Comparison Contrast Essay Outline Example

Comparison Contrast Essay Outline Example

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Writing a Comparison and Contrast Essay.3

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Answers (practical > How can you use this module?
Welcome to the fascinating world of writing essays! In this module you will be working with the skills of writing an effective comparison and contrast essay.The module by itself will not make you a better writer or an expert in English grammar structures.It focuses on providing you essential skills and details that will allow you to organize and outline your ideas while writing an essay specifically, the comparison a

As you should know from previous experiences, an essay consists of three main components the introduction, the body, and the conclusion.For this reason, the module is divided into separate parts, and each one focusing on a particular component of the essay.

This way, you can follow the directions, guidelines, and practical exercises to complete each part step-by-step.At the end of each block of instructions, some practical exercises and/or activities will follow.You must be certain to understand each part and complete all the practical exercises before moving into another part.
By the end of the module, you should be able to put all the parts together for the final product

a complete well-written Make sure to use and/or consult all other sources suggested in the module to complement your writing skills (internet links, documents, references, and

important in order to achieve better results!Make sure to complete the diagnostic writing activity and the post writing ing this module.Directions: Based on the following supportive evidence (provided in chart D-1), write a standard comparison and contrast essay.Compare your essay with the model essay provided on pages 33-Prices

($) Services Facilities Salads

$3.50 Sandwiches

$4.00 Soup
$3.00 Drinks

$1.50 opens from 7 9 p.m.carry-out home delivery three cashiers in rush hours 12 tables / 48 chairs playground for kids air conditioner Salads

$4.50 Sandwiches

$4.50 Soup
$3.50 Drinks

$2.00 opens from 7 a.m.

to 7 p.m.

NO home delivery 8 tables/32 chairs NO playground for kids ceiling fans only
In all cases the similarities and differences lead to a convincing conclusion.This is an important feature in a comparison and contrast essay.

It is not simply a list of similarities and differences; it establishes an opinion about two items and compares and contrasts them to support that opinion.This type of essay is one of the most common forms of writing because it is a common thought process.We use it every day whenever we make decisions.
Practical Exercise # 1 Now that you know more about the comparison and contrast essay, select the most

1.The purpose of a comparison athe similarities (compare) between two things in order to make a point about them.

the differences (contrast) between two things in order to make a point about them.

the similarities (compare) and/or differences (contrast) between two things in order to make a point.

the similarities (contrast) and/or differences (compare) between two things in order to make a point.
Dont forget to verify your answer on page 29.

A quotation can grab your readers attention.Quoting a respected person can add credibility to your argument.Sometimes, though, a quotation will simply add a bit of interest to your opening.Using a quotation in your introductory paragraph lets you add someone elses voice to your own.

Helping Your Country
Former U.S.President J.F.Kennedy once said: It is not what the country can do for you, but what you can do for your country.Most of the people around us are always complaining about the problems in their community and the country in general.However, they do little to help or to provide alternatives for those problems.

If you want to help, there are many things you could do! Cleaning your neighborhood, participating in civil organizations, and acting as a role model are just some examples of how you can help your country.
A question easily sparks the readers attention and curiosity by inviting them to read the essay to find possible answers to the question.

By using this type of technique, you may simply want the reader to think about possible answers, or you may plan to answer the questions yourself later in the paper.Stressful Waiting Rooms
Do you remember the last time you visited a dentist? Ouch! Yes, indeed it was a torture chamber resembling ancient medieval times.

But if you remember well, the worst part of the visit was the waiting room itself.There are many waiting rooms that can really fill your existence with distress and anguish.If you are in need of experiencing a lot of stress and anxiety lately, all you have to do is visit your local dentist office, the emergency room at a hospital, or a court hearing session This approach works because your readers will be surprised, and then intrigued, by the contrast between the opening idea and the thesis statement that follows it.Back to School
When I decided to return to school at age thirty five, I wasnt at all worried about my ability to do the work.After all, I was a grown woman who had raised a family, not a confused teenager fresh out of high school.

But when I started classes, I realized that those confused teenagers sitting around me were in much better shape for college than I was.They still had all their classroom skills in bright, shiny condition, while mine had grown rusty from disuse.I had totally forgotten how to do research in a library, how to write a report, and even how to speak up in class discussions.
Now that you know more about opening statements, go on to work with the following exercise.Remember this is the very first step in your paragraph, so you must be very Directions: Read the following statements written for comparison and contrast essays and select the most appropriate opening statement from the list of options given according to the

and the title of the essay presented.

Title: Nothing is Better than a MercedesOpening technique: GENERAL TO SPECIFICa.Do you own a Mercedes Benz car?

with all the luxury! c.Mercedes Benz vehicles are famous and recognized worldwide! Title:

Basketball is the King of Sports Opening technique: QUOTATIONS I really love this game! Its the classic NBA slogan to promote b.If you dont like basketball, youre missing the fun! c.

The famous chant goes like this: Take me out to the ball game.
Title: Love Opening technique: QUESTION Have you ever kissed somebody? Have you ever been kissed? What is love? How do we know that we are really in love? Love is the most beautiful feeling that human beings can possess.I remember the first time I fell in love with my girlfriend! Parallelism -parallel grammatical structures

Words in a pair or a series should have a parallel structure.By balancing the items in a pair or in a series (3 items), so that they have the same kind of structure, you will make the sentence clearer and easier to read.Notice how the parallel sentences that follow read more smoothly than the non-parallel ones.Examples of thesis statements(thesis statement all nouns(PAR) Japanese cars are better than their American counterparts because of their , variety, and comfortriety, and they are more comfortable.

(thesis statement -verbs infinit(PAR)Christmas vacations are my favorite holidays because I love to go shopping around the stores, decorate the house with Christmas ornaments, and visit my relatives and

in all three occasions.) (NON-PAR) and I love visiting my re(thesis statement -all adjectives) (PAR)I like to take classes with Prof.Prez; shes by far more knowledgeable, patient, and dedicated(NON-PAR) and dedicates most of her free time to help her students.(verbs with phrases / same verb tense)(PAR) Last year we had the best vacation ever because we traveled to many places, ate at many different restaurants, and stayed at different hotels.

(NON-PAR) and it was fun to stay at different hotels every day.
Thesis statements are extremely important because they will organize and outline the ideas for your BODY PARAGRAPHS.The three parallel structures will serve as the basis for your three paragraphs in the body
comparison contrast essay outline example
.This way, the first item of the parallel structure will be the topic in the first paragraph, the second item will be the topic in the second paragraph, and the third item will be the topic in the third and last paragraph of the body.In any given essay writing, once you write an effective thesis statement, the body of the paragraph will fall into place automatically in the thesis statement you plan Now, lets take a look at the following example of a thesis statement! The Caribe Hilton Hotel is better than the Ritz Carlton because of the location, the rectly to the three body paragraphs in this way: paragraph 1

(you will only compare/contrast paragraph 2

(you will only compare/contrast paragraph 3

(you will only compare/contrast the serviceDirections: Use the information given in the chart below and write thesis statement for a comparison and contrast type essay.

Provide a title for your Compare your answer with the one on page 30.
Once again, if you are going to begin a new paragraph, you need to start it the right way.The first sentence of each body paragraph is called the TOPIC SENTENCE.

This sentence serves as an introduction to the paragraph and establishes its purpose.Look at these examples.

The Caribe Hilton Hotel is located in a much better place than its competitor, the Ritz Carlton.

The Caribe Hilton offers better price rates at all times.

You will receive a far better service at the Caribe Hilton Hotel than at the Ritz Carlton.
Although these sentences look like the perfect examples of topic sentences for each paragraph, they are missing an essential part.These parts are called TRANSITIONAL EXPRESSIONS.Transitional expressions are essential because they are the ones that will connect one paragraph to the other providing coherence and a smooth shift between them.
Coherence between paragraphs and sentences allows the ideas and points to be presented in a very organized pattern for the reader.Transitional markers connect one point to the other while preparing the reader for what is to come next.For example, when a writer uses the transitional word , the readers become aware that a result or a consequence is coming up.

If the writer uses on the contrary, the readers will expect a contradiction; or if the writer places the word , the reader

Transitional expressions will add a touch of professionalism, class, and organization to and smoothing out your flow of ideas.NOTE: Although you can use transitional expressions everywhere in your essay, they are imperative (A MUST) in your topic sentences at the beginning of paragraphs.YOU MUST CONNECT ONE PARAGRAPH TO THE OTHER! Directions: Look at the example of a thesis statement below (comparison and contrast
Video rentals are more convenient than going to the theater because you save money, feel more comfort

Now, read the examples of topic sentences for the body paragraphs, and re-write them (complete sentences) choosing the most appropriate transitional expression from the (paragraph 1) _________ when you rent a video to watch at home, you can save a Furthermore, (paragraph 2) _________ at the theater you cannot feel the comfort and (paragraph 3) __________ when you watch a movie at home, you dont have to waste too much time like when you go to the theater.

After that, Please, verify your answers on page 30.aph usually consists of five sentences.

Here is an outline (blueprint), of how your essay should look like so far.(4-5 sentences)additional sentence
additional sentence
additional sentence thesis statement (with parallel structures (3) points) (5 sentences)
additional sentence (evidence/example)
additional sentence (evidence/example)
additional sentence (evidence/example)
additional sentence (evidence/example)

par.) topic sentence (5 sentences)

additional sentence (evidence/example)
additional sentence (evidence/example)
additional sentence (evidence/example)
additional sentence (evidence/example)

par.) topic sentence (5 sentences)
additional sentence (evidence/example)
additional sentence (evidence/example)
additional sentence (evidence/example)
additional sentence (evidence/example) conclusion
re-state the thesis statement (rephrase) (3-4 sentences)
additional sentence (4 ways)

Directions: Go back and look at the other two points being compared / contrasted with

topic.Write paragraphs 2 and 3 (point-by-point format) for each point presented following the given example.

Compare your paragraphs with the models presented on pages 30-31.You are just about to finish! You already have your introduction and your three body paragraphs worked out.Its time to wrap up your essay with an effective conclusion.


A recommendation suggests what should be done about a situation or problem.

Women Exploitation on TV
Nowadays, women are being more exploited than ever on TV commercials and other propaganda.

These commercials are denigrating the feminine figure to the extremes.

Its time for women and society in general to stop this pattern of abuse.

Consumers should boycott companies and products whose advertising continues to exploit women in such way.A prediction states what will happen in the future.

Animal Cruelty
If people stopped to think before acquiring pets, there would be fewer instances of cruelty to animals.Many times, it is the people who adopt pets without considering the expenses and responsibility involved who mistreat and neglect their animals.Pets are living creatures.If people continue being negligent and irresponsible with their pets, animal cruelty will exist forever! Directions: Read the three concluding paragraphs that follow.Then, in the space provided, identify the kind of conclusion used in each case (final thought, question, 1.A pet cannot be thrown onto a trash heap when it is no longer wanted or tossed into a closet if it begins to bore its owner.

A pet, like us, is a living thing that needs physical care, affection, and respect.Would-be owners, therefore, should think seriously about their responsibilities before _________________________________ 2.

Neither letters, phone calls, nor conversations guarantee perfect communication.

With all our sophisticated skills, we human beings often communicate less effectively than howling wolves or chattering monkeys.Even if we were able to read each others mind, wed probably still find some way to foul up the message. are now officially licensed to write effective comparison and contrast essays! Part I True or false Part II.

(pre-post writing activity)

Two Restaurants

Have you eaten at Lindas Restaurant lately? If you havent, you have missed all the great improvements that she has added to her beautiful and inviting restaurant.I used to be a regular customer at Joss Restaurant down the corner.But after discovering all of the new secrets at Lindas, I said: No way Jos! The more affordable prices, the great service, and the improved facilities are some of the reasons why I prefer Lindas restaurant over Joss.

First of all, you feel more relaxed eating at Lindas because of the reasonable prices.For example, salads cost $3.50 and sandwiches are at a low $4.00.On the other hand, both of these items cost $4.50 at Joss Restaurant.At Lindas, you can eat soup for just $3.00, but you have to pay $3.50 at Joss for the same soup.

Last but not least, drinks and desserts cost $1.50 and $2.00 at Lindas, whereas at Joss they go up to $2.00 and Practical Exercise No.3-A (parallel structures) The new computer games entertain, educate, and amaze.The novelty shop sells hand buzzers, plastic fangs, and fake insects.

Adam convinced most of the audience because he argued logically, calmly, and learning folk dances from other countries, and painting cat faces on medium sized Practical Exercise No.3-B (thesis statements) Title: The Advantages of the 4x4 SUVs in Puerto RicoThesis statement: The 4x4 SUVs are more convePractical Exercise No.

4 (topic sentences) with, at the theater

when you watch a movie Practical Exercise No.

5 (point by point format)
On the other hand, at the theater you cant feel the comfort and relaxation that you can feel at home.Although the seats inside the theater seem to be quite comfortable, nothing feels better than your own bed, where you can be all cuddled up in a blanket.At home you have your own bathroom and your own refrigerator to get all the snacks you want at any time.In addition to these commodities, at home you feel more pleasant because you dont feel the pressure of strangers around you who can obstruct your view or tell to turn off your cell-phone.

At a theater, you must dress up appropriately while at home you can r of your remote control, you can enjoy the movie and your favorite scenes as many times as you want.At home you can be as College writing skills with readingsYork: Mc Graw-Hill, Inc.Jersey: Addison-Wesley Longman, Inc..
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