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1997LORIDASTATE FIRE MARSHAL ANNUAL REPORTSTATE FIRE MARSHAL ANNUAL REPORTFLORIDA FIRES 1997ABLEOFMessage from State Fire Marshal Bill from Deputy State Fire Marshal Candice from Division Director Charles of Fire Standards and Fire and Emergency Service Instructional Network Grant Program.............Bureau of Fire Management and of Fire and Arson and Arson Fire Marshal Detector Fire Incident Reporting Response County Impact from Fires by Property Dollar Fire Most House Fires Fire Injuries and Fire Deaths by Fire Departments report is also available in an electronic format throughthe State Fire Marshal section ofthe Florida Department of FIRES 1997ESSAGEROMTATEEach year, the State Fire Marshals Office compiles statis-tics on fire-related injuries, deaths, and losses to offer a per-spective of a job that entails much more than mere figures onpaper.Beyond the events represented in these stark figures, thereare human stories.

The men and women of the State FireMarshals office have launched programs and completed in-vestigations that depict some of the many experiences we haveIn 1997, we kicked off a statewide campaign to distribute50,000 smoke detectors free of charge to people who mightnot otherwise have them, particularly low-income and elderlyresidents, that later led to saving a womans life in Green CoveWith the help of hundreds of fire and health departmentsacross the state, it was possible to assist people in need andpotentially avoid future tragedies.We also saw the culmination of a case involving a 1995 arson that destroyed historic buildings and the localnewspaper in Live Oak.

A gift shop owner was sentenced to serve five years for the crime.Again, we were able to better protect the lives and property of our citizens by working together.

I appreci-ate your cooperation with gathering information for this report.I hope Florida Fires 1997 will be useful to you.

Thank you for your support and I wish you well in thecoming Division of State Fire Marshal has had an outstanding year, and I thankall the staff and fire service personnel throughout the state for your hard workBill Nelsons support and leadership have taken the division to new heights.He worked hard on our behalf to provide new positions throughout the divisionand launched new programs to better support the fire service and citizens ofYour cooperation made it possible for us to reach into our communities toeducate Floridians, prevent fire tragedies, and investigate crimes involving arson
florida state fire college bookstore
.I appreciate your assistance and encourage you to share any suggestions onhow we can improve any of our programs to benefit the lives and property ofevery Floridian.Thank you for your support and I look forward to working with you in the year ahead.ESSAGEROMIRECTORInformation is power.

Good, accurate information is a tremendous resourcewe all can use to monitor, analyze, and improve our fire and emergency servicesoperations throughout the state.

It is a tool that fire chiefs can use to maximizethe delivery of emergency services to their citizens and visitors.The more complete the information, the more valid and useful it becomes.Currently, 60 percent of Floridas Fire and Emergency Services departmentsreport.

It is our goal to provide you with complete, accurate informationcontaining trends and conditions to help you plan for the future.

If your(FFIRS), and you would like to join this information partnership, call Joe FuriatoThe Division of State Fire Marshals mission is to provide leadership andassistance to the public and private organizations providing fire, EMS, hazardousThrough partnerships and cooperation, we will achieve our mutual goal of protecting lives and property.

We4FLORIDA FIRES 1997UREAUOFTANDARDSANDFirmly rooted in a seven-decade legacy but with its eye on the 21st Century, Bureauof Fire Standards and Training, and particularly the Florida State Fire College, is literallyrebuilding itself to improve the vital training it provides to the statewide fire service.Key to the development of higher education programs is a new strong partnershipbetween the State University System and the Florida State Fire College.

The Universityof Florida in Gainesville is working jointly with FSFC on the development andimplementation of a new interdisciplinary bachelors degree program in fire and emergency services management,as well as distance learning via satellite technology and the Internet, and research into fire prevention andThe course work will feature junior and senior year programs in public administration, fire servicemanagement, emergency medical services management, and emergency management.

Students would takecourses in all of these disciplines and graduate with a bachelor of science degree that would prepare them forthe full spectrum of emergency services leadership.Riding the crest of new technology, the Bureau of Fire Standards and Training has established a home pageon the Internet (www.fsfc.ufl.edu) in partnership with the University of Florida.

From this site, Floridas fireservice can receive information on upcoming programs offered by the Florida State Fire College and variousfire service organizations, link to other fire agencies and research centers, and, soon, take college credit coursesA special feature at the Fire Colleges website is the Kids Page(www.fsfckids.ufl.edu) that will be of interest to fire service buffs, young andold.

For the youngsters, there are a variety of games, activities, and storiesthat also teach numerous lessons about fire safety in and around the home.For all ages, there are interesting feature articles on the history of fire serviceand photo sections on the oldest, largest and most unique fire apparatus fromaround the world.

Short movie clips are also available on the site that showaction footage from the Fire College training exercises.To help make these innovative programs avai
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