Ideal Gas Law Problems Worksheet

Ideal Gas Law Problems Worksheet

The Ideal Gas Law

The Ideal Gas LawThe Ideal Gas LawPV = nRTP = Pressure (in kPa)V = Volume (in L)T = Temperature (in K) n = molesR = 8.31 kPa•LK •molR is constant.

If we are given three of P, V, n, or T, we can solve for the unknown value.Recall, From Boyle’s Law:or PV = constantFrom combined gas law:or PV/T = constant

T •molMol is represented by n, constant by R:PV

RRearranging, we V depends on mol, we can change equation to:At STP: (101.3 kPa)(22
ideal gas law problems worksheet
.4 L) = (1 mol)(R)(273K)R = 8.31 kPa•LK •molNote: always use kPa, L, K, and mol in ideal gas law questions (so units cancel)

Sample problemsHow many moles of His in a 3.1 L sample of

measured at 300 kPaand 20How many grams of Oare in a 315 mLcontainer that has a pressure of 12 atmat 25

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