Historical Fiction Reading Passages

Historical Fiction Reading Passages

Reading comprehension
Get out materials

Write name and date on reading sheet.

oach: brainstorm ideas for answering the questions (see notes next to questions on the coach copy).

Count the number of questions you got right.
Write score on your monitoring chart.
Did you beat your score or make 100%?

choose a reward from your reward menu COACHS OR TEACHERS COPY Who is the main character in the story? Who is the story about? Describe the main character.When did the story take place?What was the persons name? Was that person known for something (e.g
historical fiction reading passages
., scientist, teacher, mother, friend)? Were other characters important to the story? What did he or she look like? Was that person old or young? Name any characteristics that might be associated with the main character.Was there a moral to the story or a lesson to be learned from the story? Describe what happened in the beginning, middle, and end.Describe the problem in the story Name the town or city where the story took place.Did the story happen on a farm, in a city, in the woods, at school?

Did the story happen recently or in the past? What time of day did the events in the story take place? Was the story a biography? Fiction?.

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