Great Zimbabwe University Application Form

Great Zimbabwe University Application Form

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Botswana - the Region

On the mainland and among the islands in the delta there is a wealth of wildlife.Lions, elephants, hyenas, wild dog, buffalo, hippo and crocodiles congregate with a teeming variety of antelope and other smaller animals - warthog, mongoose, spotted genets, monkeys, bushbabies and tree squirrels.Interspersed throughout the country of Botswana are rich collections of historical and cultural heritage, such as the unique San rock art, geological wonders, and examples traditional art.

The University Ethos ublic na's The Taxi Park, OF BOTSWANA VISION, MISSION AND VALUES University of Botswana will be a leading academic center of excellence in Africa and the world.

MISSION To advance the intellectual and human resource capacity of the nation and the international community.

The University will fulfill this Vision and Mission by: Offering quality academic and professional programs that ensure a commitment to and a mastery of life-long learning skills as well as encouraging a spirit of critical enquiry

Developing a student-centered, intellectually stimulating and technologically advanced teaching, learning and research environment

Producing graduates who are independent, confident, self directed, critical thinkers, professionally competent, reflective practitioners, innovative, socially responsible and thereby marketable and competitive nationally and internationally

Advancing scholarship and generating research through the discovery, integration, dissemination and application of knowledge

Serving as an intellectual and cultural center that draws upon the nation's indigenous knowledge base and which promotes Botswana's social and cultural heritage as well as being a community resource for new ideas, partnerships, and collaborative effort

Providing leadership in responding to the nation's cultural, economic, political scientific, social, technological and industrial needs and contributing to the qualitative development of Botswana's higher education system

Extending access to higher education through the utilization of information and communication technologies, within the framework of life-long and open learning

Recruiting and developing quality staff and students, recognizing and valuing the essential contribution they make, as well as rewarding excellence in the work they perform

Promoting the health, social, and spiritual welfare of the University community through a range of policies and programs and a diversity of positive co-curricula activities and experiences

Enhancing the teaching, learning and research environment through the provision of a proactive style of leadership and management and efficient, effective and quality driven institutional support services
great zimbabwe university application form

VALUES While achieving its Vision and fulfilling its Mission, the University of Botswana values the following: Students, by creating a holistic environment which ensures that learning is their central focus and by establishing and developing a range of learning, social, cultural and recreational opportunities that will facilitate the full realization of their potential for academic and personal growth

Academic Freedom, by upholding the spirit of free and critical thought and enquiry, through the tolerance of a diversity of beliefs and understanding, as well as the open exchange of ideas and knowledge

Academic Integrity expressed in creativity, objective analysis, experimentation, critical appraisal, independent thought, informed debate and intellectual honesty

Cultural Authenticity by ensuring that the diversity of Botswana's indigenous values and cultural heritage forms an important part of the academic and organizational life of the through participation in the global world of scholarship, by being receptive and responsive to issues within the international environment as well as the recruitment of an international staff and student body

Professional and Ethical Standards by upholding the highest professional and ethical behavior and through openness, honesty, tolerance and respect for the individual

Social responsibility by promoting an awareness of, and providing leadership in responding to, the issues and problems facing society

Equity by ensuring equal opportunity and non-discrimination on the basis of personal, ethnic, religious, gender or other social characteristics

Autonomy as an institution, that is, through its self-governing structures, independent in action while being responsive to societal needs

Public Accountability by ensuring transparent decision-making and open review as well as the full participation of stakeholders in the development of the institution;

Productivity through the setting and rewarding of high standards of performance underpinned by a dedication to quality, efficiency and effectiveness throughout the institution.
Faculties & Departments

Faculty of Business The Faculty of Business was established in 1997 following the re - organisation of what was then called School of Accounting and Management Studies (SAMS) under the Faculty of Social Sciences.

The Faculty comprises the Departments of Accountancy and Finance, Management, Marketing.

Faculty of Engineering & Technology (FET) FET is located on a split campus that lies approximately 1.7 km from the main UB campus.It offers unique study opportunities combined with excellent career prospects for undergraduate students in the following disciplines: civil engineering, electrical & electronic engineering, mechanical engineering and technology &

3educational studies.FET aims to produce qualified engineering graduates who will be able to adapt to the changing global working environment.

Faculty of Science The Faculty of Science comprises the
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