Fram Ph3387a Fits What Car

Fram Ph3387a Fits What Car

Oil Filter Cross-Reference TableCM Oil Filter SpecificationsWIX Cross-Reference ChartNAPA Cross-Reference ChartPurolator Cross-Reference ChartFRAM Cross-Reference ChartEngine ModelThreadO-Ring Dia.Length
4 1/4"Length
6 1/4"WIX No.CM No.WIX No.CM No.NAPA No.CM No.NAPA No.CM No.Purolator No.CM No.Purolator No.CM No.FRAM No.CM No.FRAM No.CM No
fram ph3387a fits what car
.13/16" -163 1/4"25-24025-4402 5/8"25-25025-4503/4" - 16tpi2 5/8"25-22025-4202 5/8"25-23025-430*Universal 54243/4" - 16tpi2 5/8"25-26025-4602 5/8"25-28025-4802 5/8"25-29025-4902 5/8"25-21025-410: tpi = threads per inch51094*Universal Engines that have been retro-fit with metric filter fitting51231would use same filters as Westerbeke.51283According to this cross-reference chart we can use any one of the51288highlighted filters on our engines.


It appears that we could also use a 6 1/4" filter if there51334is room to install one.

Don't know if there would be any advantage 51342or harm in doing so.51348Oil Filter Cross-Reference Table.xls6/11/02.
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