Density Of Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic

Density Of Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic

17 fire rated spec
Copyright Chem-Pruf Door Co., Ltd.2001 Spec 1-17 STD Const.FRP Doors & Frames (Fire Rate) Date: 10/02 All Rights Reserved Rev.5 Page 1 of 1


SUMMARY A.This Section Includes The Following:


Fire Rated Fiberglass reinforced Plastic (FRPWarnock- Hersey in 45, 60 and 90-minute ratings, ma.Category A doors are labeled for compliance with UBC 7-2-1997 (Positive Pressure) and do not require the application of an additional edge sealing system.b.

Category B doors are labeled to require the installation of a listed edge sealing system to meet the requirements of UBC 7-2-1997 (Positive Pressure).

This seal must be installed per the manufacturers instructions and may be factory or field applied.c.Category B constructed doors, if requested and with certain restrictions, may be provided 10 (c) category B label (Positive Pressure) with the application of a listed seal system.

This will only apply to UL 10 (b) doors with Chem-Pruf door register number _________ by either Chem-Pruf or Warnock-Hersey to 2.Fire Rated Fiberglass Resin Transfer Molded Door Frames certified by Intertek Testing Services for Warnock- Hersey in

45, 60 and 90-minute ratings, meeting all specifications of UL 10(c) fire 3.

Fire Rated Fiberglass reinforced Plastic (FRP) Frames certified by Intertek Testing Services for Warnock- Hersey in 20, 45, 60 and 90-minute ratings, meeting all specifications of 1.2 RELATED SECTIONSA.Related Sections Include The Following: 1.

Division 0 - Bidding and Contract Requirements 2.

Division 1 - General Requirements 1.3 QUALITY ASSURANCEA.Referenced Standards
Time of Burning of3.

Laminate Properties a) ASTM D 882 Tensile Strength

b) ASTM D 790 Flexural Strength c) ASTM D 2583 Barcol Hardness d) ASTM D 256 Impact Resistance e) ASTM D 792 Density/Specific Gravity Of Laminate f) ASTM D 1761 Mechanical Fasteners a) ASTM C 177 Thermal Properties b) ASTM D 1622 Density/Specific Gravity c) ASTM E 84 Surface Burning Characteristics Copyright Chem-Pruf Door Co., Ltd.

2001 Spec.

1-17 STD Const.FRP Doors and Frames (Fire Rated) Date: 10/02 All Rights Reserved Rev.5

Page 2 of 2d) WDMA TM-10 and TM-5 Firestop ASTM E 152 U.L.10(b) e) ASTM

C-36 Type X f) Federal Specification SS-6-30D Type III, Gladex g) Firestop ASTM E 152 UL 10(b) h) Door ASTM E 152 UL 10(b) NFPA 252 and UBC 43-2 1.

Manufacturer Qualifications: A company specialized in the manufacture of fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) doors and frames as specified herein with a minimum of 25 years documented vice performance for the applications as required 2.Installer Qualifications: An experienced installer who has completed fire rated fiberglass door and frame installations similar in material, design, aresulted in construction with a record of successful in-service performance.

3.Source Limitations: Obtain fiberglass reinforced plastic doors and frames through one source fabricated from a single manufacturer, including fire rated fiberglass frames.4.

Source Limitations: Hardware and accessories should be provided and installed by the fiberglass door and frame manufacturer.5.Source Limitations: Glass for windows in doors shall be furnished and installed by door and frame manufacturer in accordance with related section, Division 8, Glazing.

1.4 Technical Data Including:

1.Acknowledgment that products submitted meet requirements of standards referenced 2.Manufacturer shall provide certificate of compliance with current local and federal regulations as it applies to the manufacturing process.3.Manufacturer's installation instructions.4.Schedule of doors and frames indicating the specific reference numbers as used on drawings, door type, frame type, size, handing and applicable hardware.5.Details of core and edge construction.6.

Certification of manufacturer's qualifications.


Submittal Drawings For Customer Approval Shall Be Submitted Prior To Manufacture And Will Include The Following Information And Formatting.
density of fiberglass reinforced plastic

Summary door schedule indicating the specific reference numbers as used on owners drawings,
with columns noting door type, frame type, size, handing, accessories and hardware.
A drawing depicting front and rear door elevations showing hardware with bill of material for
Drawing showing dimensional location of each hardware item and size of each door.4.

Individual part drawing and specifications for each hardware item and FRP part or product.

Construction and mounting detail for each frame type.C.Samples: 1.

Provide one 21 x 18 inch completely assembled (hinged) door and frame corner section, with interior door and frame composition.

D.Operation and Maintenance Manuals: 1.

Include recommended methods and frequency for maintaining optimum condition of fiberglass doors and frames under anticipated traffic and use conditions.2.Include one set of final as built drawings with the same requirements as mentioned

3.Include certificate of warranty for door and frame listing specific door registration numbers.


Include hardware data sheets and hardware manufacturer's warranties.



Each door and frame should be delivered individually crated for protection from Copyright Chem-Pruf Door Co., Ltd.2001 Spec 1-17 STD Const.FRP Doors & Frames (Fire Rate) Date: 10/02 All Rights Reserved Rev.

5 Page 3 of 3

damage in cardboard containers, clearly marked with project information, door location, specific reference number as shown on drawings, and shipping information.Each crate should contain all fasteners necessary for installation as well as complete installation instructions.B.

Doors should be stored in the original container out of inclement weather for protection against the elements.
Glossary print
Perry Fiberglass Products,Inc.33660 PIN OAK PKWY, AVON LAKE, OH 44012PHONE 440-930-7701FAX Acrylonitrile-Butadiene-Styrene.Acrylonitrile and styrene liquids and butadiene gas are polymerized togetherto produce internal heat in a liquid plastic to cure it.Examples are diethylaniline, dimethylaniline, cobalt naphthanate A cleaning fluid used to remove uncured plastic resin from brushes and Resin A resin in which surface cure will

be inhibited or stopped by the presence of air.The condition of a partially cured resin polymer when it is only partially soluble in monomeror acetone but still plastic and still heat fusible.Bulk Molding Compound.

A combination of resin paste and chopped glass combined under conditions ofvery high mechanical stress working with a sigma blade mixer.

The compound is delivered to the press in theform of a ball, a slab or an extruded log and dropped into the bottom of a steel tool; the material is flowed outward A substance which markedly speeds up the cure of a compound.Catalyst content can vary from 0.2% to2.0% with higher catalyst levels giving faster gel times.

Examples are methyl ethyl ketone peroxide, benzoyl peroxide.The space between matched molds (pressure molds) in which the laminate is formed.

Also a term for a An economical press molding process for manufacturing intermediate volume products (200 to Ground coloring materials supported in a thick liquid.Added to the resin, they give it color.Comoform Cold Molded Thermoforming An extension of the cold molding process which utilizes athermoformed plastic skin to impart excellent surface and weatherability to a cold press laminate.

Hairline cracks either within or on the

surface of a laminate, caused by stresses generated during cure,removal from mold, impact or flexing.The setting up of chemical links between molecule chains.This occurs in all thermosetting resins.Styrene monomer is a crosslinking agent in polyester resins.The crosslinking or total polymerization of the molecules of the resin which alters the properties of theCure TimeThe time required for the liquid resin to reach a cured or fully polymerized state after the catalyst Failure of internal bonding between layers of the laminate.

The degree of taper tolerated on the sides of a mold to allow the piece to be removed.

A mold made by casting over or duplicating another article.As applied to fibrous reinforcements, a bundle of essentially parallel (i.e., entwined) fibers (usually glass).GLOSSARY OF TERMS.

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