Daniel The Prophet History Facts

Daniel The Prophet History Facts

The StoryOfDaniel The Prophet"But go thy way till the end be: for thou shalt rest, and stand in thy lot at theend of the days." Dan.12:13.ByStephen N.HaskelliiAuthor's PrefaceTHE world is flooded with fictitious reading of all grades.The unreal ispresented in the most fascinating style, while too often the living truthstaken from God's Word are presented in a heavy somber style.The Bible isthe most interesting of all books.It is adapted to every mind.In the STORYOF DANIEL THE PROPHET, a few of the interesting facts in regard toGod's dealings with his people have been gathered into a simple narrative.The book is the result of much prayerful study.It is sent forth with anearnest prayer, that in the hands of the parents it may be the means ofmaking the study of the Bible in the family a blessing to young and old; andthat the teacher in the schoolroom may see precious rays of light flashingfrom its pages, pointing both teacher and pupil to the Great Divine Teacher.God grant that as it falls into the hands of the careless and unbelieving, theymay be influenced to read, and as they read, may behold the beauty of ourGod, and be led to worship toward his holy temple.We trust that while its simplicity will attract many who might not beinclined to read a deep argumentative treatise, the most studious will findfood for thought, and thus become better acquainted with the character ofour Heavenly Father.Those who wish to enter into a more comprehensivestudy, will find that the marginal references open up many veins of preciousore in the deep mines of God's Word.We earnestly pray that even the skeptic may not cast it aside; but that hemay give it a careful reading, and while tracing the fulfilled prophecy in thehistory of the world, learn to prize the Word of God.Throughout the entire book the special providence of God of those who arefaithful to him is brought out in clear contrast to the fate of those whoignore his guiding hand.The truth is the same, whether in the history ofnations or individuals.As the STORY OF DANIEL THE PROPHET goes forth on its mission oflove for the Great Master, may it prove a blessing to all classes, young andold, rich and poor, learned and unlearned.S.N.

FREEDOM IN prophecies of the Bible are like rare diamonds lying hidden in thesolitude of the mine.The practiced eye of the prospector discovers thegems, and intuitively reads their value; and the skillful hand of the lapidarybrings out their many-faced beauties in all their sparkling glory.Every facetshines like the sun.

One can not exhaust a diamond; neither can one exhaustthe prophecies.

New facets remain to be polished, to add their brilliantreflection to the whole.In the prophecies as many features appear as thereare different temperaments that men bring to their study.The prophecy of Daniel is no exception.

This book has lessons for allclasses
daniel the prophet history facts
.Because the magnitude of the field of his vision is unlimited inextent, it may be studied from points of view which no man can number.The historian feasts upon his records.The chronologist delights incalculating his periods.The lover of the Messiah rejoices in thecontemplation of the times and events that led to his first advent, anddemonstrated his Messiahship.And the friend of God traces with pleasurethe providential movements by which the course of events has beencontrolled, and men have been put up, and cast down, just according as theyhave been instruments in God's hands to carry out his beneficent designsand purposes.There are lessons in these respects for those who take an interest in suchthemes; but above all, and greater than all, are the lessons to be drawn fromDaniel's character,– his integrity, his devotion to duty, and his steadfastnessin adhering to true principles, in the face of the greatest apparent danger,and in opposition to the dictates of worldly policy.These principles glowwith undimmed luster through all his career, and have encouraged,comforted, and strengthened the servants of God in all ages.Much has been written on the book of Daniel, and much more might bewritten, as long as principles of divine truth, and noble examples ofadherence to them, form interesting and profitable themes of study.

In thepresent work, lessons from this latter source have been especially drawnout.

These will be found wonderful subjects for study, and many remarkablethoughts are presented on these points in the following pages.These arelessons which can be laid to heart with the most satisfactory and lastingprofit.One who desires to master the philosophy of an acceptable Christianlife, and the means and methods by which a close connection with God mayvbe maintained, can find no more competent text-book than is furnished inthe record of the experiences of the prophet Daniel.Do you wish to acquirea vivid sense of God's care for his people, and his constant remembrance ofthem, and the easy means he makes use of to accomplish his ends, you willfind the subject fully exploited in the prophecy of Daniel.Example is apowerful factor in the promotion of the Christian life.

"Be ye followers ofme," says Paul, "even as I also am of Christ." I Cor.2:1.He exhortsTimothy to be an "example of the believers." I Tim: 4:12.What higherstandard can be raised to attain unto, than is shown in Daniel's relation toGod? for it is said of him that he was a "man greatly beloved." Such was theemphatic testimony borne from God by the angel Gabriel to Daniel, comingas he did immediately from the court of heaven and the presence of God.The occasion on which, these words were first spoken, shows what relationthe man thus addressed maintained to God, and God to him.It was when theprophet, burdened with anxiety in regard to a previous vision which he hadnot understood, appealed to God for help.He had been seeking the Lord, byearnest prayer, to learn the meaning of it.An angel had been strictlyenjoined to make Daniel understand all the matter.And
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