African American Funeral Etiquette

African American Funeral Etiquette

September complete
A G E N D A Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc.Pontiac Alumnae Chapter GENERAL BOARD MEETING September, 2011~ 6:30 PM yn Road, Pontiac,----- Agenda Topics ----- ORDER
Roll Call

Via Sign-In Sheet
Opening Ceremony
Juanita Green

Presidents > Jennifer Banks

Financial Secretarys Report
Ruth Stewart

Treasurers Report
Monica Scott

2011-2012 Program Calendar
Juanita Green

Basic Rules of Parliamentary Procedures


Communication & Technology
Nikia Jennings
Cheryl Strong
Deneen Dumas
Public Service
Sangeya Wiggins

Program Planning
Candyce Allen
Sisterhood Luncheon
Valerie Reese County Branch( AD)

Juanita Green Regional Leadership Team Updates
Janice Willis

Announcements Adjournment Closing Ceremony Sisterhood Fellowship GENERAL BOARD MEETING MINUTES ROLL CALL via sign in sheet OPENING PRAYER by: Janice Willis AGENDA ADOPTED

Custodian of Properties deleted from the agenda.

Soror Michelle Burton moved .

Motion carried.Agenda adopted with ecessary corrections

COMMUNICATIONS, Sangeya Wiggins Thank you card from Soror Crystal Thomas for condolences in the death of her grandmother Thank you card from the Soror Janice Willis for helping with campaign FINANCIAL SECRETARYS REPORT, Soror Monica Scott (See report) In agreement with Treasurers report 77 Financial sorors This is the last month for the year please geTREASURERS REPORT, Soror Monica Scott (See report) To be filed for audit PRESIDENTS REPORTS 2011 CHAPTER EVALUATION - To determine how the chapter can perform better.

Complete the survey.

Conference - 10 Sorors in attendance.Revamp Membership Intake Procedure.Workshops Presentations should be available after the last conference this cycle.

Centennial Update

A yearlong celebration: Jan.1

Delta Float in Rose Bowl there will also be an honorary gala.An official Olympic torch will be lit by the National President

visiting 22 cities (Chicago, Cleveland, Detroit, etc.).Founders Weekend Jan 11-13 with special guest.Jan 13: Worship in one church in Delta wear red, requesting that chapters worship together and pick one church.March: Reenactment of the Suffrage March.Impact Day will be March 9, 2012.May

Celebrate Delta Days of Health (5-10 mile walk).At the end of the last conference cycle will be available via a mobile application available.

President Green has asked that all sorors visit the website weekly for updates and find out about how to become a Centennial patron.Registration for Centennial will be open January 13, 2012, conference is in July 2013.

Womens Summit: Kick Off for the Centennial April 2012 in San Juan - asking every chapter to put in your 2012 budget.COMMITTEE REPORTS HEALTH EDUCATION, Tremetre Young Held on April 30, 2011 69 Individuals screened

for kidney disease Followed up calls were made Thank you to sorors who participated GENERAL BOARD MEETING MINUTES EMBODI, Cheryl Strong Goal to increase participation

consent parental support to ensure attendance Seeking 10 young men to participation Recommendation form for young men Orientation Meeting in September Career Day October

Volunteers are needed EDUCATIONAL DEVELOPMENT, Tanoa Ford Gave away over $14,000.00 in scholarships

See report

The Committee needs sorors to fulfill their pledge commitments FUNDRAISING, Tanoa Ford Shawls: We sold a total of 48 shawls.

Made a profit of a $260.

Need at least 10 orders to place a new We will discuss further in the fall C&C UPDATE, Dianne France Additional Comments

Theme Proposed: Mari Gras Need themes by July 1, 2011 Need committee members Soror V.

Ellis agreed to be chair from PAC $3,500.00 Profit for the chapter No Chair No Money Evaluations: Received 68 evaluations Most of them good and excellent comments Start dancing by 9pm Food lines

Valet Parking Needed July 9

Adopt A Highway: 3 year commitments we are on are third year August 6: 6:30-9:30, 9:30-12:30

Annual Pancake Breakfast August 27: Cobbs Back to School Picnic beginning at 10:30 a.m.2011-2012 BUDGET

Based on 94 sorors we

have 77 as of now.

Soror Constance Chandler-Dansby moved that the 2011-2012 budget be approved.2 by Soror La'Leatha Spillers.Motion carried, budget approved.PRESIDENTS UPDATES There was low attendance for May Week Valissa Kelly has relocated to PA ip please plan to attend the leadership retreat in the fall, tentative date in November 2011.Soror Alison Harmon lost her mother Soror Kim Scott lost

her grandmother GENERAL BOARD MEETING MINUTES No Stopping Us Now

Statue to Young Heroes Program is upcoming.

The theme is Aint No Stopping Us Now.

Jeremy Harris has been selected as Mr.Hero.ANNOUNCEMENTS: Dianne France

will hold a Cruise Night on June 16, 2011

Original Emancipation Proclamation at the Henry Ford June 20 -22, 2011 Round Up 2011 Sept 10, 2011 from 12:00 p.m.

2:00 Welcome Baptist Church, as of today we have sold 4 tickets.

The cost is $30.00

Soror Porscha Smith has been appointed as 1Motion to adjourn by Soror.V.Ellis, 2 Soror D.France ADJOURNED at 8:16

p.m.Closing prayer by Janice Willis Respectfully Submitted, Acting Recording Secretary Committee Event/Activity Event Summary

Date of Event Submitted By Round Up Round Up Reclamation Award At the October general body meeting, we will be awarding the soror who brought the largest number of sorors to round up that become members of PAC (paid their dues at September general body meeting) with a small gift
african american funeral etiquette
.Porscha Smith Program and Planning Please review presentation detailing results of the survey sent out at the end of the 2010

Candyce Allen

Midwest Regional Updates Aug 2011 March of Dimes (2011- 2012)
Special occasion chapter
Sentations.Often, however, you will be in situations that invite a somewhatdifferent approach to public communication.Significant events in peoplesYou have just received an award and are asked to say a few words.Your best friend is getting married.At the reception, you are responsible forYour college roommate has just been elected class president.

The campaign man-Your favorite uncle has just died.The family asks you to deliver a memorialmonial presentations avoid controversy and reaffirm the audiences beliefs.Figurewith an introduction, body, and conclusion.Lets look at the introduction first.Nomatter whether you start your speech with a compelling story, a memorable quote, orcommon values or feelings that have brought your audience together.144-year-old tradition.Also, as the first African-American woman ever to deliver theaddress, she acknowledged the partys role in making this part of the American Dreamcome true for her.After referring to the history of Democratic nominating conven-propriate to state the purpose only.For example, in a brief toast, tribute, or eulogy,no preview is necessary.ply on the presentation but on who the listeners are and what they stand for.TheSince visual aids can capture audience attention rapidly and effectively, they canYou can use visual aids to your advantage during a special occasion speech.If youare introducing a well-known writer, you might display a stack of his books to showTo congratu-late students GoalSample TopicTo explain thePersuasiveSpecial Occasionchart that lists the criteria for the award and then match the recipients accomplish-.In the fourth century Today, the opportunities for ceremonial speeches abound.These presentationscommitment to values they hold dear.toasts, and eulogies), and after-dinner speeches (including speeches given at gradua-oratory.The introductory speech simply prepares the audience for the fea-Tell the listeners enough about the featured speaker that they will understandWelcome and encourage the featured speaker.who will speak and what the topic will be.However, there is much more to a goodpreciation to the speaker.If you are introducing a speaker, you might note why thetopic is particularly relevant to some recent events in the community.

This officialsponsored the speakers appearance.When a speaker is being introduced, that per-sons reputation and credibility temporarily lie in the hands of whoever gives the in-To avoid the embarrassment of presenting inaccurate information, verify all factstion directly from the speaker.Whos WhoDictionary of American Biographybiographical references.You may also want to interview some of the speakers friendsthe speaker as an individual.

Remember, however, to review your introduction withsupposed to be discussed publicly.Ordinarily, such a speechbest, such remarks will tell the audience that your presentation lacks originality.Anot gather specific information about the speaker.Figure 16.2 lists some stock phrasesspeakers name.Even a slight mispronunciation can be embarrassing for you and dis-concerting to the speaker.One of the worst garbling of a speakers name happened ata banquet honoring the renowned Russian poet Yevgeny Yevtushenko.The intro-ducer didnt make just a little slip.

He mangled the Russians name so grievously thata puzzled frown, totally mispronounced Yevtushenkos name again, and sat down.

Be-tion.The lesson is, whatever it takes, make sure you pronounce the speakers namecorrectly.important because social roles and especially gender roles are changing rapidly.

Forexample, dont assume that just because a speaker holds a Ph.D.she wants to be calledDr.

Some women prefer to be called Ms., others prefer their professional titles,dress is a combination of professional etiquette and the individuals preference.In-stead of relying on generalizations about what that sort of speaker might prefer,confirm the appropriate form of address with the speaker directly.Exactly what should your speech of introduction include? Your speech should doState who you are if the audience does not know already.Highlight the speakers name.In most cases, you should mention the speakersExpress appreciation to the the speaker.speakerafter clearing this with him or her.Mention the topic of the speakers talk.A speech of introduction should focus audience attention on the featured speaker,sion that the audience learns little about the actual speaker.Also, be careful to avoid1.2.We are truly honored to have with us todayvague to have value.You would do better to explain briefly why thespeakers presence is an honor.3.Without further ado .

...You have just trivialized your own remarks,treating them as flurry, confusion, upset, excitement, hubbub, noise,4.5.....You cannot judge now howcant recall what they were.6.We have none other than sounds as if you werent sure whether the speaker was an impostor, andyou just wanted to make sure the audience recognized him or her.Avoid in Introduc-only after they have listened to the speaker.For example, dont say, Maries speechwill be the finest presentation youll ever hear on Haiku poetry.Specific analysesPresentations of Awardsand explain the awards significance.An award presentation should include atThe content of your presentation should be so specific that it couldnt possiblyner.Compare the impact of these fictitious presentations:and public service.

This years winner isnt content with a perfect 4.0 grade pointhave cerebral palsy.On weekends, you can find her teaching adult literacy classesDont speak for too long.Dont mispronounce the featured speakers name.Dont give inaccurate or unwanted biographical information about the featuredspeaker.Dont upstage the featured speaker.Dont evaluate the upcoming speech instead of letting the audience decide forat the public library.I am happy to present this award to a model for my ownYour acceptance speech should show your goodwill toward
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