Leadership Award Nomination Letters Samples

Leadership Award Nomination Letters Samples

Nomination FormThe Value of LeadershipThe heart and soul of what we do in the Boy Scouts of America is produce leaders for tomorrow.One of our strengths is shaping leaders who have a strong foundation of values and who know how to serve others, and we have had 100 years of practice.Now, as we celebrate that rich century of leadership development, we highlight the National Youth Leadership Society.Its purpose is to recognize youth members of the BSA who have learned and practiced outstanding leadership skills—the elite of our program.We want these youths, who have worked so hard at learning and leading, to enjoy a form of recognition that other organizations, such as schools, colleges, employers, and the military, can understand and value.Youths inducted into this National Youth Leadership Society may now receive the recognition they deserve in a more tangible way.As a national honor society, the National Youth Leadership Society calls upon local councils to nominate those individuals who meet certain criteria.Upon acceptance, the National Court of Honor will offer the individual the honor of membership into the Society.The council will be sent the appropriate honors and will perform a formal induction.

(See the process steps below.)The National Court of Honor will maintain a national honor roll of inducted Society members as a class each calendar year.

Individuals will be able to say they are a member of a particular class, for instance, the class of 2011 for members inducted in 2011.The class is based on when the individual was approved, not when the induction took place.The local council should promote opportunities to recommend potential new members to the Society to troops and crews, at appropriate events, in their newsletters, and on their websites.2.The council should designate an appropriate council committee to promote and manage the nomination process.It could be the council awards and recognition committee, a special board committee, or any committee of your choice.The council should develop a promotional and administrative plan, including a backdating schedule, nominations schedule, and induction ceremonies.There is no quota or limit as to the number of nominations a council may make each year.

Nominations may be sent to the national ofce anytime during the year.Once a nomination is received by the National Court of Honor from the local council, it will take approximately 30 days to review the application and for the council to receive the presentation kit for the induction ceremony.6.The council should schedule an induction ceremony with enough notice so that the inductees may invite special guests (family members, friends, teachers, principals, guidance counselors, religious leaders, unit leaders, and others)
leadership award nomination letters samples
.THIS CETIFCATE IS WARED Y THE NTONAL COUT F HONOR OFR OUTSANIG LEAESHIP IN THE SCOUTIG POGRMDTENATIONALAWARDA great venue for an induction ceremony would be a council executive board meeting, council annual dinner, or Eagle Scout/Silver Award recognition dinner.This is a signicant and remarkable honor; please treat it as such.Conduct the presentation as the special event that it is so that the inductees and guests will sense the value of this honor.Extend a personal invitation to previous inductees, special guests, and members of the media.When ordering the membership kit, the council will have the option of purchasing a second framed certicate.

This second certicate can be used on the council’s “wall of honor” to include youths inducted to the National Youth Leadership Society.The hanging of the certicate by the inductee could be a part of the presentation ceremony.9.The council could invite a special dignitary such as a judge, military hero, or congressional leader to do the induction.10.Following the induction ceremony, follow up with members of the local media and in-house media, and send letters about the recognition to the inductee’s principal, religious leader, etc.At any appropriate gathering, such as a court of honor or Friends of Scouting celebration, take a moment to recognize your council’s Society members who are present.Only those youths who have successfully completed qualifying leadership development courses and performed eligible leadership roles may be nominated for induction to the National Youth Leadership Society.The nomination may come ONLY from the council, not from units or individuals.This national honor is bestowed upon deserving youth members and only upon recommendation by the council.Inductions may be made at the council, area, regional, or national level.There is no limit to the number of nominations a council may make.The kit includes a handsome matted and framed certicate.The frame has a place for two small photos—one for a formal photo (such as a high school graduation photo) and one for an informal photo of the youth’s choice.

In addition to the matted frame, the kit includes a Society key that comes in two forms, a lapel pin for young men and a necklace for young women; and a membership card.The cost of each kit is $100 (which includes shipping).Extra framed certicates can be ordered at an additional cost of $90 each.While the price may be high, the framed certicates are of exceptional quality, and the national ofce does not prot from the sales of these kits.National Youth Leadership Society Nomination FormTroopCrewChartered organizationYears registered in Scouting(Must be currently registered in Scouting)Mailing addressYear completedHighest rank earned in ScoutingInternal Billing ApprovalTotal amount Scout executive’s .

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