionLearning to Learn Reading Comprehension Models from University of TorontoTeaching Literacy in High School in New South Wales provides a glimpse into this high school classroom and many suggestions for comprehension activities like seven strips, timelines, vocabulary cline, etc.How to Become a Better Reader is a helpful collection of advice sheets on Hong Kong University of Science and Technology's web site aimed at helping students who struggle with reading assignments.

School Home Links Reading KitVarying Reading Strategies is a simple table that highlights reading strategies to use for different purposesAll America Reads offers various beforeduring, and after-reading strategies to hension for students.The Textmapping Project is a non-profit organization serving as a resource to classroom teachers to "improve reading comprehension skills instruction." Textmapping is a graphic organizer technique that has been used to teach reading comprehension skills in mainstream, ESL, and special needs classes at all levels.Teacher Preparation and ComprehenCognitive Domains and Questioning Strategies outlines sample questions for various levels of understandingComprehension Ideas from The Reading LadyDirectory of Reading Strategies includes 21 classroom instructional strategies to

for Reading Comprehension from Muskingum Pae 2of 3 .Reading Workshop from Palma Sola Elementary School has online tutorials and reading and content area practice sheetsSummary of Reading Comprehension Strategies for Grades 6-12 from Greece (NY) Central School District Socratic Questioning TechniquesHigher Order Thinking Skills from Covington Connections in TennesseeStudy Guides and Strategies created by Joe Landsberger includes a unique set of guides for teaching and learning about strategies studying, preparing to learn, reading skills, taking tests, and much more.Telling Stories

Creating Strategic Readers from Oregon includes great strategy lessons, instructional techniques, action research information and links to related resources.Websites for Comprehension PracticeReading A-Z special preview of 28 leveled books for guided and independent reading for beginning
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