Funeral Sermon For Elderly Christian

Funeral Sermon For Elderly Christian

Directed at the living.Practical considerations then and now necessitate feeding those who have traveled great distances, and bringing something by not only eases the burden of hospitality for the family, it promotes te food writer Jeff Smith said, [In Biblical times] the table was the place for celebration of all pacts, promises, and real intimacyeating together was the fullest and most important symbol of intimate sharing.Ethnic groups define themselves on the basis of sharedWithin that context, the Southern ng moment.As Debbie Moose writes in her essay, The food to the homes of the ice for a very long time and at a levethe eyes.I believe that providing sustenance at a time of loss has a special place in this part of the world.And according to Angie Gillaspie, Southern women know that a handmade ham biscuit and a slice of pie will comfort your spirit today, and a foil-wrapped casserole in your freezer will console you later.t Southern culture, there are esoterices (and occasional .Food should be homemade, although there is some concern that the younfrom the local megamart.But then, playwright Linda Byrd Killian writes, My age group, on occasion, has

The difference is, we had the good grace and class to place the chicken plastic deli tray.No sir, we use our best serving dishes for those items, and will, if asked, give out the recipes.And this from a church newsletter: Last month I attended my third funeral in six months.

As the service wrapped up, my intention was to head straight home, but then I thought of how fortified my weary and sad body onal after the service ham sandwiches, a lemon bar and a good cup of church coffee.

I lingered over a piece of cake and a second cup of coffee, watching the church ladiescirculate around finished up.Im sure not one of them was younger than seventy.If occurred to me thnot by my funeral food standards[more like] school potluck fare.

There is something very comforting all those lovely women who serve punch or coffee and make sure of making large quantities of comfort food and serving it with special kindness at funerals.Ive never mastered a good cassetime I learn.I hope my contemporaries will, too.Before its with love and kindness.

And thats somethAs just mentioned, there are funeral food standards, as well as the rules: this from a cooking forum posting - A long-time neighbor died and his fs pretty boring.Ham sandwiches,

- just dig in), some weird vegetamuch flavorMan, before I croak, I gotta make sure that somebody makes a better plan than that for my casserole; those samemushroom soup and Durkees french fried onions, or perhaps macaroni and cheese (Steve assures me macaroni and cheese is a vegetable because its found on the salad bar), macaroni and cheese with tuna with crushed Lays potato chips on top.

But spicy food is not a good idea under the circumstances; your world-famous chili might cause reflux, which, in someones glance, baked beans might seem to fit the bill of transportability and ease of preparation, as well as being nearly the confines of a small room the mourners table - pound cake, coconut cake, pecan pie, and lemon chess, which is sometimes called funeral grandmothers funeral
funeral sermon for elderly christian
.In recalling the in the fellowship hall, she writes, Something about a cream pie, handed over by the powdery, wrinkled hand of that grandmother of yours used to bake, simply heals the soul.And Michael Lee Wests mother used to say that a lemon square, served with a cup oul-lifting; the culinary equivalent of spending time on a is not, I repeat, not the time to sunerals is pimento cheese.Dorner Carmichael tells how her late mother used to say that one of the things a Southern woman is judged by, is the quality of her pimento cheese.You may have noticed thatder status again, since I add an r to pimento.

I understand that perminna, puhminna, minna and minnow are some of the acceptable pronunciations here.In Fred Saucemans essay, Pimento Cheese: In Some Cases Itspimento cheese made by Ella Hughes ppi.Its completely blended, not chunky as some others are, and is the color of the orange-yellow crayon in the 64-count box of Crayolas.Ellas niece, Nan Davis, said that when of pimento cheese sandwiches.

And, talk about standards: Ella had standards.Since her recipe included homemade maniece, If youre not going to make the mayonnaise, you might as well not even bother

just go to the store and

several years ago, the minister said he didnt know who had been making the pimento cheese sandwiches in heaven before her, butto move over because Ella l food in the South without a specific mention of fried chicken.Medical science tells us that of the five senses, smell is the one most closely associated with memory.Im sure many of you recall stepping into the kitchen of a home or fellowship hall after a memorial service, and the first aroma to anthologies published by the Southern Foodways Alliance, part of the University of Mississippi, Steve and I met John when he was part of a discussion panel at th John writes, What makes fried chicken so special in the South

the real importance of it, thken - is all tied up in tradition and memories.In the early forties, practically every family I knew in my small-town Kentucky youth raised chickens for eggs and meatbut as familiar as fried chicken was to us, it was not your everyday fare; it was special.You served it to company, to the minister, to out of town guests.It was for family reunions and summer red platter that bespoke sympathy, which my mother] produced all those poultry masterpieces a half-century ago.There is a reassuring comfort in weight in silver or gold, and as much tomemory.of the Dead, First Anthem, we find the phrase, In the midst of life we om of funeral food demonstrates, in the midsin the sorrow, to be intimate without being intrusive, and to affirm that life does, indeed, go on.ill Connor Browne, these from her book The Sweet Potato Queens Book of Love, We like to think that death has its advantagesunmistakable comfort of funeral food.

When there is a who has ever known anybody in the family has to take food to the home of the bereaved.Its practically a law.There was a lady in one town who got up every morning and fried a chicken, just in case.Even the most anguished, devoted family member can fine some shred of consolation in funeral food.

If theres a balm in Gilead, Im willing to bet its made with cream of mushroom soup, Velveeta, or Cool Whip.Amen to that.Jill Connor Browne John EgertonAngie Gillaspie Dory Hudspeth Lynda Byrd KillianElizabeth Schatz E.Joan Sims Terre ThomasMichael Lee West.
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