Amorphous Phosphate Crystals In Urine

Amorphous Phosphate Crystals In Urine

amorphous phosphate crystals in urine
UrinalysisLeukocyte esterase•False Positive–Vaginal contamination•False Negative–High acidNitrite•False negative–Inadequate bladder retention time (it may take –Prolonged storage of sample–Several uropathogensdo notconvert nitrate to nitrite•Streptococcus faecalis, other gram positiveMicroscopic sediment•Centrifuge @ 1500-2000 rpm x 5 minsErythrocytes•Sources: Glomerulus •2-3 rbc/HPF = pathologic•Crenatedin hypertonic urine•Dysmorphicrbc’s~ glomerular Diseases Associated with pyelo10Nolan III RC et al: NEJM 1986;315:1516-19Renal tubular epithelial cells•Larger than PMN’s•Few cells can be found in •Indicate tubular damage or CrystalsAcid Urine (pH6)Alkaline Urine (pH6)Rhombic prism formTriple phosphatesAmorphous phosphates•Ammonium uratesOxalate phosphate crystalsCoffin lid-shapedCrystals due to drugsBoth are birefringent(strongly in Indinavir)End.
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