Cambridge International Examination Results

Cambridge International Examination Results

You are expected to doallorals and practical examinations at the College inBryanston.

TheHIGCSE Physical Science practical examination must becompleted at the College in Johannesburg.AS levelsand IGCSE Artexaminations are also completed at the College.

Oral examinationsalsorequirespecial arrangements andso need to be completed at the College inJohannesburg.

This is a Cambridge requirementto ensure that examinationsare properly conducted..29.How do I enter for an examination?Examination entry forms must be completed and the required fee must bepaid.Deadline dates must be adhered to in order to avoid penalties.30.Where can I find out the dates and times of my examinations?This is detailed on your Statement of Entry.31.How will I get my examination results?Your examination results will be emailedto you or you can arrange to collectthem from the BIDC Academic Manager.32.Does CIE provide percentage marks?CIE grades are given in Alpha grades only and percentage marks are notprovided.A key is provided to explain the value of the grade.33.When are examination results released by Cambridge?Examination scripts are marked in the UK.

Advice of results for theHIGCSE subjects is made available in late December and for Checkpoint andIGCSEand AS Levelsubjects in late January.34.What is a Cambridge International Study Centre?A Cambridge International Study Centre offers supervision and ongoingassistance for students working onthe British International Distancecourses to prepare students for Cambridge International Examinations.

TheBritish International Distance College ensures that allaccreditedcentresadhere to the conditions set by Cambridge and the British InternationalCollege.Deadline dates for entering to write Cambridge examinations are supplied onthe front of the student s Work Programmes issued for every subjectoffered.21.What happens to my exam entry should I decide to withdraw froman examination?Students who withdraw from an examination willnotbe automaticallyentered at the next session, but will have to re-apply for a future sitting andpay the necessary examination fees again.22.Can I change the time or date of a Cambridge examination?Cambridge examinations have to be written at the set time and date.Thesecannot be changed.23.What does AM and PM mean on my Statement of Entry?AMmeans08H30PM means 13H0024.How do I know the length ofeach examination that I ve enteredfor?You can establish how long an examination you have entered for will be bylooking at the past papers for that subjector better still by consultuingyour syllabus.25.Are markschemes available for theCambridgepapers?Some markschemes are available for theCambridgepapers.These areshared with students at the tutorials.26.Can I contact Cambridge directly?No.Please do not contact Cambridge directly, as the Cambridge Centrewhere you are registered is there to acton your behalf and to answer yourquestions
cambridge international examination results
.CIE does not liaise directly with students and/or parents.27.Does BIDC have accommodation and transport facilities?We do

have a list of recommended B&B s and transport providers who canassist you.28.Do I have to do orals and practical examinations at the College inBryanston?15.How is BIDC affiliated with Cambridge?The British International Distance College is a proudto be an accreditedsupplier of Cambridge study material in South Africa.ourcentre number isZA 057The Cambridge philosophy of education provides courses which aredemanding, challenging and thoroughly prepares students for tertiary studyand the demands of modern life.It was announced in 2003 that in recognition of the work the BritishInternational College has done in promoting the Cambridge philosophy inSouth Africa it has been awarded Cambridge International FellowshipCentre status.There are only a few Cambridge International Centresworldwide to be granted this prestigious status, which is akin to a hotelbeing awarded 5 stars.16.Do you offer A-levels?TheBritish International Distance College does offermany subjects at ASlevel which is the first half of A Level.The second half of A levels can onlybe done by attending the Full time College in Bryanston 011 706 777517.Are HIGCSE and A Levels the same?HIGCSE and A Levels are not the same.The HIGCSE course is theequivalent of Grade 12.A levels are the equivalent to Grades 12 and 13 firstyear university.AS levels, the first half to A levels is also equivalent tograde 12.18.Can I study overseas with Cambridge qualifications?Yes, Cambridge qualifications not only give students direct entrance touniversities in Southern Africa, but also internationally.

Please contact theUniversity of your choice for their admission requirements.19.I struggle with examination technique, what should I do?The past examination packs that students are issued with at registrationincludes three years of past Cambridge examination papers per subject.

Bygoing through these papers students can familiarise themselves with theformat, content and time constraints they will face when writing theirexaminations.These are invaluable to students in improving theirexamination technique and confidence.20.When must I enter if I would like to write Cambridgeexaminations?9.Must I take a second language?Yes.The Matriculation Board HESA requires that a first language andanotherlanguage form part of a student s choice of subjects in order toqualify for Matriculation Exemption.10.Must I do the IGCSE level?Students must have completed either Grade 11 or the IGCSE level beforeproceeding to HIGCSE.

IGCSE s not only prepare them academically for theHIGCSE level, but the IGCSE results accompany most universityapplications.

This determines acceptance for the student s tertiary studiesbefore the HIGCSE results are available and is thereforeimperative.11.What age should I be to start the Cambridge programme?The Cambridge programme is aimed at students of high school going age intheir teenage years.

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