Napa Belt Cross Reference Chart

Napa Belt Cross Reference Chart

( IwrotehiewsIlodnrw( I wrote this list down as I went through each of my shelves, so if pg.1 has an item thats also listedon pg.4, that means theres 2 of that item.Sorry its out of order, thats why the list is in .pdf format,so you can search for specific words.I plan on catagorizing the list as soon as possible.) Also,unless an item specifies otherwise, all parts are for a 1963 Catalina 421 HO.

Parts listed are NOSand used OEM.

For more details on a specific part, please contact me and Ill answer any questionsyou may have.auugcofmftdfadyv- 1963 Pontiac Master Parts Catalog: Oct.1, 1962- 1962 Pontiac Catalina Ad from Hot Rod Magazine April 1962- Chassis and Body Parts Catalog: models thru 1975- unkown- provides casting number information (pontiac muscle car performance 55-79 ?)- 1963 Pontiac and Tempest Body Shop Manual- High Performance Pontiac Magazines 1985-1986, Feb.1991-Aug.1993- Muscle Car Review Magazines 1987-1993- 2 1963 Pontiac Chassis Shop Manuals- 1963 Pontiac Service Manager News Flash Bulletins-Origional 1963 Pontiac Service Management News Letters-Pontiac News Flash Service Bulletins: Feb 1962 to May 1957-1962 and 1963 Pontiac Special Equipment Catalogs and Reference Guides( Iwrodnrw3- standard shift flywheels3- starter end housings cases1- generator2- alt.Brackets 1- power steering bracket5- crankshaft hubs3- balancers2- four bolt water pumps7- misc.Crankshaft pulleys10- eight lug drums, 6 rear 4 front23- wheel trim rings:4 new19 used: good condition to repairable53- lug nuts12- New #9700635 61-66 police caps27- hub cap clips #52150815- headlight bezels7- grill halves7- headlight assemblies1- pair fender skirts1- pair hood hinges1- timing cover housing #5486901- down draft tube4- wiper arms1- upper dash 3- wiper motors: 1 single speed, 2 two speed2- door sill plates1- pontiac hub cap 10- eight lug center caps7- water pump pulleys5- alternators3- fan spacers7- new starter drives 3 distributors 3 dist.

Housing3- heater controls1- two speed wiper motor 1- one speed wiper motor 1- new temp sending unit1- new dg33 boltage regultator3- new ignition switches 1- used ignition switch with connector4- a/c switches and heater1- wiper switch: two speed washer3- courtesy light block off plates 1- courtesy light with ring and instruction sheet1- under dash courtesy light with instruction sheet1- new two speed wiper switch with washer #19935841- new blower motor switch 1963 p.8 evc a/c #72835571- new d309R delco dist.Cap1- turn signal switch 61-64 EVC.

Tilt #19935314- new wiper switches: 3- two speed- no washer1- one speed- no washer1- new hand brake signal lamp kit #9838831- new instrument panel courtesy lamp kit #9836171- new gear shift indicator #97746061- used shift indicator4- horn rings with centers1- new horn ring center1- back-up light repair pig tail #59556001- 63 standard steering wheel with horn button- very good condition6- radios:4- #983873 AM1- #984078 am/fm with repair tag from classic auto radio specialist1- #983579 am1- factory reverb #7284742 with wiring and dash switch bezel-used1- new r.h.Upper ball joint #5429242- new lower ball joints1- 63 p.s.Pitman arm #56770741- new right outer tie rod end1- idler arm bracket2- new idler arm brackets #9770003?1- new idler arm #56747892- new idler arms #56780331- new support #56780414- NAPA 267-1203 upper arm bushings4- Moog K5162 A arm bushings2- new steering center links1- control arm shaft-upper1- new upper control arm 1- steering column pass thru2- new engine motor mounts1- new trans.

Mount-manual1- manual trans.Rear mount (clamp on)2- brake & clutch trim1- steering column &clutch pass thru1- upper radiator mount-no shroud2- gas pedals- one trim, good condition used3- bell housing inspection plates1- manual trans.Bell housing dust plate2- used delco-remy voltage regulators1- new ignition switch U534 standard with instruction and mounting1- new horn contact #97855491- new D-1520 headlight switch 2- door pillar switches- used1- new power seat switch #43066084- new oil pressure switches #38159361- new ignition resistor #19622891- new heater hose nipple #4997441- new starter solenoid #11142571- new dist.Cap #800611- new fuel tank strainer #58517021- new pvc grommet-no number6- new ignition point sets D-112P1- GM turn signal flasher1- new horn #18921641- new heater switch #72934762- 63 catalina dash name plates:1- new1- almost perfect1- 62 catalina dash name plate- very good condition1- 63 radio block off plate- very good condition22- new park and turn signals lenses (clear)9- stop light lenses3- backing plates2- housings1- new headlamp assembly in box with T3 bulbs1- new outside rearview mirror with bracket4- speedometer heads1- 622- regular 631- 63 with speed minder, harness, buzzer & low fuel lamp2- headlamp assemblies2- license plate surroundings1- 421 HO1- 421 SD3- trunk emblems-used2- new in box pontiac grill emblems-1- 621- 632- new in box- 63 bonneville grill emblems 1- 63 bonneville right front fender emblem, p.io1..os1v

new door bumpers, hood bumpers, new battery hold down bolts, new headlight bezel seals, clutchand brake inside firewall spacers, heater hose firewall grommets, body mounts, trunk latch part4- dozen radiator and heater hose clamps2- steering rag joints4- lower radiator mounts2- washer bottle holders1- heater hose holder2- front ash trays2- rear ash trays4- coil brackets2- gas caps3- new front wheel dust caps1- front antenna lead4- front fender catalina emblems 2- speaker grillsf44Is2nS wi.lozbo4ni)irv

radio, wiper, door lock, headlamp, seat belt anchor knobs, bezels and turn signal leversf44Is2nS wi.loA9o4ni)irv glove box, door, and trunk locks1- set of nice outside door handles5- heater cores 61-63 with and w/o a/cA6b3o93bo(sCiIo( )HoyeOneiPoNsS4.iwitew Hiowso4 ePoocw eE IEopsIiMorw eE IEo)I eHPtew HioFqFzA-6oE wio:.33a.s)HoFz9-66AoE wioRAb3Bi EroFz9bF-3opsw7oE wiEo5b3f..owneoneoOssEor7 4iSswsIoIsw )Hrrw IwiIoAA-z39zobaA3B rokNRao) IEo ) neoP-F-oshiIohiIlo.nO7worI1 ) OiowI : wioBq9a . roIiSshiEEiowsosn.o)serS4wnse1- pair 9770716 bare heads- surfaced .008
Magnafluxed-both date code c254-good condition42- new swirl polished valves1- pair 1963 HO valve covers-good condition1- pair 9770716 heads: complete with screw in studs

both date codes B2642- steering column mounts2- hood latch catches4- lower radiator mounts8- new limited slip differential tags7- new Posi.

Clutch kits10- new crush sleeves2- fender emblems 4212- water pump separator plates: 1 stainless20- oil breather caps (4 styles)1- manual steering box top #7802287 and 10 gaskets1- new fan clutch #38712787- new dipstick tubes #97958302- upper dipstick tubes- used6- new dipstick tubes-lower #5462811- new lower dipstick tube (bolts to main cap)2- used motor oil dipstick1- new motor oil dipstick1- hood release spring1- shift indicator block off plate1- power steering bracket1- 100ft
napa belt cross reference chart
.Roll packard 440 spark plug wire #18572081- black windshield washer jug and bracket32- new pinion, axel shaft, front wheel seals 59-6423 new front wheel bearings-races, pinion bearings and races, rear axel bearings 2- center frame to bumper brackets1- delco-remy starter solenoid2- rear crossmember straps and rubbers1- eight lug tire change plate1- vet window-left10- lug studs-long shank1- new master cylinder2- new rear brake flex hoses7- packages of misc.Brake hardware5- self adjusting brake repair kits2- blower wheels1- new left front lower door hinge-631- headlight assembly10- T3 head lamps6- eight lug wheels4- gas tank straps1- gas tank2- gas tank filler necks3- fuel tank sending units1- pontiac motor dollie1- radiator core support1- front fender cross brace -new1- set new headers (69 firebird)2- new fine spline 11" clutch discs1- new fan clutch fan 3- four blade fans2- radiators 1 auto trans 1 manual1- upper radiator support 3- rear axles1- power steering pump with brackets1- power steering gear box with hoses2- 389 EX manifolds2- rear brake drums2- manual steering boxes1- down draft tube2- rear backing plates1- lifter valley cover2- long windage trays2- new bench seat brackets3- steering columns: 1 column shift, 1 floor shift with tilt1 floor shift and parts (all need repair)2- new front bumper brackets1- oil pan3- kick panels1- lower dash1- box of wiring harnesses: appears to be for three cars- looks good- mostly tagged1- intake manifold early 97702741- intake manifold

97901401- intake manifold

9790140-J0671- intake manifold 481733-H2604- AFB carbs1- open third member 3.083- bumper bolts and eccentric washers3- lower radiator mount insulators1- new lower left door striker #5715853 63 two door3- park lamp assemblies-1962- including 1 lens1- park lamp assembly with lens 19635- door handle springs1- window roller handle2- door lock knobs3- license plate lights with 1 lens1- alt.Fan5- 1962 back up lamps lenses-good condition2- 1961 back up lamp lenses-goo condition1- cigarette lighter and interior light harness1- new 63 catalina fender emblem1- 1962 back up lamp w/o lens-good condition1- 1960 back up lamp with lens-good condition1- vac.

Reservoir5- new interior lamp lens #44828773- ac fuel pumps-used2- ac fuel pump repair kits including instructions #R572, #6414225 GM#s1- horn ring and button6- new rear tail pipe clamps2- new 1963 park lamp lenses 2- spring ring battery cables3- horn contacts1- gas pedal floor mount-manual3 new dist.

Point plates #19621413- dimmer switch grommets7- license light lenses and 1 bracket2- trunk latches4- power window switches2- new rear control arm bushings #5488071- emblem-used #5449652- package tray moldings2- fan spacers3- master cylinder lids1- new dome light housing-no number1- horn button2- gear shift indicator block off1- pair outside door handles-good condition1- new dist.Vac.Advance #11161637- new body bushings #3996731- set valve cover gaskets1- oil pump primer15- screw in rocker studs8- polished rods-rusty1- homemade tool for crank rope seal installation47- exterior body moldings: a few new, the remaining are good to repairable condition17- interior trim moldings3- gto emblems6- catalina emblems1- 455 crank shaft #8789103 fresh .010-.0105- gallon bucket one third full of head bolts1- package TRW piston rings:421 .030 #T8266X1- large sack of carb gaskets2- assortments of carburator parts:shafts, linkages, butterflies, venturis, jetstags, screws, floats ETC...2- rolls of remaining upholstery material1- package seat piping2- seat belts w/bolts- need to be cleaned but in good condition4- new big air filters1- edelbrock EP4B intake-used1- new edelbrock torker intake1- upper radiator support1- posi-trac thirdmember 3.90 ratio: GM gears-good condition1- new shift boot1- new clutch rod firewall grommet1- new electronic voltage regulator-GM #1163651- electronic voltage regulator-used #1163651- new ignition resister- GM #1962289: stator reluctor, pick up coil,weights, spring dist.Tag 1111027 2J201- new ignition pulse amplifier1- new ignition coil for transistor ignition2- tachometer:1 1962, 1 1963 with a type of adapter harness for electronic ignition1- vac guage3- tach guage cups1- 1963 pontiac pass tach harness #04250 MFG by M&H electric1- tach mount- pontiac years #PY1301Heat choke tubing, PCV manifold fittings, carb brass fittings,4 new fuel filters #9783230, accelerator cable,27 accelerator linkage rods, linkage brackets,valve cover wire loom holders, return spring brackets6 fuel filter brackets, vac.Line holders, plug wire holders,3 three duece single air cleaners(1 small, 2 big)2 single bases-big, 2 dual snorkle three duece air cleanersNsS4o93qoBo) So.n1wiIr?4iI1i)w8iCoSi..neOo) Soc(N?FN Sr7 eEor)IiieoS?bToR1- package GM ex.Manifold bolt locks8- connecting rods1- timing cover #5486902- automatic transmission dipsticks-1 new1- long windage tray8- new 455 standard bore forged pistons sealed power #2365P1- set push rods 1- timing cover #97733711- motor oil pan1- valley cover2- oil filter adapters #55784411- oil filter adapter spacer #9779559-needs 1 heli-coilEX.Gasketsoil pump screen melling 54-OSwater pump gaskets and timing cover 5- thirdmember gaskets7- head gaskets2- intake gasket sets, p.io1..vsteering wheels, cowl panel, clock, hoses etc...Not in pictures:389 blockthree 389 crankshafts24 rods 4- sets of 3-2s1- 1964 set #9775088 D64-no fuel lines3- 1963 sets #9770275:C273-J162-I 1721- set-no linkage1- set-no linkage or fuel lines

The set with the radiator hose is just like it come off of the car.

The other carburators have beenrebuilt.6- end carb throttle plates5- end carb bodies4- end carb air horns2- center carbs-in pieces2- manual choke cables-tempest2- 1963 3-2 intakes with thermostat housings:one manifold has a little damage tovac.

Port between #2 and #3.carb manifolds #97702751- GTO emblem #97758671- new alt.Diode plate1- dash grab handle 1- new dimmer switch1- new rw30 resistance wire2- rear moldings #4892617 one good condition, one is pitted1- new motor mount 3- hood catches1- new 63 park lamp lens 1- rear view mirror and bracket- used #444044301- new heater diverter valve #19988991- antenna mast.Tapered1- new thermostat housing #5384?02- sun visor brackets3- new lenses #4482775- new oil pressure sending units-standard #PS152- new temperature switches TS381- new temperature switch TS153- new push rod guide plates3- new wheel cylinders-bare #54506494- new window fuzzies-inside for door panels2- new cowl panl seals2- new door weather strips 2 door HDT2- new upper window channel seals1- bumper jack stand and adapter-no jack2- tire tools5- spare tire hold downs3- new wing nuts1- new wing nuts1- new spring jack holder1- front bumper bracket2- 63 grilles1- starter and wiring cable1- mallory dual point dist.2- wiper transmissions- one speed 2- E brake cables 3- hood hinges-19631- shift porch (fiberglass)1- pair 61-62 vent windows (channel HD TP says for chevy)w p.io9vapprox.

200-300 body molding clips, nuts, grommets, snubbers,molding nuts, wiper linkage clips.
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