Publix Thanksgiving Dinner Packages

Publix Thanksgiving Dinner Packages

Volume 23, Number 1October 2010 - January 2011Annex II Becomes Pinellas Safe Harbor To House HomelessA county bus maintenance building that became a direct supervision inmate housing facility is now home to a growing number of Pinellas County’s homeless.Thanks to the cooperative effort of homeless service providers, the city of St.Petersburg and the hard work of the Sheriff’s Detention and Corrections Bureau staff, Pinellas Safe Harbor (“The Harbor”) opened its 32 homeless persons had a hot meal and a place to sleep., additional municipalities have joined the partnership by providing food, citizens are donating clothing and volunteers Commander, Major Dan Simovich says, “You can never anticipate all the issues that come up with opening a shelter like this – but we made the adjustments as needed.” Sheriff Coats says, “It’s been a tremendous undertaking, and I can’t say enough about the dedication of our staff to get this facility ready, and the programs underway.We are not only addressing the jail population issue, but also providing a needed service to School Crossing Guards AreThe Florida department of Transportation has awarded the Pinellas Sheriff’s School Crossing Guard Program the 2010 Program of the Year Award.FDOT Region 7 Secretary Don Skelton presented the state’s plaque to Crossing Guard Program Coordinator Sharon Lough and Sheriff Coats.The presentation took place on Crossing Guard Appreciation Day, February 4, 2011.That same day, Crossing for their contributions to the program and new Guards were presented with their credentials and badges.This is the second time that the Sheriff’s Year” statewide while Sharon Lough has been Coordinator.She attributed the group’s success to the great dedication demonstrated by all the supervisors Don Skelton and Sheriff Jim CoatsSecure drop boxes to dispose of unused and expired medications have now been installed in the Central District and North District public lobbies.The drop box is the latest in a series of programs initiated by the Sheriff’s Narcotics Division Countywide Drug Diversion Task Force.The previous Operation Medicine Cabinet prescription drug drop off events were so successful, citizens were other medications on a more regular basis.The procedure requires the who will receive the prescription items and place them in a sealed bag for destruction.The bag is dropped the drawer is locked after the drugs fall into the box.According to Sgt.

Dan Zsido, “We searched for a secure container design and decided hours.” Citizens cannot drop off Annex II has been reopened for Pinellas Safe Harbor2Sheriff’s Golf Tournament A WinnerSheriff Jim Coats, Roger Bouchard, Captain Jim Main, Melanie Grann,The Florida Sheriff’s Youth Ranches group was excited to learn that the Sheriff Coats Golf Tournament raised over $105,000 for the Youth Ranches.

The tournament proceeds were received by the Youth Ranches at a recent special presentation with the contributors to the Florida Sheriff’s Youth Ranches.The 2011 Golf tournament is set for Monday, September 26th at the Marci McGrattan (left) is Assistant Marina Williams is Assistant Inmate Sergeant Christi Grissinger has her new badged pinned by Sergeant Jesse NapierSergeant Dennis Komar, with his daughter, Lauren and Sheriff CoatsSergeant Robert Turner with his wife, Deputy Quisana Turner Sergeant Ryan Buckley with his wife, Captain Timothy Pelella with his daughter, TiffanySheriff’s Advisory Board HostsWild Game Dinner and Turkey ShootWhether you selected a wild game entre or stayed safe with chicken, all who attended the Second Annual Wild Game Dinner and Turkey Shoot contributed to the future of the Sheriff’s youth event was held at the Wyoming Antelope Club (W.A.C.).Paper turkey targets drew contestants for the turkey shoot and a PAL Wins National Grant ContestThe Sheriff’s PAL Community Caf Program from the Ingrained Grant Program – which is the community partnership arm of the Arnold, Brownberry and Oroweat bread baking companies.The PAL Community & had to compete in an on line voting of PAL – the Community Caf will received the grant.The Caf program is operated by PAL staff and the young people at Rainbow Village.

They learn how to prepare and serve healthy PALPCSO and W.A.C.instructors helped guests and all enjoyed the outdoor dinner.3Staff Appreciation Day PicnicThe annual staff appreciation day picnic lured agency friends, co-workers and colleagues out into the sun and fresh air for a great afternoon of grilling, eating and catching up.Just over 500 members were served by supervisors and command staff, all consumed was 450 hamburgers, 320 hotdogs, 320 Italian 20 gallons of ice cream.

The annual October picnic is a chance for supervisors to say thanks to staff for their extra effort.Narcotics Unit Is Recognized At The Sheriff’s Narcotics County Wide Diversion Task Force received a national award for its work in enforcement and abuse.The National Association of Drug Diversion Investigators (NADDI) presented Captain Robert Alfonso and Sergeant Dan Zsido with the National Investigative Unit of the Year Award in November at a conference in Indianapolis.Their efforts in drug diversion investigation, education, community partnership building, Operation Medicine Cabinet, as well as the NOPE initiative in Pinellas County Schools were highlighted at Major George Steffen, Major Wayne Morris Bobbie TarpleyLieutenant Clay Littlejohn, Sergeant Chris Groff and Judy SteesFrom left to right: NADDI Executive Director Charlie Cichon, Sergeant Dan Zsido, & Honored At Public Safety Detectives Paul Cook and Michael Papamichael received Deputies of the Year Awards at Commissioner John Morroni’s

Annual Appreciation Dinner for Emergency Personnel in January.They were recognized for their quick action on March 20, 2010 to end the threat from an armed man who was already a suspect in a double homicide earlier that day.They were assisting Homicide investgators by surveilling the suspect.When the armed the detectives, they shot him.He was dead at the scene.The Appreciation Awards recognize exceptional dedication and efforts above and beyond the of the citizens of Pinellas County.Woody Millerand Cooke as Sheriff Coats reads their citation4“Ride & Run With The Stars” and Christmas Sharing Project Help During a holiday season where the need seemed to be greater than ever – the 17th Annual Ride & Run With the Stars holiday fund raiser was one of the best ever.

At last count, 893 children in 336 families received food, clothing and toys for their holiday celebration through the Sheriff’s Christmas Sharing Project.

Over 150 individual turkeys were delivered and over 55 full family dinners were also donated.With Ride & Run With The Stars registrations, the Silent Auction, and other donations, the overall proceeds exceeded $42,000.Once again Bechtel Financial came through with the funds to purchase nearly 90 bicycles for the children.All families were screened to determined their level of assistance.The majority of them were nominated by agency members who had come in contact with them during their routine duties.

Sheriff Coats extends his thanks to the event coordinating committee, the sponsors, and all members who participated – whether they shopped for families, bought a T-shirt or came to the event.A new cuddley bear from Mrs.Claus5Whole dinners for Thanksgiving and turkey deliveries for Christmas all came together as a result of partnerships formed with local businesses and church groups.As part of an annual partnership with the families received Thanksgiving turkey dinners prepared by Publix Supermarkets at a much delivered dozens of whole turkeys to other families for Christmas.

The recipients were LGHQWLHGEGHSWLHVWKURJKtheir daily work in their “Operation Good Will” Turns Drug House Into Family Home A series of drug arrests by Sheriff’s Narcotics detectives resulted in federal charges and a prison term for a Tarpon Springs man – but his home now has a new life for a deserving family
publix thanksgiving dinner packages
.The Tarpon Springs home was seized by federal authorities after Sheriff’s detectives made numerous drug cases on the .Those cases began a chain of events where the home was transferred in January to the Housing Authority of Tarpon Springs as part of the Department of Justice’s Operation Good Will Program.Housing Authority Chair Melissa Beard thanked all the law enforcement and community partners, and said the home will be perpared right away for a new family.Sheriff Coats spoke at the property title transfer attended by Tarpon Springs,State and Federal officialsLawson with a family in Rainbow VillagePost 900 Explorers took over a Target to shop for families assigned to them.Agency shoppers swarmed the Oldsmar WalmartPam Wilson, Sean Latta and Chris ScrivensDeputies Stevie Thomas, Ural Darling and Mark Shorter test 6Changes In TroopsDue to the changing number of entries in this edition, we apologize for any unintended omissions.

For promotions, transfers and new hires visit the Changes In Troops section under the HR link on SONET.15 Years15 Years15 Years15 Years15 YearsBrett W.

Savage15 YearsDarrell W.Spiva15 Years15 Years15 YearsJay V.Tenbieg15 YearsRichard W.

Tipton15 YearsNancy B.Andersen10 YearsGregg P.Appel10 YearsHeather J.Arbuckle10 YearsKenneth A.

Barto10 YearsOscar F.Boggess10 Years10 YearsStephen A.

Cox10 Years10 Years10 YearsMolly A.Hershman10 Years10 YearsWillie J.Jordan10 YearsWilliam J.

Jordan10 Years10 Years10 YearsRobert W.Richardson10 Years10 YearsJames R.Tanner10 Years0DUDPRVHI10 Years30 Years30 Years25 YearsMonica T.

Lamar25 Years25 Years25 Years25 YearsCharles B.Wright25 Years20 YearsLynda S.Chomko20 Years20 Years20 Years20 YearsMelissa T.

Colbath15 Years15 YearsDaniel P.Beck10 YearsHugh A.Bibb10 Years10 Years10 Years10 YearsPatricia A.Johnson10 YearsJames W.Riddle10 Years10 Years10 YearsBarbara A.Turk10 YearsRebecca S.Wilkinson10 Years25 YearsDale A.Rueth25 Years20 Years20 Years20 Years20 YearsGerald T.Akins15 YearsMichael J.Anthony15 YearsRegina M.Aponte15 Years15 YearsRobert F.Bianchet, Jr.15 YearsRyan E.

Buckley15 YearsWilliam L.

Byrd15 Years15 YearsScott P.Dietsch15 Years15 Years15 Years15 Years15 YearsKenneth V.Hollandsworth15 YearsRichard A.Hoover15 Years15 Years15 YearsDennis A.Komar15 Years15 Years15 Years15 YearsScott T.

Marchetta15 Years15 YearsAlek T.Melnick15 Years15 YearsBruce A.Mills15 YearsJacob T.Moon15 YearsTamara A.Morgan15 Years15 Years15 YearsFiscal’s records indicate the following members have reached anniversary milestones with the Sheriff’s Office.Members with questions about their / YearsTimothy D.

Grundmann25 Years25 Years25 YearsClark N.

Wagner25 YearsJoshua Adam T.Acker20 YearsMark W.Farling20 YearsRonald F.Fuller20 Years20 Years20 Years20 YearsEileen M.

Taylor20 YearsSteven L.

Wagner20 Years15 Years15 Years15 Years15 YearsSylvester A.Mathis15 Years15 YearsMary A.Powers15 Years15 Years10 Years10 Years7DPLND/ULIQ10 Years10 Years10 Years10 Years10 Years10 YearsDavid A.

Merrill10 YearsTrinette T.Minor10 Years10 YearsTracie L.Moore10 Years10 Years“Transitions” continued on page 77Joseph W.McKenzie10 Years10 YearsCharles A.Ogletree10 YearsPatricia A.Schall10 YearsJason W.

Schein10 Years10 YearsSteven M.Tacia10 YearsCatherine Y.Terzian10 YearsJacob R.

Viano10 YearsDonna L.Weatherwax10 YearsJames J.Weber10 YearsVicki R.

Narum30 YearsTeresa G.Williams30 YearsKevin W.Andress25 Years25 YearsJerald W.

Brauer25 Years25 Years25 Years25 Years25 YearsChristopher W.

Vitek25 YearsWilliam D.Haisch20 Years15 YearsGlenn A.Davis15 Years15 YearsJames K.Weigand15 Years10 Years10 Years25 Years25 YearsLawrence D.Weiland25 Years20 Years20 YearsWilliam E.Hoag20 YearsValarie M.Jiles20 YearsDelores A.Lovett20 YearsChristopher W.

Metro20 Years20 YearsNelson H.Whitesell20 Years15 YearsJohn A.Fitzgerald15 Years15 YearsJason J.Lyons15 YearsJames D.Vickers15 YearsRoderick T.

Fordham10 Years10 Years10 YearsJeff A.Kanehl10 YearsChris W.Mari10 YearsTara Y.Monroe10 YearsPaul L.Papasergi10 YearsScott W.

Peterson10 Years10 Years10 YearsErnest T.Vereker10 Years30 Years30 YearsCharles J.

Tarrou30 YearsJeffrey F.Fedenko25 YearsHerbert W.Hibbs25 Years25 Years25 Years25 Years25 Years20 YearsErick P.Depalma20 YearsTimothy Goodman20 YearsDebora J.Allen15 Years15 YearsTrudy L.Carroll15 YearsFelecia A.Chatta15 YearsSandee A.Jacobs15 Years15 Years10 Years10 Years10 YearsDerrick W.Jerome10 Years10 Years10 YearsThe following is a list of members and their to use accrued time and leave early, but Clerk Dorothy C.Crockett retired August 28, 2010 with 9 years of

retired September 24, 2010 after 11 years of service.ARMS Specialist William H.Bickford retired September 30, 2010 with 17 years Technical Support Technician Alan Marcott retired October 4, 2010 after 13 years of

retired October 1, 2010 retired October 10, Deputy Dale Rueth retired October 22, 2010

retired Bailiff Deputy

retired December 3, 2010 after 25 years of Smith retired December 11, 2010 with 6 years of Roger D.Reed retired Florence Zeno retired December 17, 2010 after 2 years of Fingerprint Technician Bailiff Cpl.

Jerry Brauer retired December Randy Rosenberry retired Detention Deputy Detention Deputy William Capanna retired Marcia Macy retired January 13, 2011 after 20 years.Criminal Justice Specialist Abram Miller retired January 14, 2011 with 4 years of Criminal Justice Specialist retired January 15, 2011 with 12 years of

retired January 19, 2011 after 11 years of service.3DQDPDQLDQ2IFLDOVVisit To Exchange Miguelito and Colon spent nearly a week with Pinellas Sheriff’s members as law enforcement and community strategies to prevent violence.The visit of the delegation was hosted through the US Agency for International development and the International City/County Management Association.The visitors were mayors, city council members, law enforcement and social service providers.

Among the topics presented by Sheriff’s members were crime analysis and data collection, community policing, crime prevention, drug interdiction, gangs and juvenile justice.The group toured the Sheriff’s facilities and Pinellas County government.Sheriff Coats signed a memorandum of agreement for the is making plans to visit Panama later this year.“Transitions” continued from page 6The family and friends of the

their appreciation for the messages of sympathy following the deaths of :William H.

HagansBenjamin WilliamsTerry Metts8The STARThe STAR is a publication for members, retirees and volunteers of 7th Annual Clearwater Women’s Enforcement Torch RunAgency Award CeremonyMay 11Sheriff’s Golf TournamentCrime Stoppers Golf TournamentRide & Run With The Stars - Fort To School Day Teaches SafetySafety was the message for thousands of school children during the Annual Walk To School Day last fall.Countywide, 31 schools participated in the event.

Sheriff’s deputies and School Crossing Guards directed large and banners emphasizing pedestrian and personal safety.Large crowds kept School Crossing Guards busy.The 2010 Crime Stoppers Golf Tournament teed off at a new location, this year – the South Pasadena Yacht & Country Club.

promotional materials not covered by the Crime Stoppers Grant.knowledge about a crime to report it and remain anonymous.A tipster could be eligible for a reward if an arrest results.

Golfers be used to promote a productive program.The 2011 Crime Stoppers tournament will be back to the South Pasadena on Friday, October 14, 2011.Check with Crime Stoppers Administrator The 2011 Law Enforcement Torch Run for Special Olympics is set for Tuesday, April 5.

This annual event kicked off in Pinellas County over 20 years DJRDQGEHQHWVORFDO6SHFLDOOlympics athletes and their The Torch Run in Pinellas County is a relay from the St.

Petersburg Police Department all the way up to Paul B.Stephens Special Education School, with several other relays along the way, with stops and cheers at other schools.

to support the effort are on sale now with the PIO and at the Jail for $12 each.For maps and more information, contact A message about safety leads the way.Torch Runners get a warm greeting at the.
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