Free Workmanship Warranty Template

Free Workmanship Warranty Template

A440 warrany
JOST International Corporation (hereafter called JOST) warrants its Landing Gear to be free of defects in material and workma ve years from the date of sale or date of manufacture of the vehicle.rst purchaser only.It shall not apply to any Landing Gear which are improperly installed and maintained*, have been subject t cation or accident, or have been repaired or modi ed in such a way as to adversely affect their performance.This warranty is not

cations or repairs are not approved by JOST in advance.PURCHASERS REMEDY:JOSTs sole obligation under this warranty will be to repair or replace, at its option, any unit or part which shall be returned to JOST or a JOST authorized facility and which examination shall disclose to JOSTs satisfaction to have been defective
free workmanship warranty template

Freight or other transportation cost to and from JOST or a JOST authorized facility must be paid by the purchaser.JOST will not assume any charges for repairs without prior authorization.EXCLUSION OF OTHER WARRANTIES:No other expressed or implied warranty is made by JOST, and in particular JOST makes NO WARRANTY OF MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS FOR ANY PARTICULAR PURPOSE.LIMITATION OF ACTIONS:LIMITATION OF DAMAGES:The purchasers remedy stated above shall be exclusive for any and all claims against JOST whether based on contract, negligence, tort or any other theory.In no event shall JOST be liable for any consequential damages, Landing Gear.JOST International Landing Gear WarrantyLT LG440-02 June 2011JOST InternationalTel: 800-253-5105 / Fax: 616-846-0310JOST Model A440/441 Landing Gear5 Year Maintenance Free Manufacturers Warranty*Contact JOST International for maintenance requirements..
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