National Electric Code Conduit Fill

National Electric Code Conduit Fill



The National Electrical Code shall be organized as 90 contains the scope of the NEC and administrative are major subdivisions of the NEC that cover broad areas and are divided into articles.

Chapters shall be organized as follows:

Chapter 1

General Article 100 — Definitions Article 110 — Requirements for Electrical Installations

Chapter 2

Wiring and Protection Articles 200 – 299

Chapter 3

Wiring Methods

Articles 300 – 399

Chapter 4

Equipment for General Use Articles 400 – 499

Chapter 5

Special Occupancies Articles 500 – 599

Chapter 6

Special Equipment Articles 600 – 699

Chapter 7

Special Conditions Articles 700 – 799

Chapter 8

Communications Systems Articles 800 – 899

Chapter are chapter subdivisions that cover a specific subject such as grounding, overcurrent protection, lighting fixtures, and so on.

Each article shall have a title.

Articles are divided into sections and sometimes into an article is sufficiently large, it shall be permitted to be subdivided into parts that correspond to logical groupings of information.

Parts shall have titles and shall be designated by Roman numerals.

(See example.)

Parts typically consist of a number of sections; see for section numbering in articles that are subdivided into Specifications

III Sections.

Sections shall be permitted to be subdivided for clarity, with each subdivision representing either a rule or a part of a rule.

Up to three levels of subdivisions shall be permitted, and any level shall be permitted to contain a list.

List Formats.

Lists are a method of structuring the items necessary to complete a rule.

Lists in any subdivision level shall be numbered, and listed items shall be single words, phrases, or sentences.

Items in a list shall not contain Titles.

First and second level subdivisions shall have titles.

Third level subdivisions shall be permitted to have Example.

The following illustrates typical subdivision numbering with lists (see also —

Chapter 2

Wiring and Protection

Article —

Article 250 — Grounding

Part &# &# and Size of Equipment otherwise required in this Code, equipment

grounding conductors shall be permitted to be bare, covered, or


Level 1 &# of Conductors.An insulated or covered conductor larger than No.6 copper or aluminum shall be permitted to be identified, at the time of installation, by one of the following means:

List item — (1)

Stripping the insulation or covering from the entire exposed

national electric code conduit fill
.List item —


Coloring the exposed insulation or covering green.List item —


Marking the exposed insulation or covering with green tape or green
adhesive labels.

Level 1 —


Size of Conductors.

Level 2 —


General.Copper, aluminum, or copper-clad aluminum equipment

grounding conductors of the wire type shall not be smaller than shown in

Table 250.122.

Level 2 —


Adjustment for Voltage Drop.

If conductors are adjusted to

compensate for voltage drop, equipment grounding conductors shall be

adjusted according to circular mil area.

Level 2 —


Conductors in Parallel.If conductors are run in parallel, the

equipment grounding conductors shall be sized by either of the

following methods.

Level 3 —


Each parallel equipment grounding conductor shall be sized on the

basis of the ampere rating of the overcurrent protective protection for equipment is installed, each parallel equipment

grounding conductor run in a raceway shall be to be sized in accordance with

Table 250.122.

Level 3 —


Parallel equipment grounding conductors in multiconductor cables

shall be permitted to be sized in accordance with the Table 250.122

on the basis of the trip rating of the ground-fault protection if the

following conditions are met:

List item —


Only qualified persons will service the installation.List item —


The trip rating is not greater than the ampacity of a single conductor.

List item —


The ground-fault protection is listed for the (previously known as appendixes) shall contain references, examples, calculations, tables, and similar nonmandatory material.

Annexes do not form part of the requirements of the National Electrical Code, and a statement to that effect shall appear at the beginning of each annex.

Annexes shall have titles and shall be designated by capital C

Conduit and Tubing Fill for Conductors and Fixture Wires of the Same Size

This annex is not a part of the requirements of this

Code but is included for informational purposes only.

Annexes that are used to cross-reference material from one edition of the Code to another edition of the Code shall remain as an annex for a minimum of two code cycles.

NFPA staff shall have the responsibility of updating any cross-reference annex.


Content of NEC article shall have a scope, which shall be the first section of the article.

The approval of article scope statements is the responsibility of the Technical Correlating — Appliances
422.1 Scope Article

280 — Surge Arresters

280.1 shall be in alphabetical order and shall not contain the term that is being defined.

Definitions shall not contain requirements or recommendation
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