Eschoolplus Teacher Access Center

Eschoolplus Teacher Access Center

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St.Johns County School District Parent Assistant Version 10.1 - Updated August 12

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eSchoolPlus HOME ACCESS CENTER Frequently Asked Questions ()

What is eSchoolPlus? eSchoolPlus District to maintain student data across the district, and is the single source of student information.

Charter and contract schools typically use the District system.

How do I login to the system? You must have a username and password that that you create based on the email address you .

You will be required to provide a photo ID to submit your email address which will enable you to register a Home Access Center account.

I had a Parent Assistant Center .Parents who had a Parent Assistant account will be able to use the same login and password that they used before.

screen.If that process does not work, you should visit one of the schools that your children attend.

I don't have a username and password.

How do I get one?

We ask that you submit your email address at the school of your youngest school age child.You will be required to present a photo ID to submit your email address.

The system asked me to change my PA password.?

eSchoolPlus requires a complex password which means that you must have a capital letter, at least eight characters and a number.The system will accept your old password one time.

You will be prompted to change it upon the first login.

You will then be required to meet the new password rules.

Why do I see different amounts of information depending on which student I view?

Schools are not required to participate in all available blocks of information.

Depending on the school and how they wish to share information, the screens may a look a little different between students.

Can I request changes to my contact information online?

Yes you can.

Currently, you will be able update your own phone numbers.

While you can see

For address changes please visit one of your students schools.

Can someone else gain access or change my family is assigned a unique username and password.

This gives only you access to


Johns County School District Parent Assistant Version 10.1 - Updated August 12


Johns County School District IT Department 2

your family's information.

Please be sure you protect your username and password and do not give them to anyone.

My username and password are not working, what should I do?

the login screen.

If that process does not work, you should visit one of the schools that your children attend.They can confirm your username and can also reset your password if necessary.

You will be required to provide a photo ID for assistance with usernames and passwords.

How do I log off the Home Access Center system when I am finished?

he upper right corner of your window or just close your browser.

What hardware or software is required? To use Home Access Center, you must have a computer with internet access and a browser that will allow cookies to be set.

Windows based PC's:

This system requires the use of Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.5 or above or Firefox.

Macintosh Computers:

This system requires the use of Microsoft Internet Explorer 5 or above.

(It also works on newer versions of Firefox and Safari).

Parent Assist works best on a high-speed connection.

It may not work well on dial-up.


Different schools and teachers operate differently and on different timelines.

Typically within 2 weeks of the due date
eschoolplus teacher access center

I or grades but I know my student has had homework Not every teacher is posting assignments within the Teacher Access Center module of eSchoolPlus.

If your son or daughters teacher is not posting assignments, the assignments and associated grades will not be available in Home Access Center. If you have two children attending a school that is using Home Access Center and you do not have student selection links available with your other students, you should contact your school and request that the registrar check for a duplicate contact in eSchoolPlus.

Once this is done, you will have access to your other students with the same login.Some of the screens in the program are blank.

Why is there no information available? Home Access Center only displays information that has been entered into the Student Information System.


If your student is on a team, but it has not been recorded in the system, the

St.Johns County School District Parent Assistant Version 10.1 - Updated August 12


Johns County School District IT Department 3

Each teacher can choose to post or not post work that has been graded.

The current average will not necessarily reflect the average of all displayed scores since there may be other work averaged in..
Eschoolplus and home access center intro v3
St.Johns County Schools 1 IT Dept eSchoolPlus and Home Access Center (HAC) Introduction

The St.Johns County School district is offering parents a new tool to monitor your academic progress.

This new tool, called Home Access Center (HAC), is a web-based application that is part of our new Student Information system called eSchoolPlus.

Here are some of the capabilities of Home Access Center (HAC):

Features Provides parents and students with a daily summary page of student information Schedule and attendance, discipline information, class work, test scores and course requests Allows students to view their own records in the system to help keep them informed about their progress

Benefits Engages parents via an Internet parental portal, connecting them with the classroom and providing them with relevant and timely information to support/direct their children Helps open a consistent avenue of parent teacher communication Creates stronger connections between students, parents, teachers and administrators Empowers students to actively participate in their progress and future

The Home Access Center portal is offered as an additional line of communication with your school and should not be considered the only form of communication.

Parent Responsibilities:

Each participating parent or guardian will be responsible for the following: 1.

To safeguard their system account Username and Password 2.

Notify their school immediately if their Username and Password is lost or compromised 3.

Provide all necessary equipment to access the Internet (computer, Internet connection, Internet Explorer software, etc.) 4.

Read the HAC FAQ's and any related documentation located on the St.

Johns County School District website 5.

Read and accept the Terms of Use of the online system

System Access and Support:

SJCSD is not responsible for lost or stolen account information that could lead to unauthorized access to sensitive student data.

We regret that we do not have the resources to provide user technical support.

Parents are encouraged to read the Home Access Center FAQ's and any HAC guides published on the District website.

These web-based documents are designed to answer most questions on how to access the website, provide general system requirements and provide some typical troubleshooting suggestions.

If you have password questions, feel free to contact your school.For grade questions, contact your teacher..
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