Florida Basic Abilities Test Study Guide

Florida Basic Abilities Test Study Guide

Study guide mail request form
Instructions: Please note that the Study Guide is not discipline-specific.

It is designed to be used by are taking.

To request an FBAT Study Guide via U.S.Postal Mail, print and complete this Study Guide Mail Request Form and Name of the person that will be taking the FBAT exam:Date the person is scheduled for exam:Location where the test will be taken:Street Address where Study Guide should be sent:City, State and Zip Code:Contact Phone number E-Mail Address Upon receipt of your Study Guide Mail Request Form and your money order, we will send you the study guide via certified mail.

Please allow 10 business days from the time that you mail this request to receive the study guide.

If you have any questions please call 1-800-237-8910 or e-mail us at

Testing center booklet 3 2012
1 Revised 3-15-12


954-201-6790 Broward College Criminal Justice Testing Center is NOT a hiring agency; it is a testing center for persons wanting to apply for law enforcement positions and Corrections/Detention Facilities.

The Criminal Justice Testing Center administers the


2 Revised 3-15-12 (C.J.B.A.T.), TESTS OF ADULT BASIC EDUCATION (T.A.B.E.),

BASIC MOTOR SKILLS TEST (AGILITY), and the SWIM TEST to candidates for employment

in cooperation with the Broward County Chiefs of Police Association.

Successful completion of specified tests is required for eligibility for consideration of further evaluation by participating agencies.

Verify with the hiring agency as to which test and score is necessary for consideration.

You must register for C.J.B.A.T.24 hours prior to taking the test.

Law Enforcement Tests (verify with hiring agency if they require the T.A.B.E.)

C.J.B.A.T.(Criminal Justice Basic Abilities Test)

Swim Test

Basic Motor Skills Test-Agility (BMST)


(Test of Adult Basic Deputy Service Aide

TABE (Test of Adult Basic Education)


1.Applicants must go online to www.broward.edu/ips 2.Click on Testing Registration and then Click Register with CJ Testing Center 3.Fill in the Requested information.

The required entries begin with an *.Click Submit.

4.Either print this page or write down your CJTC ID and Pin numbers.

Click BACK to get back to main page.5.To schedule your test, click on Log In, enter your ID# or Social Security # and Pin #.Then click on Schedule Test.

6.Pick the month, year and test you want to register.

7. the left.


If you would like to sign up for another test, click on Continue Shopping and it will take you back to the list of tests.

Repeat until you have signed up for as many tests as you would like to take. 9. 10.The system will then remind you that you must have a 75-B form completed by your doctor if you are taking a physical test.

If you do not have the 75-B form, click on Click Here in that pop-up box.

It will display the form to be printed.If you have the 75-B form

Your schedule will tell you the amount due.

11.Present a valid photo I.D
florida basic abilities test study guide

Acceptable identification: State-issued photo ID United States passport 12.

Pay appropriate fees (cash, credit or debit cards) at Building 21 on the day of testing.

Fees are non-refundable.


1.Picture I.D.accepted:

3 Revised 3-15-12

State-issued photo ID

United States passport 2.Tests are By Appointment Only.3.No late entry (must make another appointment).

All testing materials provided by the Testing Center

Swim and Basic Motor Skills (Agility) Tests:

Form 75B required.

Bring original to test and keep a copy for your records.

For the BMST - Wear athletic shoes, a short-sleeved t-shirt (no tank-tops or muscle-shirts), and shorts or light-weight running pants during agility testing and practice sessions.

The swim test is conducted at the BC Aquatic Complex, located on the west side of the campus off of College Avenue, near Building 10.

Applicants for the swim test must arrive by 7:30 AM and present a photo I.D.

Required swim attire is a short-sleeved t-shirt (no tank-tops or muscle-shirts) and long, lightweight pants (medical scrubs, Dockers, nylon or windbreaker material, etc).Do not wear jeans or loose-fitting pants.Applicants must provide their own towels.

The swim test requires swimming 50 yards, any stroke style, except back stroke, within a 2-minute time-frame.

You may bring a backpack or duffel bag to carry your towel, change of clothes, and personal items.Water bottles and other beverages are allowed in both the Swim and BMST tests, however caffeine or energy drinks are not recommended.
All Tests are by Appointment Only



4 Revised 3-15-12 (Limited Seats Available) (Minimum 24-hours scheduling) Years

Basic Motor Skills Test (Agility)* **< Months

Basic Motor Skills Test (Agility)* ** (Jan Months
Swim* ** ***< Expiration

CJBAT (Limited Seats Available) (Minimum 24-hours > $40.00
Four Years

TABE (Limited Seats Years

Basic Motor Skills Test (Agility)* **< Months

Basic Motor Skills

PRACTICE* ** (Agility FORM 75B required signed by a licensed physician such as a D.O.or M.D.before taking the test.

**Weather permitting if it rains, the test and practice will be cancelled.

***For the Swim Test, go directly to the pool located on the west side of Bldg.

10, on the north-west side of the campus.If it rains, the test will be cancelled.

Please note Fees are subject to change without notice.

C.J.B.A.T.An applicant who fails to achieve the required score on the C.J.B.A.T.(79% Law Enforcement/Public Service Aide, 72% Corrections) may apply for retesting with an ALTERNATE version of the C.J.B.A.T.

An applicant who fails to achieve the required score on the retest may apply for a second ALTERNATE retest; however, an applicant who fails to achieve the required score on the second

5 Revised 3-15-12 retest will be ineligible for further C.J.B.A.T.

testing for twelve months.A downloadable/printable study guide for the CJBAT can be purchased on-line for $15.95 at www.publicsafetyrecruitment.com .

It is also available at the BC bookstore in building 19 for $19.95 + tax.


An applicant who fails to achieve the
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