Property Damage Claim Denial Letter

Property Damage Claim Denial Letter

Fha guidelines

espanol.hud.govThis Mortgagee Letter and its attachment (Exhibits A and B) supersede Mortgagee Letter -31 (and its attachment) in its entirety.

The requirements presented herein are effective on July 13, 2010.Changes to Over-allowable Requests

in Exhibit A, Section 1, page 5.

Mortgagee Compliance Manager

The MCM is the single point of contact designated by HUD to administer all mortgagee compliance functions, including property preservation activities.

For additional information regarding the MCM, please see Mortgagee Letter 2010-16.

The MCM will also audit all Single Family Applications for Insurance Benefits, form HUD 27011, parts B-D to evaluate the claimed amounts against the allowable charges in Exhibit B of this Mortgagee Letter to ensure that the Department is not overcharged.
-based Internet Portal

P260 is t-based internet portal.

P260 provides mortgagees and HUD real-time access to requests, notifications, approvals and document submissions for pre- and post-conveyance activities.

For additional information on P260, refer to Mortgagee Letter 2010-16.

Conveyance Condition Standards

At the time of conveyance to HUD, a property must be undamaged by fire, earthquake, flood, hurricane, tornado, boiler explosions (for condominiums that were secured by mortgages insured under 234 of the National Housing Act), or mortgagee neglect.

In addition, any debris must be removed from the interior of the property and maintained in broom-swept condition.

These standards are fully described in Exhibit <, the mortgagee is responsible for three types of inspections:

Occupancy Inspections;

Initial Vacant Property Inspections; and

Vacant Property Inspections.

These inspection types are fully described in Exhibit A, Section 6 (AInspections.
Information Collection Requirements

The information collection requirements contained in this document have been approved by the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) under the Paperwork Reduction Act of 1995 (44 U.S.C.3501-3520) and assigned OMB control numbers 2502-0429 and 2502-0523.

In accordance with the Paperwork Reduction Act, HUD may not conduct or sponsor, and a person is not required to respond to, a collection of information unless the collections request displays a currently valid OMB Control Number.

Servicing Center at (888) 297-8685.

Persons with hearing or speech impairments may call via TDD/TTY on 1-877-TDD-2HUD ( H.Stevens
Assistant Secretary for Housing

Federal Housing Commissioner


HUD/FHA Property and Preservation A General Requirements


Mortgagee Responsibility
5 Damage Due to Failure to Preserve and Protect (Mortgagee Neglect)

5 1.

Maximum Property Preservation Allowance and Over-Allowable Expense Request

5 2.Acceptable Conveyance Condition
6 3.Conveyance of Properties
6 4.Local Requirements
7 5.


7 6.Specific Preservation Requirements
7 A.Inspections

7 B.Securing

8 C.Roof Repair

9 D.Pools, Hot Tubs and Spas
9 E.


9 F.Yard Maintenance and Snow Removal
10 G.Winterization Requirements
11 H.


12 7.
Claim Submission and Documentation
12 8.
Requests to Exceed Timeframes
13 9
Appeal of a Demand for Reimbursement
13 10.Record Retention

14 11.

Maximum Property Preservation A:



Mortgagee Responsibility

Mortgagees shall preserve and protect foreclosed properties that were secured by FHA-insured mortgages as required by 24 CFR

203.377 through

203.381 and 24 CFR


The decision as to what action to take to preserve and protect the property is the mresponsibility and is independent of the amount that HUD reimburses.

If a property that was secured by an FHA-insured mortgage is conveyed with damage to the Secretary without prior approval, the Department may reconvey the property or require a reduction to the claim for t of repairing the damage.

Damage Due to Failure to Preserve and Protect (Mortgagee Neglect)

HUD will hold the mortgagee liable for property damage or destruction to vacant or abandoned failure to take action to preserve and protect the property.

This failure to preserve and protect is considered mortgagee neglect.

Examples of mortgagee neglect include, but are not limited to, the mortgagee

a.Adequately verify the occupancy status of a property;

b.Initiate foreclosure within the required timeframe; c.Obtain timely and accurate property inspections;


Promptly secure and continue to protect all vacant properties; or e.Promptly notify the MCM of receipt of code violations, demolition notices and/or take appropriate action.

Mortgagees may use any qualified individual or firm to perform P&P services on properties that were secured by FHA-insured mortgages; however, the mortgagee remains fully responsible to HUD for its actions and the actions of its agents, individuals and firms that performed such services.

1.Maximum Property Preservation Allowance and Over-Allowable Expense Request

The maximum property preservation allowance is the maximum reimbursement for all P&P expenses on an individual property without MCM approval.

Maximum amounts for individual items are set forth in Exhibit B- .

All reimbursements are subject to the maximum allowable amounts
property damage claim denial letter

If the total P&P expense exceeds the $2,500 maximum cost limit in Exhibit B, the mortgagee may submit an
APS 5/30/2007

Missing Luggage

Missing Contents
Damage Name:

Middle Initial
Last Airline Ticket Number
Please Attach Copy Permanent
Missing Baggage Claim
Please Attach Copy Check Number(s) Yes
No City
Zip Was baggage rerouted or Yes
If yes, city/airline that rerouted: Business Phone Email Address Did you pass through customs? Yes
No Have you or members of your family ever filed a claim(s) with any other Yes


If yes, state airline and date of loss: Has the loss / damage been reported to any other airline? Yes

If yes, to what airline? Contents of the current missing or damaged baggage are for: Male
Was the loss reported to the police?

Type of Bag Descriptive Elements Color Brand Name Exterior Identification (Mo/Yr) Lock

Retractable Handle.
Filing a claim for loss or damage of household goods or unaccompanied baggage
UpdatedClaims Division

Airborne Division (Air Assault) M-W: 0900-1630 Ft.Campbell, KY


Airborne Division (AASLT) ATTN: AFZB-JA-CLAIMS Ft.Campbell, KY

You have two years from the date of the incident to file a claim.

The date of incident for Household Goods (HHG) or Unaccompanied Baggage (UB) shipments is generally considered to be the delivery date of the shipment.

However, for shipments damaged in storage or totally destroyed en route, the date of incident is the date you are notified by the transportation office demand for compensation for the lost or damaged property.

Submitting a claim electronically is the same as submitting a written demand.

In order to submit a claim aims Army Information Management System off of

The electronic submission via PCLAIMS or other form of written demand must be received by the Military Claims Office (MCO) by the two year anniversary of ived.

However, there are some very limited circumstances in which the government can extend the filing time.

If you have passed the two year statute of limitation, you may contact the nearest MCO to request information on this process.

For more information about filing a claim electronically, please refer to the FILING A CLAIM WITH THE ARMY ELECTRONICALLY information paper provided on the Fort Campbell Claims Office website.

or via PCLAIMS, you will not receive compensation unless the claim is fully substantiated.

The amount and kinds of substantiation required varies depending on the nature of the loss or damage claimed as well as the items claimed.

The MCO will coordinate with you on what is needed Updatedin order to substantiate your claim.

If the required substantiation is not provided by you, the MCO may settle the claim as is and retire the file.

In some cases, this may result in a denial of the entire claim.

PCLAIMS is designed for Army service members and civilian employees working for the Army.

Army Service Members include active duty soldiers, U.S.

Army Reserve Personnel and U.S.Army National Guard Personnel.

Generalldamage to property must have occurred while they were in an ac
If you are filing on behalf of a soldier or civilian employee, you will be required to provide proof of permission to do so.

For spouses of military members, we require a letter of authorization signed by the soldier.

For all others, we require a power of attorney specifically granting permission to file a claim.

Regardless, only soldiers and civilian employees are eligible Personnel Claims Act.

If the claim is payable, compensation will be routed to the military or civilian payroll account on file with the Defense Finance and Accounting Service.
deceased member, it will be easier to file a claim in are sorry for your loss and will do everything we can to assist you with your claim.

You may refer to the Claims Office directory on the U.S.Army Claims Service homepage for a list of offices worldwide.
You may file your claim electronically via PCLAIMS, or mail your claim to an Army MCO, or go in person to file your claim at an Army MCO.

Although it is recommended that you file with the Army MCO located closest to you, you may choose to file with any Army MCO.

You may refer to the Claims Office directory on the U.S.Army Claims Service homepage for a list of offices worldwide.
If you are mailing, faxing, or hand carrying a paper claim to an MCO, you should complete a DD Form 1842 found on local form software such as Pure Edge or by accessing Army Publishing Directorate at REQUIRED TO SUPPORT YOUR CLAIM
DD Form 1842.

PCLAIMS does not allow for electronic signatures of any forms.

By filing a claim on PCLAIMS, you will create an electronic DD1842.

Prior to receiving compensation for any claim, you must print out the DD1842, sign it, and send it to the MCO.

The form may be mailed, faxed, or e-mailed to the MCO.

The authorized agent or legal representative of a proper claimant may also file on behalf of the claimant and sign this DD1842 if the agent provides a power of attorney that complies with local law.

In addition, a spouse may file on a claimants behalf if the service member has signed an authorization for the Updatedspouse to do so.

For information on how to fill out the DD Form 1842, follow the instructions provided in the enclosed attachment Steps for Completing the DD Form 1842 and 1844.

____ B.

DD Form 1844 List of Property and Claims Analysis Chart .

Follow the closed attachment Steps for Completing the DD Form 1842 and 1844.DD Form 1840 Joint Statement of Loss or Damage at Delivery and

Loss or Damage or other Notice form.

The carrier, at the time of delivery, provides this pireturned to you when you reported your damagemay complete an electronic notice on PCLAIMS but it is helpful to havenotice form given to you at delivery.
PCS orders/civilian employee transfer orders.

Government Bill of Lading (GBL) and any other shipping documents listed below.

These may have been given to you by the Transpone, the MCO will assist you in obtaining a copy.
DD Form 619/619-1 Statement of Accessorial Services Performed.

This is a Transportation document, issued by TO-JPPSO.
DD Form 1299Application for Shipment or Storage of Personal Property.

This is a Transportation document, issued by the origin TO-JPPSO.
DD Form 1164 Service Order for Personal Property.

This is a Transportation document, issued

for local NTS.

prepared by the carrier at origin.

If you were not given one or cannot
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