Fallout 3 Bobbleheads

Fallout 3 Bobbleheads

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Quick Facts

What are the skills needed to acquire them?

This guide will just list the general directions and how to access the locations of the bobbleheads.

Exploration is still an integral yet the most enjoyable part of the game so I’ll leave the item exploration for the players.

I will also make a quick rundown of the notable items that you should obtain (like skill books and special weapons) If you have problems finding a specific location, you may consult the detailed map of the Capital Wasteland hereS.P.E.C.I.A.L BOBBLEHEADS

AGILITY : Greener Pastures Disposal Site Finding: Easy (Difficulty of finding the location) : Easy (Difficulty of obtaining the bobblehead)

The disposal site can be reached from following landmarks:

Southwest of Old Olney (1 grid* left, 2 grids down) Southwest

of MDPL-13 Power Station (1 grid up, 2 right)

This is a highly radioactive location so bringing in Rad-Xs and Radaways are necessary if your level is low.

In the other hand, you should do fine if you have a Radiation Suit equipped instead.There might be usual robot or animal enemies along the way, but other than that, you shouldn’t encounter heavy resistance.Radiation Suits can be obtained from nearby bodies such as the Wasteland Recluse inside the Makeshift Shack (northeast side of the disposal site) or the dead scientist south of the disposal area (between the trucks).The Makeshift Shaft also contains the D.C Journal for Internal Medicine and next to the dead scientist is the Big Book of Science skill book.

The bobblehead is located inside the office building, the only concrete edifice in the area.Your prize is sitting beside the computer terminal.Don’t forget to obtain the Nuka-Cola Quantum, the

by the workbench and various weapons, ammo and items from the safe.

*Your map is lined with grids that will help you locate specific locations from their landmarks.
CHARISMA : Vault 108 FindingObtaining: Average

Vault 108 is in the middle-eastern part of the map.The entrance is a small, wooden door so unless you keep a sharp eye, it’s pretty easy to miss it.The vaul East of Corvega Factory South of Canterbury Commons and Robot Repair Center (1 grid right, 2 grids down) South of Robot Repair Center (1 grid right, 1 grids down)

If you haven’t unlocked or marked those locations yet, start from Big Town.Vault 108 is within the same “line” further to east.Just trace the horizontal line from Big Town and you should find Vault 108 in the eastern edge of the map.

INTELLIGENCE Location: Science Lab, Rivet City Finding: Easy Obtaining: VERY easy

Since this exact same room is part of the story, you will come across this bobblehead whether sitting in top of the table, near the lockers.
LUCK : North Arlington Cemetery FindingObtaining: VERY easy

The location of the cemetery is quite enclosed so you’ll need to take the subway tunnels to reach it.

Fortunately, you can find this place right from the start.From the Super Duper Mart, go southeast and follow the river bank to reach Wilhelm’s Wharf.Go further south and look for a metro tunnel entrance to your right (east side) called Flooded Metro.Go through this short and straightforward tunnel.Once you’ve reached the other side, look for a small house standing up the hill.

Enter the house and head to the basement to find the bobblehead sitting on the shelf.

You can scour the house for a Big Book of Science skill book, a safe and some mecemetery is food processing plant called Mama Dolce’s.It contains a wealth of skill books and some Chinese ghouls you can kill.
PERCEPTION : Republic of Dave FindingObtaining: VERY easy

This self-established republic is situated in the northeastern corner of the map.Simply make your to the northeastern corner and you should find this fenced settlement, past the MDPL-16 power plant.

Talk to the kid at the gates to gain entrance then enter the shack to the left as you enter.The bobblehead is sitting in the shelf as well.
This is a location that is part of a sidequest called “You gotta shoot them in the head” that can be activated from ing rifle called Ol Painless is located.You may need to

BARTER : Evergreen Mills, Bazaar Finding: Very Hard

You can locate the mills by going east from Smith Casey’s Garage which is also part of the main storyline.

You can jump off from the outcroppings to reach it.

You will need to fight your way through this raider stronghold to reach this bobblehead deep inside the mills.This is also where one of those hulking super mutant behemoths is located.It is enclosed inside a giant electrified pen.

Fortunately, you can use the highlands surrounding the mills to your advantage.If you have a sniper rifle, you can get pick off the guards one by one from a distance.You can use the ramps inside the compound to lob grenades at the behemoth to kill it inside its pen.Make sure to visit the southern shack to obtain U.S.Army: 30 Handy Flamethrower skill book, as well as a Missile Launcher and a Flamer (raider drop)

Once you cleared the guards outside, head inside the mills and clear it out as well
fallout 3 bobbleheads
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.Check out the rooms upstairs (there

Fat Man located behind the locked door and a Nuka-Grenade b
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Barter Evergreen Mills – Bazaar Alcove Where NPC Is

Big Guns Fort Constantine – CO Quarters Inside Open Safe

Sealed Cisten N Intelligence Rivet City – Science Laboratory

Lockpick Bethesda Ruins – East Offices Top Floor

Perception ve – Museum Of Dave

Repair Arefu – Evan Kings House

Science Vault 106 – Living Quarters, Medical Bay

Strength Megaton – Lucas Simms House

Unarmed Rockopolis – Next To Argyles Corpse

Skill Books

Tales Of a Junktown Jerky Vendor (Barter) 1 Abandoned Car Fort Near a Mattress + Crate

2 Reclining Groves Resort Homes Northeast House On Shelves

3 Vault 92 Gordie Summers Store and Weapons

4 Grisly Diner Behind Counter On Shelf

5 Enclave Camp On Or With Enclave Troops Dropped On Bridge (Think random

6 Little Lamplight Murder Pass Easter Cave Shack On Top Of Toilet

7 Wasteland Gypsy Village Shack Near Picnic Table

8 Bethesda Ruins Underworks Section By Skeleton, Baby Carriage.

9 National Guard Depot Depot Training Wing

10 Bethesda Suburbs Raider Shack Master Bedroom

11 Tenpenny Tower Tenpenny Suites Northest Room (Susan Lancasters Suite)

12 Willys Grocer Inside By Counter

13 The Concrete Treehouse Near Mattress On Treehouse Floor

14 Super-Duper-Mart Near Storage Room Terminal

15 Arlington Library Media Archive Pool Room

16 Lady Frumpertons Fasions Near Counter On Top Of Floor Safe

17 Vault-Tec HQ Guest Relations, NW Balcony

18 The Statesman Hotel Lobby, Upstairs Bedroom NE On Desk

19 Container Truck a Barrel-Filled Container By Dead

20 The National Archives Button Gwinetts Strongroom

21 Capitol Building East Entrance, On Cubicle Desk

22 Hubris Cosmetics Publishing Rear Of The Foyer Desk

23 County Sewer Mainline On Galla The Ghouls Corpse

U.S.Army: Handy Flamethrower Recipes.(Big Guns) 1 Irradiated Silo and Barn Hillside To The NE, Near Dead Mercenary Corpse

2 Jacknifed Truck On Freeway nd Of Wrecked Coach, Near On Ramp

3 Five Axels Rest Stop Inside One Of The Truck Containers

4 Little Lamplight nd On Western Side Of Rope Bridge

5 VAPL – 58 Power Station On Roof By BBQ

6 Scrapyard Inside Johns Treasure Box

7 Wheaton Armory Inside Irradiated Inner Locked Chamber, W/Weapons Cache

8 Bethesda Ruins st, Raider Boss With Flamethrower

9 National Guard Depot Armory and Bunker, Inside Armory On Table With Fatman.

10 Jacknifed Truck Under Monorail Irradiated Weapons Cache In Back Of Truck

11 Evergreen Mills Southern Shack, In The Bedroom

12 Jacknifed Truck Inside Truck Container

13 Car Dealership Interior, NE Corner Of Raised Area

14 Dots Diner Behind Counter

15 Raider Camp Old Scavenger Hut, Near Matress.

16 Anchorage Memorial

sewers utility area, amid junk

17 Sunken Sewer ed end, along with other items

18 Auto Shop Interior On SE Corner Desk

19 La Maison Beauregard Lobby Behind Lobby Desk

20 Capital Building West Entrance Rotunda, w/ weapon cache on wall

21 Tunnel Cache With Rest Of Cache

22 Farragut West Station Weapons Cache Behind Hatch Door

23 Arlington Utility On Raiders Eating Balcony

24 Arlington/Falls Church Metro r To The North, Inside On The Chair

25 Franklin Metro Utility Rickety Shelving, Along Irradiated Tunnel

Nikola Tesla and You (Energy Weapons)

1 Deathclaw Sanctuary Initial Chamber Next To Corpse Pile

2 Mason Dixon Salvage Inside On Of The Abandoned Shacks

3 Raider Wharf On The Boat Moored To The SW

4 MDPL-21 Power Station de Near The Workbench

5 Abandoned Tent Inside Tent

6 Vault 92 Sound Testing, Inside Recording Studio

7 Vault 87 Reactor Chamber, Small Crate In Front Of Mannequin

8 Fort Bannister Commanding officer’s nd ammo, drop down from stairs directly above.

9 Vault 106 Living Quarters, Upper Atrium In Crate On Desk

10 Jury Street Metro Station

Ribbon Grocers, Freeform Quest

11 Canterbury Commons room

12 National Guard Depot e Room, Same Floor As Utility Hatch

13 Evergreen Mills Bazaar “good time” cells, inside locked cell on bunk bed

14 Jocko’s Pop and Gas Stop Inside Shack On Counter

15 Robco Facility Offices and Cafeteria Second Floor, Desk In NW Corner

16 Ruined Calverton On a Low Bookcase Shelf

17 Megaton Your House After Purchase Of Science Theme

18 Red Racer Factory CEO Offices, Small Room To The South

19 Talon Company Recon Camp On a Table By Exposed Bunk Bed

20 Museum of History Entrance, Foyer Restroom

21 Museum of Technology op Of Stairs, Small Security Room

22 Capital Building West Entrance Room W/ Metal Door Off Southern Corridor

23 Farragut West Metro Station

Safe In MDCTA Service Office

24 Foggy Bottom Station On the computer console adjacent to the Protectron charging pad

25 Taft Tunnel

Nuka-Cola Quantum.Only available
Duck and Cover (Explosives) 1 Fort Constantine Launch Control Bunker, On Launch Control Desk

2 Deathclaw Sanctuary Locked Footlocker At Entrance

3 Overlook Raider Shack

Rusting Cars and Ammo Boxes

4 Monorail Train Wreckage (Raider Camp) By The Bath

5 Vault 92 Overseer’s Office On Bookcase

6 Old Olney Olney Sewers By Skeleton At Dead End Of Rocky Tunnel

7 Wasteland Gypsy Village Inside The Shack w/ Tree Stump Left Of Door

8 Hamilton’s Hideaway Interior Raiders Hideout On Counter

9 Springvale School Second Floor On Desk By Terminal

10 Ruined House On a Shelf In The Building

11 National Guard Depot Depot Offices Archives Room, Central Wooden Counter

12 Wastelander Mi
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