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May 5/6, 2012 http://www.centraAndrea Hoffman

Memphis, TN (tentative order) Standard, Veteran and Junior Handler Divisions Elite, Open, Novice Levels

Small to TallSundayTall to SmallRing One

Gamblers Round 1 and 2 Regular Rounds 1 and 2 Regular Rounds 1 and 2 Gamblers Round 1 and Round 1 and 2 Jumpers Round 1 and 2 LocationTulare County Fairgrounds 215 Martin Luther King Jr Blvd Tulare, CA

On grass with limited shade EntrEntries are limited to 350 runs a day.Trial entries will close whenever the limit

is reached.

In the event entries fill, priority will be given to the first 25 volunteers working two classes per day.OpeninEntries will be accepted with postmarks dated

than Wednesday, March 14,2012.

Acceptance will

the trial fills, entries postmarked that day; will be:

Entries close 6:00 p.m.

Friday, April 27, 2012, or not be accepted or cancelled.Confirmations will be emailed to all who pre-entered by April 28, 2012.

PLEASE FILL IN YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS ON THE ENTRY FORM.Secondary closing for advancement in level only: Tuesday, May 1, 2012 at 5:00 p.m.
Trial Chair aussieagilitydogs.@yahoo.com 559-333-4053 Trial Secretary Charla Patterson bowand arrows10@yahoo.com 239 S.Moraine

Tulare, Chief Ring Stewards:

Kathleen Simms Denise Creelman Chief

Course Builder: Grounds / Equipment Valerie Negaard Awards Charla Patterson Chief Scorekeeper Charla Patterson Hospitality Denise Albright Volunteer Lunches

Denise Albright Trash and Recycling Denise and Stan Creelman CONFIRMATIONS including information regarding classes you have entered will be emailed to all entrants who have provided a valid email address and will include a date by which any corrections must be received by the Trial Secretary.


General confirmations will be emailed to all entered about a week before the trial and will include your entry information as well as check-in time, walk-through/start times and tentative class running orders.


Moveups must be submitted in writing (email ok) and must be received by the Trial Secretary before 5:00 PM Tuesday, May 1, 2012.Move ups will be allowed at the trial from Saturday to Sunday

all moveup forms must be submitted within 30 minutes after the last class has finished on Saturday.

NO Exceptions! AWARDS:

CVASC offers ribbons for First through Fheight division.

20+ and 24 dogs will be scored together.

ASCA Qualifying Ribbons will be offered to every dog obtaining a qualifying score.Dogs that complete an ATCH receive a large rosette and a decorated pole for signing.Please let us know if you ar close to your ATCH.

HIGH IN TRIAL AWARDS will be calculated using the formula outlined in Section 2.6.4
central valley australian shepherd club
Central Valley Asc Proudly Presents ,
Australian Shepherd Club of America Officers Board of Directors Central Valley Australian Shepherd Club - Officers President ~ Russ Ford Ronnie Bates President ... (centralvalleyasc.com)
Australian Shepherd Club Of America ®.
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.2 of the ASCA Agility Rulebook.FOOD:

Food will be available for a donation for any who are not working.

OTHER CVASC Events: We are also having Conformation, Obedience and Rally on this Check out our website, www.centralvalleyasc.com, for more information.agility trial and be learned in a few minutes.

s working at least 2 classes per .

Priority entry for the first 25 workers who can work 2 classes per day!!

_____ Leash Runner ribe Runner
_____ Timer

_____ Course Builder Classes Available to work Sat.Sat.Sun.Sun.Novice Jumpers
Open Jumpers
Elite Jumpers
Novice Regular
Open Regular
Elite Regular
Novice Gamblers
Open Gamblers
Elite Gamblers
Exhibitors, through submission of entry, acknowledge that they are knowledgeable of ASCA rules and regulations, and agree to abide by all rules in effect at the time of this triaAgility Rulebook may be downloaded free from the ASCA web site: www.asca.org.All dogs must be on a leash when not competing in the ring.

No set ups within 15 feet of any ring.

Safety shall always be the foremost consideration in actions and conduct by handlers at all times.

In all cases, regardless of the situation, the judges decisions are final.Anyone not in good standing with ASCA will not be allowed entry.

The organizing committee may refuse any entry on the basis expressly provided through ASCA rules and regulations or guidelines established by the ASCA Board of Directors.: bar jumps, teeter, A-frame(slat-less, rubber covered), dog walk(slat-les, rubber covered), weaves 24 spacing, tunnels, tire.

Equipment owned by ASCSC, Inc.: Junior Handlers are under 18 years.

Novice A is for dogs, owners and handlers who have never earned an agility title in


No refunds are given for entries withdrawn after the closing date.

No refund is given if a dog or handler is dismissed from competition, regardless of the reason.No refund is given if the trial cannot open or be completed due to riots, civil disturbances, fire, acts of god, public emergency, acts of a public enemy, or any other cause beyond the Show Committees controlThe show will not be cancelled in the event of rain.

Refunds of 50% of the entry fees paid will be issued for injured dogs or bitches in season if submitted to the trial secretary in writing by 8 a.m.on Saturday before the trial.

A letter from your vet indicating the dogs condition may be requested in order to process the refund.

Checks not honored by the bank do not constitute a valid entry fee.

There will be a $20.00 service charge for returned checks.

Payment of entry fees and servhall be made in cash or money order within 30 days of postmark of notice of returned check.

Any fees not received within 30 days of notice result in cancellation of event results for all classes for the registration number(s) of delinquent entry/entries.

No reinstatement of results is possib
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