Example Of Dmaic Action Plan

Example Of Dmaic Action Plan

Dmaic report d5
Michael D.Posdal, MBA, SSGB, PMP PROCESS DOCTOR hotmail.co - course correction - plan for executionusing lessons learnedContinue cycleCheck - analyze results - executePDCA Plan for PilotA successful pilot progresses towards the goals of the project as indicated in the;

Buyer achieves quality design selections for kitchen, bath & fireplaces within the targeted 20 day selection period for 85% of units, 80% of which do not Solution benefits
Michael D.Posdal, MBA, SSGB, PMP PROCESS DOCTOR hotmail.coJustification for short cycle pilot:Time horizons for goal attainment need multi-month pilot intervals for empirical verification.

Data analysisindicates a clear correlation between design selection interval and sale to closing interval.

Therefore, meetingdesign selections interval goal for sold units will lead to meeting the sale to closing goal.

Also, volume ofsales has decreased recently, necessitating drawing conclusions from a smaller population of salesgenerated at the pilot location.a result of poor planning.

The following diagram shows a roadmap to project planning that will avoid this risk and make sure the Pilot has every chance to succeed.

Pilot Plan Roadmap(Tool Preferences red textPre-ProjectReviews(Due ReviewFeasibility AssessmentProfitability MeasuresRisk AssessmentCourse of ActionPreparation QuestionnaireStatement of Work (SOW)Scope StatementProject CharterAssemble Project FileCommunication PlanAction RegisterResponsibility Assignment Matrix (RAM)Project Closure CriteriaInitial Risk AssessmentWork Breakdown StructureProject PlanScope Management PlanChange Management PlanRisk PlanQuality PlanClaims RegisterPerformance Metrics ReportKnowledge Management (Lessons Learned)Cost & Schedule StatusProject Closure ReportPost mortem MeetingLessons Learned
Michael D.Posdal, MBA, SSGB, PMP PROCESS DOCTOR hotmail.coproximity to Pilot Managers, quickest need for results improvement and users input into solution generation.

In addition, here are supplemental benefits: Low cost to implement Easier implementation of 360 feedback program dential sales at the NW Suburban location.(Risk

and aligned risk mitigations
example of dmaic action plan
.Risk Event Risk Mitigation Incomplete design selection dream packet given to Buyer o checklist used for compilation of the packet Inadequate presentation and training for effective use by the Buyer of the 'dream' packet for decision making o set Buyer's expectations before the meeting (agenda list) of a 'dream' packet o allot time at end of meeting for a 'quick' training session for packet use o designate a private 'off-line' area for handover and training Sales not available to address Buyer inquiries when needed o include instruction sheet at beginning of packet for Buyer review and potentially capture any key instructions o post instruction sheet and 'FAQs' on website (website address at bottom of packet instruction sheet and point out Materials needed for packet not available at Contract meeting time o compile inventory of packets within material refresh lead time in order to identify and re-order to have available Following is the Pilot Plan, incorporating pre-emptive actions to reduce risk.
Michael D.Posdal, MBA, SSGB, PMP PROCESS DOCTOR hotmail.coDevelop plan for conducting and evaluating pilotSolution Design3Refine design selection packet for Piloto

Schedule design solution meetingo

Select pool of design selection choices for each unit typeo

Prioritize selection categories to be featured in packet based on solutiono

Create process map for Sales actions to pilot solutiono

Compile model packet for each unit type based on above choices4Identify materials gap for refined solution packeto

Determine quantity needs to launch pilot for all unit typeso

Based on launch quantities, determine material gaps to fill quantity launch need5Identify risk event barriers to successo

Use model packet and pilot process map as reference for determining potential risk

events preventing pilot success during the refine design processo

Compile risk event detail report to prepare for risk mitigation preparation6Design risk mitigation planned responseo

Complete risk mitigation response form for each identified potential risk evento

Consolidate into Risk Plan folder for quick reference7Design corrective action response method during piloto

Design guidelines for implementing a clear and comprehensive method for implementing

corrective actionso

Determine punch list for with Risk Plan to create a Change Management section for corrective action

responses8Design metric gathering and analyzing templateo

Create objective statement for Pilot purposeo

Use Six Sigma project metric gathering forms as base to refine to pilot verification needso

Determine result needs for analyzing of datao

Design template to plug and play data for analysis calculationso

Consolidate data gathering forms and analyzing templates to create a Pilot verification book9Create cash flow plan for Piloto

Determine cost line items for implementation and execution of Piloto

Estimate costs for each line itemso

Sum to create a total cost report - delineated by implementation

and executiono

Create a cash flow time line to assure funds availability and performance evaluation10Generate Quality Plan for execution of Piloto

Use Process Map as reference for generating success critewria for solution executiono

Assign performance rating method and scoring guidelines (with punchlist)o

Create Quality rating form and build inventory for completion after each event11Compile data gathering templates for pilot performanceo

Design user friendly forms and review to verify effectivenesso

Create data gathering form (from design - see 8)and build inventory for completion for each D.Posdal, MB
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