Anatomy And Physiology Revealed Download

Anatomy And Physiology Revealed Download

Bio 2401-73 Anatomy & Physiology I

Course: Bio 2401 Anatomy & Physiology I Instructor: Nancy Longlet, Ph.D Campus e-mail: Office: PAEA 107 Office Phone:

409 984 6324

Textbooks: - Anatomy and Physiology 5th Kenneth S.Saladin, McGraw-Hill Higher

Education, ISBN 007352569-3 (hardcover ed).(Softcover editions may have a different ISBN number.)


Workbook to Accompany Anatomy & Physiology Revealed, by Robert B.

Broyles, Jr.

McGraw-Hill Higher Education, ISBN:

007 337814-5.
You will also need the ACCESS CODE for APRevealed.The ISBN for the access code code is good for 24 months.

The access code is required to gain access to the APRevealed site, and is something required by the TEXTBOOK PUBLISHER, not LSCPA.

The access codes can be purchased from the LSCPA bookstore, on online directly from McGraw Hill.

To purchase with a credit card online: 1) go to 2)click "sign in/register" 3)click "register as a student" 4)click on "don't have a code/Buy online".

Online Guidelines and Computer Compatibility

Online students should familiarize themselves with the online course guidelines should also determine if their computer and browers are compatible with WebCT

Internet Explorer is the recommended browser.

Other browsers can be used, but have been know to malfunction especially during quizzes.

If this is your first online class, I recommend that you attend one of the GENERAL online orientation sessions held at the beginning of the semester.

The date, time, and location can be found in the college printed in the college course catalog.

Locating the course webpage

- Log in to Lamapa by going to, and entering your user name and password.


- -

- The page that shows up is the course homepage, and contains the icons discussed below.

- If you have problems logging into Lamar, contact Kenneth Lisby @ 409-984-6150, M F between the hours of 7:30am and 4:30pm.

The following information explains the icons located on the course homepage:

This content icon contains your syllabus, course policies statement, and a form which outlines how to calculate your grade for the course.

The syllabus contains information about the course, the textbook, and the required access code (for lab).


The ISBN numbers are on the syllabus, as well as instructions for obtaining an online access code for the

This is a content module which contains copies of Chapter notes that I have made from your textbook.

There are some sections of the chapters in your textbook which we will not cover, and thus are not included in the notes.

You will not be responsible for those sections in the textbook that are not covered in the notes and/or review questions.

These notes are not perfect and are continuously being up graded, especially as I find mistakes.

You will notice that the notes contain references to figures in you textbook that deal with that particular subject.

I strongly encourage you to read BOTH the notes, AND the textbook, and to STUDY the

This content module also contains copies of questions which are made (by me) from the chapter notes.

They can be used as a study guide for exams as they will cover most of the material that will be on an exam.

You will NOT have to turn these in, or submit them for a grade.

They are for you to use in whatever manner you find most helpful.

This content Icon contains your weekly lab assignments, as well as other images for you to use in the lab component of the course.

Please note that even though these documents may be titled documents will contain explanations about the lab topic, instructions for A&P Revealed material, and questions to answer.

(Remember that you will not be submitting any of these questions for a grade.)

The questions and other material in the assignment can be used to study for your lab exams.

Also listed here will be various images and/or videos to support the material being covered.

This is lecture and lab exams.

All exams will scheduling problems you may have, as you will usually have a window of several days in which to take the exam.

When an exam is available for you to take, there will be a little, yellow pencil icon beside it .

All lecture and lab exams will be given online, and may be taken from any computer with a reliable internet will usually consist of approximately 50 multiple choice, multiple answer, and or identify/label questions.

There will be a time limit for each exam, usually around 1 minute per question
anatomy and physiology revealed download

For example, if the time limit for lecture exam 1 is 55 minutes, you will have 55 min to complete the exam, once you start it.

You will NOT be able to take part of the exam, and come back later to complete the remaining portions.

Make make sure t

Exam questions will be presented one at a time.


The dates of the exams are clearly stated on the schedule and you will need to plan ahead to make sure that you can take them during the time when they are available.

During the week prior to an exam you should:

1.Make sure that your Lamar password is current.

2.Make sure you plan and set aside time during the availability window to take the test.

3.Make sure you have a reliable internet connectiondo this prior to sitting down to take the test.

4.Make sure you have a quiet place to work that is free from , students have

found that taking a test at work, or with the kids (or a party) in the next room is NOT a good idea.


- Do not begin a test during stormy weather.

At times, stormy weather can cause

internet/server problems.
These test are timed, so you do not want to have a slow connection due to stormy >- Prior to starting an exam, it is recommended that you shut your computer down---

completely off---and then restart it.

This should help minimize your computer

malfunctioning during the test.


answer, give the computer a little time to respond.

If you click, and then rapidly click

again, when the computer does respond, it will interpret this as your desire to SKIP A

question, YOU CAN NOT GO BACK.

There will be no discussions, official chat rooms, or online assignments for this course.

Your grade will be based solely on the average of your exam scores.

This icon is a hyper link that will take you directly to the Essential Study Partner (ESP) website.

This is a FREE website provided by your textbook publisher.

It is referenced in your notes, and lab assignments and is quite useful.

This icon is a hyperlink that will take you directly to the A&P Revealed (APR) website.

This website is the partner to your APR lab book.

You will need an access code (see syllabus) to access the information on this website.

See the A&P Revealed Orientation Section below.

This icon is where you should send and receive email regarding the course.

You can compose and send email to me or to other students in the class.

Email is the BEST way to get a hold of me.

I usually check my email several times per day, especially when exams are schedule.

Thus, if you email me with a problem most likely respond on the same day, even if it is 10 or 11pm.

This contains your course calendar/schedule.

It provides you with an outline of which topics you will be covering, when you should be working on them, and most importantly, the dates for all of the exams.



This is the site where you will go to see your grades on your exams once they are released A&P Revealed Orientation

Pages 1-19 of your A&P Revealed workbook will walk you through how to use the APR website.

You can

skip the section on Histology starting on page 10, and the section on Imaging starting on page 13.

PLEASE NOTE that there are many more structures on the APR site than you will be required to know.


the structures that you will be held responsible for will be listed on your Lab Assignments for each lab.
Things to especially note are:


When the labels are turned on, (meaning that the little pins are visible) for example when looking at bones, if you mouse over a pin, the name of that bone (or other structure) will appear.

At the same time, information regarding that bone or structure will appear on the lower left of the screen.


When the labels are turned on, and the little pins are visible, if you click on one of the pins, then the entire structure will be highlighted.

This will help you visualize the actual structure that you are looking at.

3.There are several layers for each view with each layer showing deeper structures than the previous.


Many of the structures that you will be viewing will appear on more than one view and/or at more than one depth.

The BEST way to familiarize yourself with APR and learn how to use this website is to simple SPEND TIME with it---click around on it and see what all you can find.

Again, please note that the pages, structures, and items that you are supposed to know from the APR site as well as you APR workbook are listed each of the lab handouts.
Nancy Longlet, PhD.
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