Hash Oil Extraction Machine

Hash Oil Extraction Machine

hash oil extraction machine
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contest to manufacturing concentrated cannabis, known as “hash oil” or “honey oil,” by ... extraction or chemical synthesis.2 Stated differently, ... (chrisconrad.com)
Dissertation Topics - Spirulina, Allophycocyanin, Phycoerythrin ...
Hash BioTech Labs Pvt Ltd Village: Randhawa, Post: Dasuya, Distt: Hoshiapur, Punjab - 144205, ... · Extraction & Bioconversion of Jatropha Oil into Bio Diesel. (chrisconrad.com)
Organized Crime - Criminal Intellegence Service New Brunswick ...
Indoor marihuana grow operations, “weed” oil or hash oil extraction labs, and mushroom grow operations, to name a few, are also considered to be clan labs. (chrisconrad.com)
STEVEN KIPNIS, MD, FACP, FASAMOASASDIRECTOR COUNSELOR ASSISTANCE PROGRAMOASASKAITLYN PICKFORD, MAFELLOW – CENTER FOR WOMEN IN GOVERNMENT AND CIVIL SOCIETYGOVERNMENT AFFAIRS OFFICE OASASThere are 250,000 – 350,000 species of flowering plantsFLOWERING PLANTS• Psychoactive substances are found in various parts of the planto Resino Fleshy fruito Stemso Leaveso Seedso RootsDrinking (teas)This group may interfere with serotonin in the brainCANNABIS FAMILY• Cannabaceae contains two generao Cannabiso Humulus (hop plant)• Resin used as a preservative and as a natural flavor in beerCANNABIS• Known as cannabis, hashish, hemp and marijuanao Source of:• Strong fiber for rope and paper• Nutritious fruit• Industrial oil• Medicineo Cannabis Sativa is a fiber planto Cannabis Indica is a resin plant be fertilized, it flowers but does not produce seeds – sinseDelta-1-THCResin from flowering heads4,000 BC - used as a medicineRheumatism – loss of yin (female energy)2,700 BC - Chinese emperor said “liberator of sin - 1,400 BC - in India used to treat anxiety1,200 BC - found in a Chinese burial site, also used for Indian physicians used it for treatment of fever, insomnia, diseasesCANNABIS HISTORY• 200 A.D.Chinese use it as anesthesia for operations• 13th century, Marco Polo learned of a band of thugs in Iran whose leader controlled his followers using hashish.These murderers were called hashishins Germany - to treat seizures, aid in childbirthPoland - for toothache (seeds put on hot stones and Czechoslovakia - to treat feverRussia - to treat jaundiceSerbia - as an aphrodisiacDysenteryCANNABIS HISTORYSumo wrestler with hemp belt which is part of the ritual to cleanse the ring Increased penalties for marijuana.
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