Predicate Pronoun Example Sentence

Predicate Pronoun Example Sentence

TERMS Parts of Speecha word that names a person, place, thing, quality, or idea (examples: satisfactionsocialism(examples: arewill have beenPreposition:

a word that starts a prepositional phrase.

In the following examples of ,

the car, the back,

the roofthe words a word used to modify a noun (example: (example: a word used to modify a verb ( greet), an adjective ( three people), or another adverb (quite a word that links parts of a sentence to each other.

(See coordinating of Conjunctions, Transitional Words, a subject, a complete verb, or both.


In the dark An independent clause (also called a mainExample: I ate raspberries.d a subordinate clause) is clause cannot stand alone as a sentence.

Example: After I ate raspberries A simple sentence consists of one independent clause.Example: I ate raspberries.A compound sentence consists of two or more independent clauses separated by a comma and a coordinating conjunction or by a semicolon
predicate pronoun example sentence
.Example Example:A complex sentence consists of at least Example: Because I ate raspberries, I developed a rash.

most any

some An antecedent is the noun or pronoun to which a pronoun refers.

ExampleA modifier is a word that describes another word.

It may be a single word or a Examples: I ate some I ate some raspberries I ate some raspberries Participle and participial phrase: A participle is a form of a verb which is used as an adjective (descriptive word) or

function alone as a maint participle ends in loving, helping).

The past participle of most verbs ends in .The past participle of irregu Exampleschild waved to her mother.

The woman clutched her lottery the act, the burglar surrendered to the police.

A predicate is the part of the sentence orwhat the subject is or does.

Subordinating that


as soon as

in order than

until Coordinating Conjunction: or word groups of the same kind: ons.

You can use the acronym FANBOYS to remember them..

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