Minimal Pair Photo Cards

Minimal Pair Photo Cards

181 phonological approaches
2008 Super Duper Publications •

Four Types of Phonological Approaches

Why use Minimal Pairs?

Minimal Pairs

2008 Super Duper Publications • Multiple Oppositions is similar to Minimal back of the mouth (such as /g/), the therapist can phonological process.The student produce words with the initial sound in the chunks.These chunks increase exposure to multwill increase the number of sounds a student can produce and decrease sound erro differ by multiple elements among sounds.the initial consonant differs in where and how it is made.When developing their speech, children focus on the wide differences between sounds.rast letters that diffeincluding how a sound is made, where a sontain one sound that the child is familiar with

Why use Multiple Oppositions?

Why use Maximal Oppositions?

Multiple Oppositions

Maximal Oppositions

2008 Super Duper Publications • Approaches

Treatment of the Empty Set

Treatment of the Empty Set consp children learn new sounds and words simultaneously, therefore improving their language and vocabulary.Overall, this will help

Following is a list of activities that you can do at home Create or collect a deck of the child make pairs for the cards in his hand with identical someone waving ‘bye’)?” oducing.Use picture cards if necessary.For ical process was prevocalic voicing, one sentence may be

is _____ (big).” get sounds and sounds the child is familiar with.Have the child find a card, name it, find itResources Williams, A.

Lynn (2006).SCIP - Sound contrasts in phonology: Evidence-based treatment program.

Greenville, South Carolina: Super Duper Publications, Inc.Gordon-Braman, M and Weiss, C.E.

(2007).Clinical management of articulatory and phonologic disorders.Retrieved October 1, approaches to developing correct sound production.(2003) Retrieved October 1, 2008, , Colleen K.(2001).Treatment resource manual for speech-language pathology Edition.

Canada: Delmar, a division of Thomas Learning, Inc.

Why use Treatment of the Empty Set?

2008 Super Duper Publications • Handy Handouts!Number ul when practicing or doing activities related to phonological approaches.Visit or call 1-800-277-8737.Click the links Photo Phonology Minimal Pair Card Set™

Ask for Item # Aloud Minimal Contrast Stories with Activities™ Ask for Item # and Do Phonology Games Ask for Item # - Sound Contrasts in Phonology™ Ask for Item # for Item # Products.

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minimal pair photo cards
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