Hyperinflation Protocol Respiratory Therapy

Hyperinflation Protocol Respiratory Therapy

Hyperinflation therapy protocol
Subject: Hyperinflation Therapy Protocol
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Comment as to whether the patient was placed on a bronchodilator.

Was it indicated by history or pulmonary assessment?


A recommended frequency for Hyperinflation Therapy will be

determined from the evaluation and clinical assessment conducted by the respiratory care practitioner (therapist).

o Critical Care is q 2o - q 6o

o Acute care is 2-4 times per day or as needed.
Patients on Hyperinflation Protocol will be assessed every 48-72 hours
hyperinflation protocol respiratory therapy
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Patients will be followed by the Respiratory Therapy Department and have their treatment adjusted according as indicated by assessment of their pulmonary status.

The RT will be responsible for reordering or discontinuing Hyperinflation Therapeutic Treatments if the following outcomes are met or not met.

(Refer to chart below)

Change in sputum production; able to mobilize secretions or decrease in sputum production

Breath Sounds: Increased aeration in areas that were previously decreased

X-Ray: resolution or improvement in ateclectasis and localized infiltrates

Change in Arterial Blood Gas Values (ABG) or oxygen saturation

Subjective response: Is patient feeling better?

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