Comcast Dc50x Universal Remote Code

Comcast Dc50x Universal Remote Code

MANUFACTURERS 0003,0008,0017Director0476General Codes For Home-Theater-Anam1913Apex Action0180Ampro0751Anam0180Apex & & INFORMATIONThe Comcast Custom 3-Device remotecontrol does not have any user service-able parts.Opening the case,except forthe battery cover,may cause permanentdamage to your remote control.No part ofthis publication may be inany retrieval system,or translated to anylanguage,in any form or by any otherwise,without the priorwritten permission ofComcast,Inc..The stylized Comcast logo is a registeredtrademark in the US Patent andTrademark Office.All other product orservice names are the property oftheirrespective owners.Copyright Comcast Custom 3-Device universalremote will control up to three homeentertainment devices,including a CableBox (used by Comcast Systems),a TV,aVCR,an Audio Amplifier or Receiver,aDVD player,or a PVR.The remote control requires installingtwo (2) new AA batteries (included) andsome easy programming to control yourdevices.For best results,please read andperform all instructions listed here.Also,keep this guide for future reference.INSTALLING BATTERIES1.Pull back the remote controls battery cover and remove it.2.Insert the two (2) supplied AA batteries according to the +marks in the battery case.3.Push the battery cover back into place.4.Test the unit by pressing any mode key (i.e.,,or Ifbatteries are inserted correctly,the selected mode key will light.NOTE:When batteries need replacement,the Replacethe unit will be restoredto its full functionality, complete with yourfavorite settings.FEATURES AND FUNCTIONSUse the remote controls mode keys (i.e.,,or ) to control a specificdevice.When pressed,the selected modekey will light,confirming your choice.Use the other keys to perform desiredactions (see the following key chart).NOTE:The selected mode will remain activeuntil you press another mode key.Press ,or once to select and control a device.Press once to turn on or offtheselected home enter-tainment device.Use for all programmingsequences.Press once toturn on or offall programmed devicesin this order:,and .After alldevices are on,is the active mode.Press onceto access Comcasts ON DEMAND menu.In the or mode,use the transport keys to control a VCR,PVR,orDVD player.To recorda program on a VCR,press twice.In the mode,usethe keys to control ONDEMAND programs.Use ,or to accessinteractive programguide functions onyour Scientific AtlantaExplorer,Pioneer Voya-ger,or Pace Cable Box.Use to restrictviewing ofselected programs (Parental Control) on your Motorola (GI or Jerrold) Cable Box.Use to accessinformation on avail-able Pay-Per-View movies and events on your Motorola (GI or Jerrold) Cable Box.Use (or to page up (or down)through menu screens and the interactive program guide.Use to displaythe interactive program guide.Use these keys to movethe cursor in the inter-active program guideand menu screens
comcast dc50x universal remote code
.Use )to selectmenu options,PPV events,and programs from the interactive program guide.Use to displaycurrent channel and program information.Use to displaythe Quick Menu (on aMotorola,GI,or JerroldCable Box),or to accesssettings (on a ScientificAtlanta Explorer,Pioneer Voyager,orPace Cable Box).Use to exit themenu or guide.Use to access digital cable help.Use to recall thelast channel or go back one screen in the menu.Use (or to raise (or lower) thesound volume.Also seeChanging Volume LockPress once toturn sound offor on.In the mode,press FAV once to display programmed favorite cable channels.Use (or ) toselect the next higher(or lower) channel.When controlling aDVD player,use (or ) to skip forward (or skipreverse) through video.Use the keypad (to directly select the channels (e.g.,09 or031).In the mode,usethis key to switch theTVs input to view TVor video programs.In the mode,usethis key to switch theVCR,PVR (or DVR),orDVD player to view TVor video.For an audiodevice,use it to switch to an input source.Use to enterchannels on some TVmodels or informationon menu screens.The Comcast Custom 3-Device universalremote control is preprogrammed at thefactory to operate the Cable Box suppliedby your Comcast system,an RCA TV,andan RCA VCR (in the mode).To con-trol devices other than default brands(excluding the Cable Box),perform thebelow steps;otherwise skip this section:1.Turn on a device (e.g.,VCR orDVD Player) and,ifapplicable,insert media,(e.g.,video cassetteor disc).NOTE:Please read steps 2 to 6 completelybefore proceeding.Highlight or writedown the codes and device you wish toprogram before moving on to step 2.2.On the remote control,press adevice key once (i.e.,or NOTE:Use the key to program control ofan Audio Amplifier orReceiver,a DVD Player,a Home-Theater-In-A-Box Device,a PVR (orDVR),or a VCR.3.Press and hold until theselected mode key blinks twice,then release 4.Locate the code for your device inManufacturers Codeson the backofthis user guide.Brands are listedin alphabetical order with the mostpopular codes listed first.5.Enter the first four-digit code foryour device.Ifyou perform thisprocedure correctly,the selectedmode key will blink twice.NOTE:Ifyou enter an invalid code,theselected mode key will display one longblink and exit the programming mode.Repeat steps 2 to 5 with a valid code.6.Aim the remote control at yourdevice and press once.Thedevice should turn off.Ifit doesnot respond,repeat steps 2 to 6,trying each code listed for yourbrand until you find one thatworks.Ifit still does not work,trySearching For Your CodeNOTE:Ifthe device does not have akey,press the () key.7.For future reference,write yourdevice code in the appropriateboxes below:Device Type:______________8.Repeat steps 1 to 7 for anotherdevice you want to control.Ifyour home entertainment device doesnot respond to the remote control aftertrying all ofthe codes listed for yourbrand,or ifyour brand is not listed at all,try searching for your code.For example,after trying all ofthe codesfor your TV,you still cannot get theremote control to operate your TV,the
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