Initializing An Arraylist In Java

Initializing An Arraylist In Java

Storing the SessionTracker in the Session contextBeing able to create a class like the SessionTracker and store it in Of course, in ASP 3.0 we could have easily created a similar COM object; howith VB, we could not have

aware of the problems in saving Single Threaded Apartment (STA) components in a Each Page View

Our next goal is to track every page that our visitors hit.This can be done easily by utilizing one of the Application event handlers in the are two events that are called on the ecute and Application_BeginRequest.called (I suspect this is a minor PreRequestHandlerExecute event.

In the event, we extract the tracker from the session
Sub sender As Object, _ ByVal e As EventArgs)
If Not IsNothing(Context.Session) Then

Dim tracker As SessionTracker

tracker = Session("Tracker")
'kick out if there is no session tracker

If Not IsNothing(tracker) If
End If
End Sub

Remember, only requests for ASPX files will initiate this event.

AddPage method

In the SessionTracker's addPage method, we receive the name of the page then create an instance of the small SessionTrackerPage class which has two public members:

PageName and the Time.

Of course, we could have accessed the current request URL string from the HTTPContext in the class; however, this approach means you can manipulate the URL as you see fit.For instance, you can crop it down to just the file name.Or replace the file name by using a Map collection to a reference a common name for the page.

Sending Notifications

it would be nice if we had some way to see Sending e-mails to notify webmaster of activityE-mail notifications can give you are a real-timIt can also make you a little nervous when you haven't received an e-mail in a while.

The MailUtil classTo simplify the e-mail notification, I've encapclass.Since the object does not require amethods: SendSessionStartAlert and SendSessionEndAlert.These functions should be called from the Session_OnStart and the Session_OnEnd events
initializing an arraylist in java
Sub Session_End(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As EventArgs)

Dim tracker As SessionTracker

tracker = Session("Tracker")
'kick out if there is no session data

If IsNothing(tracker) Then
Exit If

End Try
End Sub

Using configuration settings

In order to keep the MailUtil class very flexible, I used the appSetting section of the web.config file to set a number of parameters for the e-mail process.

This allows you to

add key="emailAlertOnSessionStart" value="true"/
add key="emailAlertOnSessionEnd" value="tru 00;&#x="00; -00;"00;&#x > add key="SMTPServer" value=""/ 00;&#x="00;&#x" 00;=00;&#x""00;&#x/800; Putting the data in a high-end database may be a better idea since it will remove some of

dynamic queries on the data.But whether you use a file or a database, remember that most hosting services have a limit on the amount of disk space or database space you can use.Exceeding your limits can compromise your site.

Excluding Items from Notifmay want to create some filter logic to only send e-mails when the visitor is a particular put in the custom log file.You can also set up exclusion filters.

For instance, you may want to exclude logging for traffic that comes from yourself.Or, if you use a site-monitorioperation, you can eliminate that as well.

Changing Your Session Timeout for Testing

The sessionState element of the web.config file provides easy access to the session timeout without having to write source=;user > /

I recommend setting the timeout to 1 minutplementation of your tracking system.Be sure to change it back to your designated default before sending your Establishing Privacy Policies

bout visitors it is important simply need to create a page with your statement and link to it from your homepage or any forms that collect data on the site.Here is a link to JupiterMedia's (parent of privacy if your site is geildren's Online Privacy Protection Act, which

and can't do with information you collect on Conclusion

The more you know about your potential customers the better able you will be to convert them into paying customers.

Now there is no who is coming to your Thanks to: Wayne Plourde Published by Ali Khademi.
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