Conclusion Heading In Apa Format

Conclusion Heading In Apa Format

Apa heading levels
Outline for a paper with three heading levels

Here is my paragraph with Introduction because APA style indicates it is not necessary, since all papers begin with an introduction.Planning My Trip (level 1) (level 3)Maps are good.(level 4) (level 4)Obtaining a Passport (level 3) Need a passport to Canada.(level 4) Turnaround time has been extended.(level 4) Setting Off! (level 1) Saying Goodbye to Friends (level 3) The First Day (level 3)Flat tire.(level 4) (level 4)What I Would Have Done Differently (level 1) (level 3)Look up Relatives Before Setting Off (level 3) (level 3)Paradise, lost is not always a bad thing.(level 3) The waitress.

Finding an antique ink pen.(level 4)unterpart at the same level within a section.This sample paper will not label the levels of headings but you can figure them out.Also, according to the chart, the level one headings would be centered, not italicized, not bold, and use am formatting my level one headinCrime Prevention in Adolescent Youth introduction will be similar to an abstract, which lays out the main points of the paper.If a the subject of crime pryouth, for example, that person may go to a databaseto look at, he or she might read the abstracts.Abstracts tell in a nutshell what the paper will be A reader may look at the that appeal as well.

This section will lay out what crime used to look like and what it looks like now.If I was crime, I might add another level of headings.nd I am sticking to one level.two sentences.

Due to limited space, this sample paper doesnt always follow that guideline.This section will also have at least two paragraphs.

I am only writing one short one here so I can have another example of a new heading and allow room for myFamily Involvement ng, you might find that your curser is indented ou may need to highlight the sentence and Conclusions should not be terribly long.My inclination is to place the word Conclusion should be formatted like other headings of the same level.I hope this handout has been helpful..

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APA Format: Citing Your Sources The American Psychological Association copy of the manual at the Reference DeskThis handout will mainly discuss citations and reference lists.If you have a question about another element of the APA Style listed below, please refer to the chapters and pages in the manualParts of a manuscript

Chapter 1, page 10


Chapter 2, pages 31-69

Punctuation, spelling, capitalization, italics, abbreviations, headings, series, quotations, numbers, metrication, statistical and mathematical copy, tables, figures, footnotes and notes, appendixes

Chapter 3, pages 77-206

xt Chapter 3, pages 207-214 Reference List Chapter 4, page 215-281 Helpful Web sites: APA Formatting and Style Guide from Purdue University APA Documentation from University of Wisconsin-Madison Electronic Resources: in Text Media and URLs Some examples in this handout are copied from the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association, 5 edition,

and the above Web sites.

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Throughout your paper, you should document your study by citing the author and date of the publications (journal articles, books, dissertations, etc) you used in your research.This enough information to find the alphabetical Name of author used in the narrative: Flynn (1999) stated in her treatise Name of author not used in the narrative:

In a recent treatise on services (Flynn, 1999)

In a 1999 treatise, Flynn stated Subsequent references to same study in same paragraph: In her treatise on services, Flynn (1999) stated her evaluative methods
conclusion heading in apa format

Flynn also described

One work, multiple authors Significant findings in a study of Los Angelenos (McCroskey & OKeefe, 2000)

Cite all authors the first time (Nishimoto, Salcido, Aranda, & Land, 1998)Wasserstein, Zappulla, Rosen, Gerstman, and Rock (1994) found[Use as first citation in text]In subsequent citations, include only the surname of the first author followed by al) and the year if it is the first citation of the referen(Nishimoto et al., 1998)[Use as subsequent]Wasserstein et al.

(1994) found[Use as subsequent first citation per paragraph thereafter.] Wasserstein et al.found[Omit year from subsequent citations after first citation within a paragraph.] Created on 8/7/2006 GX
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text, provide initials and surname of communicator and as exact a date as possible.

(M.Flynn, personal communication, September 20, 1999)Part 2: Reference ListsKeep in mind the following guidelines: References cited in text must appear in the reference list and vice versa.

Make sure that all citation information (names of authors, titles, volume and issue numbers, edition number, page numbers, city and state name, publisher name and location information) is correct.

Reference lists must be McCroskey, J., Nishimoto, R., & Subramanian, K.(1991).

Assessment in family support

programs: Initial reliability and validity testing of the Family Assessment Form.Child Welfare, 70, New York, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Amsterdam, Jerusalem, London, Milan, Moscow, Paris, Rome, Stockholm, Tokyo, Unless roman numerals are used in a title, use Arabic numerals to save space, i.e.volume 5, use The correct form of abbreviation .ed.

Revised edition

2nd ed.

second edition


Editor ( date



Page (pages)


Volume (as in Vol.4)


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Rossi, A.R.(Ed.).(2001).Social responsibility in the domains of family, work, and community.Chicago: University of Chicago Press.

Fraser, R.A.(1999).

Decision making in child custody: A comparison of legal and mental health professionals (Doctoral dissertation, University of Southern California, 1999).Dissertation Abstracts International, 61,Author, A.A., & Author, B.B.(1994).Title of chapter.In A.

Editor, B.Editor, & C.Editor (Eds.),

( Publisher.

Rappaport, B.A.(1999) On-site school-based mental health clinics: 15 years of experience in Orange County, California.In A.H.Esman, & L.

T.Flaherty, (Eds.), Adolescent psychiatry: Development and clinical studies (pp.91-100).Hillsdale, NJ: The Analytic Press.

Electronic sources include aggregated databases, online journals, Web sites or Web pages, newsgroups, Web- or e-mail-based discusnewsletters.

For more information on APA's style guidelines for electronic resources, please visit APA http://owl.english.purdue1.Citations in Text of Electronic MaterialAccording to APA publication manual Chapter 4, page 120, many electronic sources do not provide page numbers (unless they are PDF reproductions of printed material).

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(e.g., the format differs from the print version or page numbers are not includes additional data or commentaries, you will need to add the date you retrieved the document and the URL Fredrickson, B.L.

(2000, March 7).Cultivating positive emotions to optimize health and well-being.Prevention & Treatment, 3, Article 0001a.

Retrieved November 20, 2000, from this format when a journal is availablelectronic format, but you accessed the article from For example, USC subscribes to both the electronic and print version of the journal You read the article from the electronic, or online, version McGuigan, W.M.& Pratt, C.


The predictive impact of domestic violence on three types of child maltreatment [Electronic version].Child Abuse & Neglect, 25(7), 869-883.

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