Motorcraft Premium Gold Engine Coolant

Motorcraft Premium Gold Engine Coolant

Coolant information
Protect Your Power Stroke Diesel Engine with the right Motorcraft CoolantUsing the proper engine coolant is important to the operation of your Power Stroke Diesel engine.Ford recommends owners use specically formulated coolants in their engines.Keep your Power Stroke Diesel running great by following recommended scheduled maintenance and using quality original equipment parts* offered at your local Ford dealer.Why is using the proper Motorcraft coolant so important?Ensures proper coolant ow inside your cooling systemProtects internal components from corrosionUsing the wrong type of coolant and colors or even mixing different coolants together can lead to major issues:Sludge forming in the cooling passagesInternal component corrosion and failure

Overheating of engine and components

Cylinder wall cavitation Loss of engine performance

Different engines require different chemical concentrations in their coolant.Proper levels of nitrite and silicate are what give Motorcraft coolant its ability to protect your Power Stroke Diesel engine.Many other coolants do not have the necessary nitrite and silicate levels.Silicates and nitrites protect against:Corrosion and clogging of aluminumCavitation on cylinder wallsMotorcraft Supplemental Coolant Additives rechargeand should only be used when necessary.See reverse side for coolant productand maintenance schedule information.The engine coolant system nitrite level should be checked at the mileage or equivalent hour intervals specied by the maintenance schedule.

Protect Your Power Stroke Diesel Engine with Gold Motorcraft and Power Stroke Diesel are registered trademarks of Ford Motor Company 2008 Ford Motor CompanyWhat type of coolant should be used in my Power Stroke Diesel?There are many types of coolant on the market, but 6.0L and 6.4L Power Stroke Diesel engines require Motorcraft Premium Gold Engine Coolant (part number VC-7-B)
motorcraft premium gold engine coolant

Motorcraft Gold provides optimal protection for the engine and Why is Gold Motorcraft Coolant so Important?The protection coolant provides is twofold – protection from freezing and protection frominternal corrosion.The difference between Motorcraft Premium Gold Engine Coolant and other coolants is all in the corrosion inhibitor chemistry.

Motorcraft Premium Gold Engine Coolant has an optimized hybrid organic acid technology (HOAT) inhibitor chemistry that includes silicates for aluminum protection and nitrites for protection against cavitationon cylinder walls.There are many different coolants on sale from a variety of well known manufacturers that claim to have very long service life between changes.

The corrosion inhibitors used in these coolants may be incompatible with the factory ll Using the proper coolant is essential for optimal engine and vehicle performance.

Using the recommended Motorcraft Premium Gold Engine Coolant (part number VC-7-B) protects your investment and minimizes operating costs.Motorcraft premium Gold Engine Coolant is also recommended for all Ford gas engined vehicles 2002 or newer, allowing this one coolant to be used on many eets.

The coolant is concentrated and should be diluted with deionized (distilled) water to a 50/50 ratio.Motorcraft also sells coolant designed for 7.3L Power Stroke Diesels, with a range of SCA boosters and cooling system cleaners all formulated to get the very best from your vehicle.

coolant and shorten the coolant’s useful life.

Additionally, use of a non-approved coolant may not be compatible with the gaskets and seals in the engine or the metals in the engine and heat exchangers.

In many cases, mixing different types of coolant results in cylinder wall cavitation, viscosity changes, internal corrosion or a loss of gasket sealing.

This can then result in coolant ow restrictions that may lead to component failure.Unfortunately, the issues created by using the wrong coolant often show up thousands of miles later in the form of overheating, coolant loss, loss of vehicle performance or even engine failure, necessitating expensive repairs and vehicle downtime..

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