Free Key Performance Indicators Templates

Free Key Performance Indicators Templates

Freemanagement and training
Free management and training templates, resources and tools free templates, samples, resources, examples, articles, tools and diagrams, tests and quizzes - free materials for download - for training, human resources, management theory, sales, business, personal and organizational development

These free templates, examples, samples, diagrams, tools and articles help the process of management and development of people, organizations, sales and business.These free resources are available for you to download and use for your own personal development or organization, provided you don't sell or publish them, and that you show the relevant copyright and source.These free templates, tools and other training resources also include diagrams of management and motivational theories, designed to aid understanding, training and presentations.

The free resources are available to view and download as Acrobat pdf files - Acrobat reader is free online from AdobeIf you wish to share your own templates, diagrams, articles or any other free resources please contact us and if appropriate they will be added to this free resources page with suitable acknowledgment.This list of free tools and diagrams grows so come back and look again.

many materials now available as working MSWord, MSExcel or MSPowerpoint files below

Please read the notice and disclaimer below - we assume no responsibility for any liability arising from the use of these materials.

free resources and tools free theory and process diagrams - pdf format Page

of free online templates, samples, examples, articles, resources and tools for business traininSWOT Analysis Blank Template Worksheet - with criteria examples - pdf Actual Total Cost diagram - pdf (Ack C Barrat) - see section on purchasing management and buying strategy)Porter's Five Forces of Competitive Position diagram - pdf People Performance Potential Model - pdf matrix diagram (Ack J Addy) - Origin suggestions pleaseHerzberg's Motivators and Hygiene Factors diagram - rocket and launch pad analogy Herzberg's Motivators and Hygiene Factors graph diagram Ingam and Luft Johari Window model daigram (landscape) - adapted and developed diagram for personal and inter-personal development Ingam and Luft Johari Window model diagram (portrait) - adapted and developed diagram for personal and inter-personal development John Fisher's Process of Transition diagram updated 2003 version - see original below and notes.J Fisher's Process of Transition diagram original 2000 version - the stages of personal change (ack John Fisher).

See notes also.

free key performance indicators templates
.Stacey Adams Equity Theory diagram Douglas McGregor XY Theory diagram Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs Diagram - original 1950's five-level model

Hierarchy of Needs Diagram - adapted 1970's seven-level model Hierarchy of Needs Diagram - adapted 1990's eight-level model Kolb's Learning Styles Diagram (mono) - updated May 2006 Kolb's Learning Styles Diagram (colour) - (May 2006) Training Process Diagram Personal Review Flow Diagram - courtesy Manchester University RSD.

free management, training and sales development Page 2 of 18free online templates, samples, examples, articles, resources and tools for business - pdf format Free CV Template and Guidance Notes - PDF format Unleash the Power of Consultative Selling - excellent free 200 page e-book (560KB pdf) by Rich Grehalva on modern selling methods - this superb ebook has been kindly offered free to businessballs visitors by selling expert Rich Grehalva.Your feedback on this ebook would be appreciated, which you can send direct to Rich or to me.

Free motivational, inspirational, safety and funny posters Free CACI ACORN 2005 UK Demographics Profiles and User Guide - 104 page document (NB large pdf file - 8.5MB) containing detailed UK demographics and percentages for 2005.Please note this is a big file.This excellent resource is free from the Businessballs website with permission from CACIActivity Management and Reporting Template Tool (pdf - MSExcel version below in working files section) Awaken The Leader In You - ten wonderful principles of modern leadership, by author Sharif KhanSales Success Factors Research Report - the five key factors for successful selling, courtesy Trainique Ltd (see the summary report page, and the remarkable Sales Activator sales training games and development system)Three Sample Chapters from Sharon Drew Morgen's new ground-breaking sales book 'Buying FacilitationSales Funnel Model - sales planning tool Sales Development Model - flow diagram, esp.useful for business-business sales, sales management and strategic planning Customers/prospects priority investment and development matrix - effective tool for sales planningDelegation SMART task template - management template, esp.

for MBO's (management by objectives)Example Induction Training Guide - courtesy MU RSD Example Induction Checklist - courtesy MU RSD Training Planner template - simple training planning template - simple and effective Page 3 of 18free online templates, samples, examples, articles, resources and tools for business Induction Training Planning template - courtesy MU RSD Training elements/exercise review template - skills analysis and training assessment tool - for groups or trainers Free 'Prisoner's Dilemma' Win-Win game - game and scorecard to demonstrate team-working and co-operation benefits Project Management Tips - (PDF format) free project management training materials Project Management Templates - (PDF format) free templates for project management (With thanks to Ron Rosenhead of The Project Agency for these two project management materials)free human resources and training tools - pdf format emotional intelligence (EQ) information

The Emotional Competence Framework - a generic Emotional Intelligence (EQ) competence framework produced by Daniel Goleman and the Consortium for Research on Emotiona
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