Cengage Financial Accounting 2011 Warren

Cengage Financial Accounting 2011 Warren

FULLERTON COLLEGE FINANCIAL ACCOUNTING 101AORIENTATION MATERIAL & COURSE SYLLABUS SPRINGSEMESTER 20PAUL R.ST.JOHN, CPA INSTRUCTOR mailpstjohn@fullcoll.eduCampus Phone:714/9Office HoursTues.Thurs.7:30:30 ; Wed.0:30 am 11:30 amRoom 320Class MeetingTuesdayand Thursday starting January 20om 32811:15amngageCourse website (handouts, PowerPoints, for $89.using http://tinyurl.com/28y35cband immediate access is granted.

You may print desired chapters withoutadditional http://tinyurl.com/28b59lzfor $2digitallyand needs to be installed on your computer.

Buying a used text without Cengage access($90) and K&A Software ($30) will usually result in paying toomuch overall.CAUTIONK&A will not work with MAC

The COMPUTER LABS ARE YOUR BACK UP SYSTEMComputer Labs are available in the 500 & 900(ask for new replacementweekend lab during the 900 construction)buildings with the K&A General Ledger Softwareinterneaccess, and Excel spreadsheet programs.

You will need your student ID or registration slip to obtain a password for the semester.Get familiar with our computer labs and their hours.

They are your back up when your systems are down.101A Financial Accounting CRN
Page Assignment Organization ChartCourse at a GlanceAssignment Details/Instructions How PreparedDue Date Where Submitted? Points Total Chapter end Exercises(Ch.

2 – 14) See Schedule of Assignmentsin syllabus.

Some are algorithmicPencil & paper with calculator or Excel an submitted in CengageSee syllabus for that chapter’s activityCengage with 10 Check Your Workand 5 Submit for Gradingper chapter exercise set and also per problem set* 5 per chapterChapter end Problems(none in Ch.

5)5 per chapterClassroom Activities and Homework Turn-In

Clicker PowerPoints Show up for class on time and follow instruc-ions.

(Chapter 2 Also P247 & P3Throughout class time.10 per chapter130 ABC, Inc.See my faculty website.Excel or pencil and paper.1/27/11 At the beginning of class 20% penalty for each week late.10 each 40 ABC w/EPS 2/1/11 Problem 3-41 pages 114See text for detail.Use K&A GLSoftwareand print out the required reports.Please note that taccounts are NOT necessary with K&A GL Software2/8/11 Problem 4-56 pages 1742/15/11 Comprehensive Problems I & II See my faculty website for revised Problems.

Ignore the ones in the text.

CPI 2/24 25 points 50 CPII 3/29 Group Project ** Details to be presented later.Due in sections during weeks 14 -17.100 100 Written **

Two short papers on tbd case studies.Week 12 & 14At the beginning of class.25 each 50 Presentation **

3-4 minute PPT oral report on a current event subject.

Various dates available starting in week 10.

4040 Mid-term Bring a Scantron 882-E, pencil, erasure, & calculatorWed., 3/16 at noon in room 312; Thurs., 3/17 at 9 am, noon or 4 pm in room 328 250 ea.250 Final ** Wed., 5/25 at 11 am in room 312 or 328 at 4 pm; Thurs., at 9 a11 amin room 328250 Grades – A 900+; B 800+; C 700+; D 600+; F below 600 points 1,035 aveoften, Check your Work(20 per chapter) after each few exercises (10)/problems (10), and Submit forGrading(10 per chapter) after each logon sessionbut not more than 5 times per chapter exercises and 5 times per chapter problem(s).Your correct answers will be locked in only after Submit for GradingThese assignments and 700 or more points required to pass course.101A Financial Accounting CRN

Activity / Homework Due Date

1/17/11 1

1 Semester begins 1/19/2011 and first class is 1/20/2011 Chapter 1 Intro and Accounting Info: Users & UsesABC, Inc.available on my faculty website is due 1/27ABC, Inc.with tax provision and EPS due 2/1/11.

No text required for these first assignments.

1/24/11 2 2 Chapter 2 - Financial Statements, Fundamental Concepts, Audit & NotesExercises: 21,22,24,25,27&30Problems:Prepare required financialinformationon accounting paper first then submitin CengageDO NOT use K&Aor Excelon chapter 2prepared manually with pencil and accounting paper.ABC, Inc.due 1/27 & EPS version due 2/1/11Ch
cengage financial accounting 2011 warren
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.2 Cengagedue @ 11:55 pmdue in class on2/3/111/31/11 3 3 Chapter 3 - How Transactions Affect the Accounting Equation & Preparing Journal EntriesPE’s are mostly algorithmic, othersare highlighted with K&Aprepared nually Ch.3 Cengage due 2/9 @ 11:55 pm due 2/10in class LAST DAY TO DROP CLASS WITHOUT A “W” ON YOUR TRANSCRIPT IS 2/7/11

4 4

Chapter 4 - Posting Journal Entries, Preparing a Trial Balance,Accrual Basis Accounting,Adjusting Entries, Preparing Financial Statements & Closing : 4-46&48 P4-56 with K&A

Ch.4 Cengage due 2/16 @ 11:55pmwith K&Adue 2/17in class 2/14/11 5 5 Chapter 5 - Internal Control, Safeguards, SOX, Auditors & SECExercises1&2ProblemsCh.

5 Cengage due 2/23 @ 11:55pm Comp.Prob.I (Ch.1due 2/24 in class 2/21/11 6 6 Chapter 6 - Recognizing Revenue & Cash Collection Accounting for Credit Customers Who Don’t Pay, Bank ReconciliationExercisesProblems: 6-41&43 P7-75


6 Cengage due 3/2 @ 11:552/28/11 7 7 Chapter 7 – Inventory, CGS, Perpetual versus Periodic Physical Count, Errors, Cost Flow Assumptions, and Estimating , Problems: 7-38,39&41,43

P7-79 Ch.7 Cengage due 3/16 @ 11:55pm3/7/11 8 1-7 Review for mid-term next week.

3/14/11 9 1-7 Mid-Term (Ch.1-7) Wednesday, 3/16 at noon in room 312; Thursday, 3/17at 9 amnoon, or 4 pmroom 3or make special arrangementsweek in advance.

3/21/11 10 8 Chapter 8 - Employee Compensation & Taxes, Contingencies, Capitalize versus Expense, & MultiStep Income .8 Cengage due 3/30 @ 11:55pm Comprehensive Problem II (Ch.6due 3/31 in class101A Financial Accounting CRN
Page Week of: Wk.Ch.

Activity / Homework Due Date

3/28/11 11 9 Chapter 9 - Acquiring PP&E, Depreciation, Disposal, Repairing, Improvements, Impairments, Intangibles Efficiency,Accelerated Depreciation Methods & Changes in EstimatesExercises39, 42&44

Problems: 9-45,51,55&56

P9-84 Ch.9 Cengage due 4/6 55 pm 4/4/11 12 10 Chapter 10 - Measuring, Accounting for Long-Term Liabilities, Lease Obligations, Bonds, Discounts or Premiums, and Debt Ch.10 Cengage due 4/13@ 11:55 pm 4/11/11 13 11 Chapter 11 - Equity Financing, Corporate Stock, Treasury, Retained Earnings,and Stock DividendExercises29&30Problems: 11-35&45 Ch.

11 Cengage due 4/27@ 11:55 pm 4/18/11

Spring Break 4/25/11 14 12 Chapter 12 - Classifying a Security: Trading, AvailableforSale, Equity or : 12-30&32


12 Cengage due 5/4 @ 11:55 pmLAST DAY TO WITHDRAW with ais 5/1/11 5/2/11 15 13 Chapter 13 - Cash Inflows & Outflows by Activitieswith Operating Activities using Indirect and Direct ApproachExercises: 13-25,26,33,34 Problems: 13-45 Ch.13 Cengage due 5/11 11:555/9/11 16 14 Chapter 14 - Financial Statement Analysis Exercises37,41Problems: 14-55,61&63 Ch.14 Cengage due 5/1811:555/16/11 17 1-14Review and Group Projects 5/17/11; Final Exam 5/19/11 at 9 am or 11 am (not noon)n room 328alternative date Final Exam 5/25 at 11 am in room 312 or 328 at 4 pm – bring Scantron 882E, calculator, and pencil.

Course OutcomeUpon successful completion of ACCT 101AF, Financial Accountingthe student will be able to:lassify, record, and summarize financial transactions in journals and ledgers, manually and / or with computerizedaccounting software.ecognize revenues and expenses in the proper period as required in accrual basis accounting and generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP)and makerequiredadjustments to theledgeraccounts.Adjust for the losses related to selling or providing a service on credit, the valuation of inventory using cash flow methods applied to the physical count and then tested for lower of cost or market, and the regular depreciation of property, plant and equipment and its gain or loss on ultimate disposition.Prepare, comprehend and analyze the basic financial statements: Balance Sheet and Statements of Income, Retained Earnings and Cash Flows, and apply internal controls and business ethics to ensure the integrity of these financial statements.Calculate and use the heldmaturity, trading, availableforsale and equity methodsof accounting for investments..

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