Funny Facebook Quotes For Status

Funny Facebook Quotes For Status

Tech and social network lesson plan
Volume New 1/0Technology and Social NetworkingLessonPlan2 Learning ObjectivesDescribe technology that youth are using for social networkingRecognizebenefits and dangers of technologyShare strategies to keepyouthsafe in cyberspaceIdentify strategies for using technologyIntended AudienceThis lesson plan was written for use with Adult 4H Volunteers.Supplies & Resources NeededTechnology and Social Networkingesson plan with instructionalobjectivesNotes pages of PowerPoint presentation with talking pointsLCD projector and laptop with PowerPoint presentation loadedCopies of PowerPoint slides printed as a threeslides/page handout for each participantCopies of lesson plan uiz for each participantPencils or pens for volunteers to take notes and complete the quizCopies of Technology and Social Networkingfact sheetCopies of the telephone number keypadReferencesLight, MarkD.Saving ace hile rotecting MySpaceThe Ohio State University; retrieved November 24, 2008, from:Tynes, Brendesha (2007).Internet Safety Gone Wild? Journal of Adolescent Research22, November 2007, : The free encyclopedia.FL: Wikimedia Foundation, Inc.Retrieved November 24, 2008, from http://en.wikipedia.orgProjected Length35 minutesInstructor NotesIf you will be using the PowerPoint presentation to share this lesson with the volunteers, set up the laptop andLCD projector prior to the start of the program and test the equipment to be sure it is working properly.Welcome the group and thank them for their participation.Begin Technology and Social NetworkingPowerPoint presentation.Utilize the talking points found on the notes pagesof the PowerPoint presentationto guide you during the presentation.Review the purpose and objectives for this lesson plan.3 Provide a brief introductionthe lesson, including its importance to the 4H Youth Development Program.Proceed with the lecture portion of the lesson.Distribute the “Technology and Social Networkingfactheet to each participant.Conclude the lesson with a time for questions from the found on technology that youth are using for social networking.Recognize benefits and dangers of technology.Share strategies to keep youthsafe in cyberspaceIdentify strategies for using technology.This lesson will inform volunteers about the changing face of networking and staying connected to each otherthrough technology.Much of this technology isn't particularly new;it just comes in different forms and is always changing.Chances are your kids or 4H members are using some form of social networking, or using various forms of technology to keep in touch with each other.If you aren't familiar withthis technologyit may be hard to understand.Although you may have heard some of the negatives about online profiles and such, there are also ways to utilize these resourcesin positive waysThis lesson will explore the positives and negatives and how 4H clubs might utilize these technologies.Objective 1Describe technology that youth are using for social networkingInformation found on SlideLogos of various online social networking sitesIn the 90s people connectthrough online chat rooms and belonged to communities such as AOL(America Online)or orld.

From that came Instant Messaging,hich allowed people to talk privately oneone by typing messages to each other over the InternetEventually people began to connect on the Internetby creating online profiles on sites like MySpaceFacebook.People also began blogging,or postingonline diaries on sites like Xanga.

People can also share photo albums and pictures on FlickrPhotobucket.This is just a small sample of sites used for online socializing and networking.4 Information found on Slide #Online Social NetworkingOnline social networking started with chat rooms and instant messaging in the 1990MySpacestarted in 2003;Facebookbegan in 2004 (on the Harvard campus)Networking later expanded to blogging and photosharingMany sites integrate several of these aspects into one profileIn the midMySpaceand Facebookdebuted, which allowed people to create profiles that included their names, pictures, and various other pieces of information about themselvesMySpacewas started in 2003 and quickly became oneof the most popular Web sites on the InternetFacebookwas created by a Harvard University student to help other students in the dorm connect with each other.After a large majority of the student population joined the site, it expanded to other Ivy League schools.

Eventually many other universities joined and created their own networks; to join, one had to have an emailaddressthat ended in .edu.It later expanded to high schoolseventually anyone with an email address could join.

At 24 years old, the creator of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg,is the youngest billionaire in the United States.Blogging gives people a chance to keep an online diary.This diary is public.People may start topicspecific blogs: their observations on parenthood, travel stories, a specific TV show, movie reviews.Other people just use their blogs to write, sometimes to vent.Photo sharing allows people to post photo albums online.

People are able to share pictures with friends and family across distances or store pictures from vacations or events.Information found on Slide #Picture of a FacebookprofileThis is an example of a Facebookprofile.

As you can see, the profile has the person’s name, picture, network, birthday, other friends, recent online activity,and comments made by friends on the wall.Across the top of the profile you can see several tabs.The Infotab includes information such as relationship status, education, religious and political views, education, favorite quotes, TV shows, books, movies, music, contact information, and a space to write other personal informationA person can provide as much or as little information as desired.In order to see someone’s Facebookprofile, you must also be a member of FacebookAnd, you must be a friendof that person, or a member of
2009 oct delta declarative
The Delta ChronicleKIPP remembers Quanterea SmithVolume 1, Issue 1
October 2009(Left to right) Alexandria Vann, Quanterea Smith and DeAnna Allen visited Chicago on

their 9th Many of her friends knew Smith for her friendly SHUVRQDOLWKIPP welcomes “baby” KIPPstersDomonique Murry
Last year KIPP Delta Public Schools decided to open an elemen-tary school: KIPP Delta Elementary Literacy Academy.It has done very well and, at last count, had 102 stu-dents enrolled.This is a good start for a school that has very high standards and requires long hours.

Some Kipp-sters wondered whether elementary students would be able to handle all of the hard work that is required.
Amanda Johnson, the new school leader at KIPP Delta ELA, says that she wanted to give younger students rate as the middle school Kippsters have been able to.
One of the new elementary stu-dents, Jakerious Smith, said he likes KIPP and in his most polite kid voice, describes one of his favorite parts of Jenessa Cozad’s kindergarten class: stations.

In particular, he said: “Yes ma’am.

[I like it.] Sometimes you have a folder in your hand and [then you get to be] the captain.We have to glue, write and trace.”
The hope is that this will cause the young Kippsters to get further ahead than their older counterparts who -garten.

Since the students are starting off young they should raise their test scores even higher than the class of 2010 has been able to achieve, once they reach middle school.

They should be able to learn faster and easier since they will have started at KIPP from the beginning, unlike the current Kippsters in middle and high school who started at other elemen-tary schools but came to KIPP and often learned that they were behind.

One new teacher at KIPP Delta ELA, the school.

He was on his way to interview for a job at the middle school.He says he only wants the best for the students he is teaching.
He said he tries to make learningfun for them, using examples such as Dora the Explorer and Spiderman.

Just like Johnson, Bennett feels that the students will have a huge advan-tage and will score higher than the students before them in the middle school, if they continue to excel in the KIPP Literacy program.
The younger students are even learning Spanish in Bennett’s class.

Mr.Bennett teaches his class entirely in Spanish, but sometimes has to wait for the English class to catch up.

For instance, they might learn the word word “Uno” in Spanish.
Smith said he enjoys learning words in Spanish.

He recited words he has learned such as “rojo” which means “red”.The younger students also maintain the same long sched-ule as their middle school and high school counterparts do, but they are academically and they still have re-cess.

After all, they still have twelve more years to go
funny facebook quotes for status

Not many kids that are in the middle school and high school are bonding with the new KIPP that a more advanced and mature grade such as the 7th or 8th grad-ers should take initiative to get more close to them.
Two students at recess said they enjoy spending most of their time at school.They really enjoy recess and learning their alphabets.
The ELA students have accom-plished a lot so far.

Part of this is because the older students are said to be positive role models that obvi-ously the younger kids look up to.

Many of the high schoolers who have been volunteering there, are trying to keep a positive mindset around them.The culture of KIPP is being really infused into the younger minds and they are being receptive said Physi-cal Education Teacher Tomisha Gant.They also like to read and talk about KIPP schools.
Two of the previous KIPP middle school teachers have transitioned to working at the

elementary school: Amanda Johnson and Emily Cook.

Some people think that teaching younger kids is easier than teaching older kids.

The teachers said this is not true because you have to be re-petitive and have consistency.That’s WKHPDMRUREVWDFOHDQGGLIFOW%Wthe best part of it all they say, is when you see the students master an objec-tive.That is the highlight of the day.
Clearly, adding on to the KIPP school system in the Delta is an ex-cellent idea and it will brighten KIPP Delta’s future.

Sierra Wallace
Over the summer, just days before students would return to KIPP, news of Quanterea Smith, known by friends as “Pooh Pooh”, reached us through phone, email, text-messages, and the ever present Facebook.

Those who knew her well grieved over people confessed to thinking that the announcements were pranks: crude jokes but nothing real.However, our worst fears were saw the farewells and R.I.P ‘s to our dear friend on Facebook and said to themselves in a quiet voice, “You weren’t joking.”

During the past few weeks we have seen her impact on the entire KIPP community: whether it’s the daily quotes in students’ Facebook statuses paying tribute to her, or a lone tear rolling down their faces during a quiet moment.

One example of this is the status of eleventh grader Loretta Wilburn, who said she was, “Just sitting here thinking about my Pooh~Pooh.All the classes we sat together in and laughed and smiled and joked...all the projects we had to work on together...all the times she asked me for my food at lunch...I miss her smile and her laugh.I miss her so much...I am never going to forget friend but more like my sister.

Rest In Love Pooh~Pooh.

Love ya!” We have all felt her hand touch us.
The feeling and words that our Kippsters have for Quanterea usually fall under two or three categories.The most common is a pause as a far away look is cast over their eyes and they softly say something tender and loving towards their late
Laura riffel apbs 2012 handouts
Putting Pep and Pizzazz Into Your PBIS Personnel and ProgramLaura A.Riffel, things on the Website: Radio BroadcastsTwitterBlogforms and toolsPowerPoints for Faculty Meetings, and PlentyPass out thesauruses and a messageWe know the kids drive you nuts testing time (which is always when everyone has the sniffles)pass out the the t) like clock work.Ask PTO to do a pot some treats your way.

Meet us in the lounge for a delicious StoreOriental Trading CompanyCardboard coastersmake great clipboards for writing gotchas in the hallwayseasy to have with youcoasterand a binder and you have an instant clipboard.Cotton day.Whether you think you canRUWLNRFDWRU5LJWU)RUGIf you are feeling bluetrying painting yourself a different colorLife has no remote.

Get up and change it yourself.Those who are the happiest, never did have life believing it is stupid.(Albert Einstein)Things turn out best for those who make the best out of the way things turn out.Today, I will be happier than a bird with French fry.h.1YUMGJDERRNELWVPRYLWhatever you are, be a good one.M"Believe that you will succeed, and you will."Dale Carnegie k.

RUEOLIVGRWPDNRDEWWUSUVR- your behavior does.35.Bee a C.E.O

Chief Example for Others 37.

Believe in Yourself 38.

Randomly put halos on kids who are doing kind things to themselves- like coming to school on time, having all their supplies etc. 40.

Small Pringles can decorated to keep gotchas in for cash in copy 41.Clothesline with clothespins for each child to keep gotchas on for classroom containment of cash in copies 43.Electronic tool for graphing student gotchas- free-free-free fish net to hang pictures of students who got caught exhibiting excellent behaviorBasketball goal with basketballs with student names of students who were caught exhibiting excellent behaviorGolden bookstudents get to write their name in the golden book when they get a gotchafeather pencil Fancy pencilone school gives them a fake tattoo also when they get to enter their name in the golden bookDraw one secret student and watch them all day and report over the intercom at the end of the day all their great deeds.This student could wear a cape or a special Tshirt the next day indicating they were the mystery student the day before or the mystery hero.Mystery walkerteachers choose a mystery walkersomeone who is earning extra recess or extra free answers for homework (older students) someone who exhibits good behavior in the hallwayslike a secret shopper is out in the hallways looking for a secret person to be exhibiting these behaviors and then tags them and tells a teacher.51.Brownie Points Feather a class of good behaviorGumball machineThis class never forgets elephant rewardRoyalReward for best mannersFlorence Nightingale Reward for no absences61.Mystery Prize/LNUYUVDJPD0DUEOVLWMDUuse flat marblesWhole school Bingo Board with Gotcha DrawingsSmarty Pantsusing the Milton Bradley Plastic pants gameLMPSUgo to the head of the lineSmarty Pantsusing little kids pantsStinky Feet AwardTake off your shoes in classGo read to the principal AwardSwipSwap Desks with another student and Tell Day8VWWDFUVVSFLDOVSSOLVPicnic Lunchor Friend Lunch AwardRecognition Rock StarGet yourself recognized in the school or class newsletterBring a stuffed animal from home awardCall Dibs on the ComputerSpecial Reading Corner SpacesCash in Gotchas for DEAR timeFacebook Status Updates on the Classroom DoorWRUSLFWULU5LIIOV3UVWDWLRGet donated School Supplies81.Make a calming bottleMake an EyeSpy Bag from a pencil Watch Dog Dads a special parking placeGive Watch Dog Dads a special lunch table or special lunchGive parents a special library with parent tips books and Stage kids love to performWalking trailFairy RingIrrigation advertising to get what you need91.Grants for classroom (April 15 deadline) for that Love for Rule for the New either.7,1.Before you Facebook, Tweet, Blog, or Text7,1.Is it True?,VLWOSIO"Is it Inspiring?Is it taught their students to delete any unkind words off their pages.

The students are even going around to all the other schools (elementary and middle schools) and talking to them about cyber bullying).

It is working and they are seeing a lot less bullying and a lot more kindness.

If you are interested in talking to themthey would be happy to take emails.

Ginger Powell or Valerie Caulkins Shreck at : Gotcha Rewards:Choose an upper class to come down and help with spelling wordsspelling bees, magnetic letters etc.Cash in gotchas to earn a naturewalk for our class.Challenge an available teacher to a game of checkers a lunch recess.One free night of homework help for 45 minutes from classroom teacher with permission from parents and teacher on available night.One free pass on a homework assignment for the night my dog really eats the homework Cash in gotchas to go down to PE 5 minutes early to help the PE teacher set up early for our classGet to feed the class pet for a weekGet to run the microscope on the promethean board for Science class.Get to perform a magic trick for the classGet to help the custodian raise the flag on the flagpole and lead the school in the class pledge during the morning pledge.Eat lunch with a friend at a special table.Spend 20 minutes on Friday with the Custodian cleaning up the scuff marks on the floor with a tennis ball on the end of mop handle or emptying the trash during recess whilemy class watches and the teachers have to do cheers .Challenge the principal to see whose paper airplane soars the furthest off the roof of the school on a date that works on the master calendar.Earn a sock hop dance for your grade level with gotcha cash in tickets.

Bring your iPod to school and listen during free choice time.arn iPod time for whole class with a higher number of gotchas.Earn an extra art class for the entire class with your gotcha cash in award.BBOBG AwardBuy Back One Bad Grade AwardStudent can pur
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