Jesus And His Disciples Craft

Jesus And His Disciples Craft

Jan 2010 jesus chooses his disciples k 1st 2nd arts crafts
FaithLand Lesson Plan: January 24, 2010

Jesus Chooses His Disciples: Arts & Crafts

Spotlight: (Big Picture Goal): When we know who Jesus is, we have a foundation to trust him.Flashlight: (Focused Goal) Students will tin-tap a visual reminder of Grade: Kindergarten, 1st Grade, 2nd Grade Time Spotlight View Flashlight View 8:40 / 10:10 5 minutes Arrive Get Lanyard and Folder Check Supplies Ask Questions Pick-up your colored folder (9:00=yellow, 10:30=red)

The bin will be in the classroom you are assigned to, so review your lesson plan quickly, note your supplies, and contact the Coordinator or Kim if you have questions

Supplies Class Set of Apples of Gold take-home memory cards with John 13:34-35 Big box of crayons Whiteboard Whiteboard Markers Class set of pencils Class set of highlighters Craft:

20 tapping boards, 15 tapping hammers, 2 rolls masking tape, heavy tin foil cut into rectangular pieces, 25 copies of the pattern, ribbon for hanger 3 Baskets Bag of pennies Sea stickers

1 set of memory verse cups 8:45 / 10:15 20-25 minutes

Students Arrive Seek & Find Poster (till 9:05/10:40) Then start promptly at 9:05/10:40.We will allow children into your classroom at 8:45/10:15.

As children come into class, gather your kids on stools talking about how Jesus went out and picked 12 men to be his disciples.

see if you can pick out the object that I say.

I want you to look at this picture and see if you can find it.

If you are correct, you get to color in that object.



Jesus 2.

A big fishing net 3.A fisherman with a big catch 4.A tax collector 5.A woman cooking a fish 6.

A boy standing on his head 7.

A girl jumping rope 8.A flag 9.A place to buy fish 10.

A basket of laundry 11.A woman with a water jug on her head 12.Seals in the sea 9:05 / 10:40 10 minutes Welcome Opening Activity: Coin Activity

Place a basket on the floor and tape a line of masking tape about 6 feet away from the basket.

As kids arrive, give them at least one penny each.

Ask them to stand behind the line and take turns tossing their coins into the basket.

When everyone has had a turn, ask them to bring you the basket with the coins that ting them in a separate place.

After doing this for awhile, you may lay out the other two baskets and give the kids 3 pennies to throwone for each basket.

Encourage the kids to count outloud as you take the coins out one by one.Our Bible sto Arrange the coins in the shape of a fish.What does this look like?

Wait for responses.

Yes, a fish!

Coins and fish!

When Jesus called his first disciples, some of them were busy fishing, another man was counting coins.

But when they heard Jesus call, all of them did the same thing
jesus and his disciples craft

Can you guess what that was?

They dropped what they were doing.


Toss a coin into the basket.)

And followed him!!! each us what it means to follow him.I want you to pray outloud after me.(echo) (echo) (echo) (echo) (echo) (echo) 9:15 / 10:50 SPARK Bible Connection 15 minutes

story of The Disciples in our SPARK Story Bibles.It comes from the gospel of Luke.

It is on page 258.

Let me help you find that page.

Please hand out copies of pages 258-263 to those who do not have Bibles.

Have them take these copies HOME with them.

They will NOT be reused.Read aloud pages 258-259.Pause to ask Why did Jesus get into a fishing boat?

(so more people could hear/see him, he was telling everyone to stop doing bad things and start doing good things) What did he tell Simon and Andrew to do? (throw their nets out into the water) What happened when they did?

(the nets were breaking because there were so many fish!) Today I am giving you a sticker of a sea animal to add to the netit is a little silly to think of a whale or a starfish showing up in their fish netsbut these nets got super heavy from sea animals.

..who knows what was in there!!

(hand out their choice of one sea animal to add to the net on page 259) Continue reading pages 260-261 aloud.What happened when Jesus asked the fishermen to follow him?

(they stopped doing what they were doing and followed Jesus) What were some of the names of the disciples?

(Simon, Andrew, James, John, Matthew)

Write these names of the first 5 disciples on the whiteboard.

Give each child a highlighter and have them go on a hunt on pages 260-261 to find the names of these disciples and highlight them.

(PLEASE make SURE they are not just highlighting all the words.

Point to the word on the whiteboard and point to the word in their Bibles so they ONLY highlight the disciple names.) Continue reading pages 262-263 aloud.

What were some of the names of the disciples given on these pages?

(Philip, Bartholomew, Thomas, another James, Thaddaeus, another Simon, and Judas)

Write these 7 names of additional disciples on the whiteboard.

Have them go on a hunt on pages 262-263 to find the names of these disciples and highlight them.

(PLEASE make SURE they are not just highlighting all the words.

Point to the word on the whiteboard and point to the word in their Bibles so they ONLY highlight the disciple names.) How many disciples/friends were there all together?

(12, they were to help Jesus do his teaching and serving; they followed Jesus all the time) Can we be disciples?

(yes, if we want to learn from Jesus and do what he says...) What are some things that would help you be a good disciple? (some ideas: worship, pray at home, pray at church, come to FaithLand, read the Bible, stand up for God at school, sing praises at home, make choices that honor God, serve others, be baptized .


9:30 / 11:05 5 minutes Ap
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