Monroes Motivated Sequence Speech Outline

Monroes Motivated Sequence Speech Outline

Organizing and Outlining the Persuasive Speech

6 – 7 minutes

This speech needs These apers, testimony, journals,

You will need to give me a full sentence outline (follow student’s example below, and you should speak from either a keyword or phrase outline.

The example below is not peyou need to make sure that you provide such an outline to me with at least two main points per section.

Organization plays a central role in the persuasive speech:

The speech must the audience must change.

(Unless audience members feel that there is something wrong with what ange.)

While other persuasive designs are also effective in preempting psychological resistance to change, the most widely used organizational Monroe’s motivated sequence.

Monroe’s motivated sequence (problem-solution organizational format)

Gain the audience’s attention statement should be omitted.

2.Identify unfulfilled needs.The speaker must establish a clear, urgent, and unfulfilled need in the mind of the audience.

This is a critical step in th 3.Propose a solution that satisfies.Present the solution to the needs or problems speakers must also identify and elimin Visualize the resulting satisfaction.

Intensify audience members’ desire for the solution by getting them to visualize what their lives will be like one they’ve adopted it.

Use vivid images and verbal illustrations to support the benefits of the proposed solution.

5.Define specific action.In the final step, the speaker must turn the audience’s agreement and commitment into positive action.

Tell audience member Making the most of Monroe’s motivated sequence

To make the most of Monroes’ motivated sequence.

The sequence closely resembles a problem-solution organizational format, but it several ways.

In the attentiproblems with a solution.

The most critical principle in Monroe’s motivated sequence is

Outlining the persuasive speech

Each of the five steps in Monroe’s motivated sequence should be represented by a Roman numeral.

Main points and ital letters and numbers, respectively.

Sample Outline for Monroe’s Motivated Sequence Persuasive in the Middle East


To persuade my audience that desalination in the Middle East as a water supplement is much needed.

I.Introduction Attention-getter:

Imagine seeing a small child in the stthis child obtain nutrition, she will turn to crime to get money for food.

You must help her.

This child is like the Middle East and its need for water
monroes motivated sequence speech outline

Thematic statement:

This Middle East needs more wate :

I will tell you how desalination can allow you to help Middle Easterners just as you


getting their water from underground aquifers and from area rivers and streams (show visual aid).


The existing water supply is dwindling fast.

In a 1994 article in Audubon, Bruce Stutz says that the region’s aquifers and rivers are drying out.

wars” because water is now more precious than oil.

In the same article in Stutz (1994) says that there can be no peace in the area until the water crisis is solved.

As the world’s “police force” and the nation that supplies most of the human power to the Take, for example, the Persian Gulf War.

Internal Summary:will probably be the that we see there is such a problem, we need to find a solution.)

Satisfaction A.

Middle Easterners need more usable water, as well as the technology to clean up existing polluted waters.

B.Irwin Ploss and Jonathan Rubinstein of The New Republic said in 1992 that desalination was the only real source of new fresh water in that region.

Desalination is like reverse osmosis – it takes out salts and other pollutants.

this now, and it is improving all the time.

and the desire for change – the technology is already is good for the environment.

All of this shows that there is a plausible solution to the water crisis in the Middle problem, why should we as Americans get

Visualization nvolved in any more wars in that region.


We can prevent wars from happening.

desalination, but it will be less expensive in the

We can now see how desalination could

Transition to conclusion:

Now what can we as Americans do to help implement this process of maintaining peace?)

V.Action Summarize and review taking action (motivated sequence

There is a water shortage.

Middle Easterners are willing to go to war ter wars by eliminating the water shortage.

Write your congressperson to tell him or he Tie to introduction: or crime.

C.Creative concluding thought (end with impact):

Desalination is the key, and now you know how you can help the poor starving child to , S.

(1995, April 9).

Another obstacle to peace.


News & World Report Desalination.

(Publication No.33.10:91-5).


U.S.Government Printing Office.

ptember 7-14).

Water for peace.

Science Reference Section, Science and Technology Division, LOC.


Stutz, B.

(1994, September).

Water and peace.

Vesilind, P.J.

(1993, May).

The Middle East’s water:

A critical resource.

National Geographic, 38-71..
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