Lutheran Devotions For Church Council

Lutheran Devotions For Church Council

Augustana lutheran church council minutes unapproved version 02 23 09
Couoncili Mocembil reobse rPolst:BliUUbPdmw ,mmctlu ,tlocmnTmaboibV gyL gSSEkhSS UYJY cP DhyS UYJYCouncil Members Present:

Ben Underwood, Traill Vosberg, Mary Peterson, Barb Lewis,

Selma Erickson, Peggy Underwood, Marge Ball, EstherYoungberg, John Dinsmore, Dick Werner, Judy Heinen, and Evan Lewis (Auditor).Council Members Not Able to Attend: Kurk Werner, Kevin Grunewald, Tim Hanson, Jerry Shea, and Marty Mohagen.Pastor & Staff Members Able to Attend:

Pastor Paul, and Rebekah Ohren, Guests:

Erin Anderson, Assistant to the Bishop:

NW Minnesota ELCA SynodIntroductions & Devotional Reading

1.The meeting called to order by Council President John Dinsmore at 7 p.m.

2.Devotions read by Dick WernerAgenda/Action Items

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The exit interview was conducted at 6:00 pm

Facilitated by Erin Anderson, Northwest Minnesota Synod Assistant tothe Bishop, other participants included Pastor Paul;

Council members Esther Youngberg, Traill Vosberg and John Dinsmore; andAugustana members Jerry Peterson and Sue Mohagen who served on Pastor Pauls Call Committee.

During the Council meeting, Erinbegan by thanking Paul for his 12 years of service at Augustana and reflected on how solid and stable this has made our congregation.These attributes will serve us well as we enter into this transition period.vlcmbtJ ,tltncmb )tnsonntPlh

Erin explained that things are done differently between congregations.He recommendedcommunicating often with the congregation during this time of transition.

Erin reviewed the process and documentation needs.

Hereviewed items in the packet including the document When a Pastor Resigns and asked the Council to review it thoroughly.

Hereminded us that all of us are the Synod.We are a partnership.

He reviewed the interim minister contract template and explained thatalthough it is signed by Bishop Larry, it does not have to have his approval.He stated that it can be adjusted to fit our needs andrecommended that we pay particular attention to the language which references whether an interim pastor can be available for regularcall to the congregation.

He recommended that we review this and consider the possibility to modify this language.Erin provided ashort list of strong interim pastors candidates.Pastor Nancy Monke has many years of experience with Our Saviors Lutheran Church in Moorhead, MN and is available as of02/22/09.

Some Council members know Pastor Nancy and commented on her skills.Pastor Steve Dahl, is also available as an interimminister;

however, Steve is under consideration as a candidate for another Lutheran congregation in a community in southeasternOtter Tail County.Erin, representing the Synod, encouraged us to make contact.John also reported that our congregation currently includes five retiredordained ministers, some of whom have expressed their willingness to fill in during the call process.

Discussion included thepossibility of using them asfill-ins when necessary.

A motion was made by Barb, seconded by Mary and unanimously approved toauthorize the Council President to contact interim candidates beginning with Pastor Nancy Monke.There was also discussion as towhether the Council or a smaller work group would meet with interim candidate.

It was agreed that the initial meeting will include theentire Council, and if mutual interest is established, a smaller committee will work through contract details in a follow up meeting.Pastor Paul recommended a timetable/goal to have the interim here by Palm Sunday.

John stated that he will present an invitation tocandidate Pastor Nancy for a special Council meeting scheduled for Monday, March 9th at 7:00 p.m.ri:: AbPsmnn.m:msctlu i ri:: rPJJtccmmY

Erin stated that it is important to take time with the call process as a congregation needstime to grieve and a committee needs time to prepare.John spoke of Augustanas Constitution and asked the group of anyoneremembers being a part of the call committee.

Some remembered parts but it was that a diverse group is needed.Some discussion onhow things took place when Paul was called 12 years ago and who conducted services during the transition time.The question wasasked about whether the Synod requires a six (6) month waiting period.Erin stated that congregations do not have to wait six months,but that typically it takes at least that long to complete the process.

We will need to review the Congregation Mission profile as it mayneed to be updated.Once completed, it is submitted to the synod and they begin the process of matching the churchs mission with theprofiles of available call candidates.Erin reminded the Council that the ELCA practice is that a congregation needs permission tocontact a candidate outside of the NW Minnesota synod.The Call Committee is to forward our mission profile to Erin and the Synodoffice will begin the candidate screening process.Ncemb tcmJn PK sPlntwmbictPl.

Pastor will be on vacation March 22.Pastor Paul will make arrangements for a visiting minister toserve on that Sunday.rm:mabictlu Aio:Gn JtltncbV U:illtluh

Sunday, March 15th, will be the date for our celebration of Pauls ministry with Augustana Church.Planning for this potluck lunch event immediately following the Sunday Service - will begin ASAP.
lutheran devotions for church council
.olwiVGn Sg&gg&SE rPlubmuictPli: ,mmctlu Dick stated that there are 6 financial reporting items in need of further review.

In regard todedicated funds there are some expenditures that were not accurately reflected in our financial reports.

Therefore, those line items will need tobe adjusted.John introduced the Council to the new financial report format, including a running list of expenses/accounts payable during theast 30 days.

Leslie Flugstad, newly appointed financi
Council minutes 02 17 08
Council Minutes 021TRINITY EVANGELICAL LUTHERAN CHURCH God’s Spiritual Family Jesus fed Spirit led

Minutes of the Congregational Council Meeting February 17, 2008

Call to Order

Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Congregational Council meeting was called to order at 4 p.m.immediately following the retreat portion of their meeting byPresident Jim Adelman.Council met in the Friendship House.

Jim Adelman-Mark Smedley-Vice President Wendy Hall-Rich Baur Jim Block Leigh Charland Bill Grom

Jenny Janke Pete Luedke Janet Montelaro

Pastor Fred Schenker

Excused: Tim Abbott, Hannah Russell

Staff Representative: Dianne Barbin

Attendance through February, 2008 NAME TERM ENDS PRESENT EXCUSED ABSENT Tim Abbott 2009 1 1

Jim Adelman 2010 2

Rich Baur 2010 2

Jim Block 2010 2

Leigh Charland 2008 2

Bill Grom 2008 2

Wendy Hall 2009 2

Jenny Janke 2009 2

Pete Luedke 2009 2

Janet Montelaro 2008 1 1

Hannah Russell 2010 1 1

Mark Smedley 2008 2

Prayerful Consideration of Council Matters

Approval of Minutes-It was moved and seconded (Block/Janke) to approve the minutes

as presented.

Motion passed.Council Minutes 022Financial Reports-It was moved and seconded (Adelman/Block) to approve the financial

reports as presented.

Motion passed.

Completed, and Outstanding Projects, Actions, etc.

Annual Meeting reflections-the meeting seemed very positive this year.

A helpful addition seemed to be having representatives (not necessarily chairpersons) from each ministry discuss the work of their ministry.

Update on roll maintenance project-the task group has met and reviewed the constitution, they will be developing a preliminary action plan.

Lutheran Senior Life Capital Campaign-Pete Luedke explained that the campaign will begin in April.

Campaign staff includes David Williams, Phyllis Hurt and Bernice Fenskie.

The fund raising goal for Trinity Evangelical is $30,000 over a 3 year period.

Projects which need to be completed as per the retreat portion of the Council meeting:updating the constitution, which is a vice presidential responsibility.

Mark Smedley will organize the review.Pete Luedke volunteered to help Mark.develop an organizational chart for the church, delineating responsibilities.

Jim Adelman volunteered to complete this project.

ip of God’s gifts

Pastoral Acts-presented as item of information Pastor and staff sharing-Pastor Fred requested that his salary be allocated for the 2008


It was moved and seconded (Luedke/Hall) that Pastor’s 2008 compensation be

$46,954.98, Housing=$22,136.67, FICA= $5,723.35.

Motion passed.

Written Report Christian Ed./ Jim Block

The ministry is discussing summer education programming.Comm.Ministry/ Evangelism/Janet Montelaro,

Jenny Janke

4Funds received from the Abitibi recycling program for 2008 will be donated to Habitat for Humanity.4The ministry is discussing web page design 4Glade Run recently hosted a Sweetheart Dinner and will be sponsoring a Spring Symposium.

4Food is being collected in March for the Pleasant Valley Food Pantry.4Renovations at the Pleasant Valley Men’s Shelter have been completed.4Congregation Council will provide the breakfast at the Pleasant Valley Men’s Shelter on April 19.Council Minutes 023Finance/Pete Luedke

As reported above.

Mutual Ministry/Jim Block

Jim Block volunteered to be Council Liaison to the ministry Property/Rich Baur, Bill Grom, Mark Smedley

4The ministry is evaluating changing our refuse hauling contract.4The ministry has formulated a new set of Parish Hall use guidelines and adjusted fee schedule which will be emailed to Council for discussion at next month’s meeting.

4Jim Block will discuss issues involving the church van with Deke Scott at Herb Scott’s Auto Service.4A Parish Hall painting day has been scheduled for Feb.24.Stewardship/Tim Abbott

Nothing new to report.Worship & Music/Hannah

Nothing new to report..Youth/Leigh Charland

4The Junior High youth group is having good attendance at their

4The Revelation Retreat went well.4The ministry is discussing ways to reinvigorate the senior high youth ministry.

New Business-no new business was introduced at this time.
We Go Out in God’s Name –The meeting was adjourned at 5 PM with prayer.

Janet Montelaro volunteered to lead devotions at the March meeting.

Next Meeting-Mar.16


Janet Montelaro-Prepare devotions for March meeting

Tim Abbott-Update on Roll maintenance project

CouncilEvaluate new Parish Hall use guidelines and fee structure.

Jim Block-report Deke Scott’s consultation re van.

Mark Smedley-organize constitutional review.

Jim Adelman-develop organizational flow chart for church.

Respectfully submitted, Dianne Barbin Administrative Assistant.

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