Art Projects From Recycled Materials

Art Projects From Recycled Materials

Recycled crafts and activities
Recycled Crafts and Art Activities
Crafts and Activities All the following activities involve the reuse of waste materials.Using these materials shows the children involved that just because something has been used once for one purpose, it has not necessarily become useless.There are of course, many more activities than those listed here.The following activities are those that we have found work well in schools or at home and all are easy and cheap to do.Grass Heads Grass heads are fun and very easy to make and reuse old pairs of tights.You will need

Clean, old pairs of tights, grass seed, empty plastic pots e.g.

yoghurt or stir in sauces, peat free compost, something to draw the faces with, e.g.paint 1.A section of tights is cut off and tied at one open end.This is not necessary if it is at a foot.2.The section is stretched over an empty pot or any small round container.

3.Put a generous pinch of grass seed in the bottom.This will grow through the tights to make the hair.

4.Place a handful of peat free compost on top of the seeds.5.

Tie the bottom, turn it over and draw on a face.Remember that the seeds need to go to the top.


Keep the whole thing in the pot and keep it moist.In a week the grass will begin to grow, and later it can be cut or styled, just like real hair! 7.You can use stick on eyes and pipe cleaners to add features to the heads.You can also make much large Grass Heads using a larger pot e.g.

a pot noodle pot.
Grass Heads with stick on eyes and glasses made from pipe cleaners.The nose is made using an elastic band.Egg Heads Eggheads are a similar idea to the grass heads, only using empty eggshells instead of tights.

You will need

Empty eggshells, kitchen towel/toilet paper, cress seeds, empty egg cartons, felt tip pens.1.Fill the eggshell with kitchen paper or toilet roll.2.Pour water into the shell to moisten the paper.

3.Sprinkle cress seeds on top of the paper.4.Draw on a face using felt tip pens.5.Cut out a section of egg carton to hold the egghead.

Keep it moist and the cress will sprout in a few days, and once grown it can be cut and eaten.

Plastic Bottle Piggy Bank Cute pink pig moneyboxes made from old plastic bottles! You will need

Plastic bottles, pink paper, pink paint, pink pipe cleaners, P.V.A.glue, tape, scissors and markers.1.Either cover the bottle with pink paper or paint it.If using ordinary water based paint, you will need to mix it with glue to adhere to the plastic.

Once dry, roll up a sheet of paper and stick it with tape.Cut it into four and these are used for legs.They are best attached to the body using more tape 3.

Cut out ears and stick them onto the head of the pig.Pierce a whole in the bottom to attach the pipe cleaner to make the tail.4.

Eyes, nostrils etc.can be added using markers.If desired, a slot can be cut in the pigs back to allow it to be used as a piggy bank.

Plastic bottle piggy bank made using pink paper.Collages Pictures cut or torn from magazines make good collages, but of you can be as imaginative with materials used as you want.You will need

Paper, magazines, glue, and scissors.Get the children to cut or tear the pictures from the magazines and stick them onto the paper to make their pictures.Even better, if you draw an outline on a large sheet of card and write on it what colour goes where, fantastic pieces of work can be produced.Colour paper available from Play Resource is great for these, as it would be quite expensive to buy the quantities of coloured paper needed.
This mosaic is 1.5m x 1.5m and made from card and waste paper from Play Resource Warehouse in Belfast.

Members of the public and school children made it at a Recycling Fair.Nature Faces Materials collected on trips or outings can be used to make large nature faces.You will need

Large pieces of card, glue, scissors, collected materials e.g.

cones, leaves, twigs, pine needles.Cut the card into large round shapes, and then use the materials to make faces.These look best when hung on the wall.Glass Painting You dont need expensive glass paints to make attractive painted glass items.Ordinary cheap water based ready mixed paint mixed with P.V.A.glue works really well.

This is suitable for older groups and works best over several sessions.Glass paints are very effective, but are expensive for large groups.

You will need

Mixed water based paint, P.V.A.glue, brushes, empty glass jars, and yoghurt pots.

1.Mix the glue and paint in the yoghurt pots.You only need to colour the glue with the paint.

In the first session, use black or another dark colour to paint the outline on the jar, then leave to dry.2.In the next session mix the colours and fill in the designs.
3.The brushers need to be well cleaned or the glue will ruin them.This jar was painted using glass paints, but the paint and PVA mix achieves a similar result.

This is used as a night light holder.

Paper Making with Plastic Bottles This is a great activity, and works well in the classroom and at home.You do need to assemble quite a lot of equipment for a large group, but it is worth it.

This activity has the advantage that the steps in the process are exactly the same as those taken in a paper-recycling mill.You will need - Plastic drinks bottles with tops, one per person.500ml bottles work well, hot and cold water, paper making frame*, newspaper (two sheets of newspaper per person), cloths, sponges, a washing-up bowl and a rolling pin.


Each person is given a full sheet of newspaper, tabloid size works well.Tear the newspaper into small pieces roughly 1cm square.

If the paper is too large it takes a longer time to breakdown sufficiently.Put all the pieces of paper into the plastic bottle.2
art projects from recycled materials

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Environ affair booklet
A buyer’s guide to products made with recycled materials.Provincial Department of Environmental AWestern Cape - 2009RECYCLED PRODUCTSBUILDING & CONSTRUCTIONPACKAGINGHOMEWARE & GIFTSThe Department of Environmental Aairs and Development Planning initiated a strategy to recycling Economy in 2007 with the aim of contributing towards economic growth and job creation in the The “Buy Recycled

forms an integral part of the strategy aimed at diverting waste from our overfilled landfills in the province.

The campaign also serves as reminder that we are discarding valuable resources, which can have tremendous economic benefits for our society if the waste material is recycled and introduced into the value chain again.Furthermore, the manufacture of products with recycled content requires less energy than products made strictly with virgin material.

It therefore reduces the amount of green house gas emissions and A Recycled Products Catalogue was developed and launched in 2008 as part of a marketing campaign to stimulate the demand for recycled material.

This catalogue was well received by the public and recycling

build on the success of the 2008 catalogue the ment has updated the catalogue, which will be marketed and distrib-uted throughout the Western Cape.This 2009 catalogue will make it easier to find and buywhich will do the least harm to the environment when they are produced.Buying these products means acting on a worldwide mindset change, which recognizes that we need to save our planet by By supporting the principles of the sustainable triple bottom line we contribute as citizens in realising a golden opportunity for economic renewal and growth in the face of the current global

This will Minister Anton BredellMinister Local Government Environmental AProvincial Government of the Western Cape “ products, Welcome!

CLOSE THE LOOPIn it you will

a range of items for homeware,

clothing accessories -

of waste process LFOGHGDGYHUWLVHPHWVin the regional press calling for listing, research with recycling companies referrals from contacts saves on new materials for mining, processing transport – which in turn

methane greenhouse gas emissions Use this catalogue as a KDGJLGH to closing the loop as part of your contribution to the community environ-Enquiries:Department of Environmental AProvince of the Western CapeCape TownCape rCampaign is about stimulating the Recycling

forms part of the Department:LVHste eco- y programme which promotes resource ey by our impact on natural resources, energy eThe programme has the following objectives:

promote the e use of raw materials, water energy The programme has both an internal external Economy Programme which focus on securing of the Town Competition which promotes

sustain Waste Management in which focus on the training of to bring about to the learners via the curriculum how to

Development of a Green Procurement Policy for provincial gov-ernment will ensure that JRRGVDGservices which are pwill be more environmentally fULHGODG therefore have a lesser

Internal focus on the Departments of the Provincial Government HGFHthe environmental impacts of operations by promoting ef- resource use through behaviour change, recovering of waste

The Provincial Government cannot

or organisations or SURGFWVOLVWHG in this catalogue, which is

as a public service to stimulate the recycling economy of the W While all reasonable effort has been m to ensure , the Provincial Gment of the Western Cape

their service cannot be liable for errors of

Copyright on all

material (except photography) is by the Provincial Government of the W5HIVHDJV:RUPELVJungle Gyms, & GIFTSBUILDING & LYNVIC PRODUCTSA complete tyre serves as the base of the GRJEHGDG with a Contact: Vicky Diener & Lyn ManselJoostenberg, VlakteGLASSWARE TownRECYCLED GIFTS AND HOMEWAREclocks : Steve & Theresa NortonKnysnaARE & GIFTSFriends of Recycled ArtworksPLASTICS TROPHY HEADS, BOTTLES P CUR-INS, PLASTICS CHANDERLIERS,MIRRORS ALL A variety of from plastics FROOHFWHGGULJbeach clean up ironmental Areness Grouplly PetersenImhoff Gift FarmARE & GIFTS4CLOCKS AND KEYRINGSContact: Anthony Valcarlel AvenueWASTE WASTE 2 ART INNOCeiling BreakersContact: Ashley Africa Arbonaut Street, BayviewWoodheadsCape Town5HFFOHGFRWHWHVWLPDWHGARE & GIFTSRECYCLED LEATHER AND RUBBER PRODUCTS- PROMOTIONAL ITEMSrld of WonderIVE ART (JAMBEES)All

are m from basically any item

by the consumer by applying a little imagination into creating artworks WNSHIP ART AND CRAFTSithembele Art & CraftARE & GIFTS6UNIQUE ARTWORKS bark ,papecrates mate- A consulting service for home DGRIFH interiors DGJDUGHVZamani Art and DesignHDWLIOKDGPDGHIURVWHGglasses are m wine bottles Eco Design Architects & Consultants TownFRAMES, CROSSES, BLACKBOARDS AND MIRRORS2OGZRRG is

to create items such as photo frames,

within a frame for jotting a shopping list & brackets for keys RE & GIFTSGLASSWARE: GLASSES / TUMBLERSThe Way HomeContact: Joy WayOTOYS: (MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS), MOBILE FISH, IONAL TOYS ETC.My DaddyHOOYLOOH6RWKWOODEN TOYSWooden ToysContact: Fanie BekkerARE & GIFTS8LIGHT: GREEN FLOWERBALLContact: Heath NashCape TownARE & GIFTS2010 WORLD CUP FEVERMixed Ideaz Art and Craft cc&RWDFWRGIUHGUHZRPEOHL, Cape TownCape TownARE & GIFTSGARDEN & OUTDOOR BENCHES AND TABLESmber PlasticsWORMSWorm casting- letting worms eat your wastes, you’ll

up with one of the Patrick Environmental WorldVARIOUS ECO-FRIEND PRODUCTSVarious that are eco fULHGODLPHG at improving the footprint of

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