Craving Grapes During Pregnancy

Craving Grapes During Pregnancy

craving grapes during pregnancy
If you are feeling tired

or fatigued during the day

then you may have a

Blood Sugar Imbalance – what is it?

Symptoms can include; requiring more than 8 hours sleep per night, needing coffee to get started in the morning, dizziness, craving for sweet foods, palpitations, feeling thirsty, mood swings, fatigue, headaches, and energy not skip meals

!"Always eat breakfast

!"Ensure that your meals are balanced with plenty of vegetables

!"Eat small but frequent meals

!"Ensure the snacks you eat are healthy

!"Drink plenty of water

The following foods should be avoided, reduced or increased to avoid blood sugar imbalance

Type of Food Foods to Avoid Foods to Increase

Carbohydrates Sugar, confectionary, bananas, grapes, dried fruit, white rice, bread and pasta.Whole grains such as brown rice, wholemeal bread, whole-wheat pasta.Protein Red meat, pork, bacon, processed meats and sausages.Lean chicken, turkey, white and oily fish, nuts, seeds and linseeds.Fluids Squash, undiluted fruit juice, soft drinks, coffee, tea and colas.Fibre Not applicable Vegetables and fruits that are not high in sugar.

Vitamins and Minerals that will help you balance blood sugars

If you are trying to lose weight but feel you may have a Blood Sugar Imbalance – you may benefit by following a low that focuses on controlling blood sugar levels rather than calorie plc
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